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Yes, Far too many

Bernie Goldberg claimed on O’Reilly last night (Monday 9/30) that moderate Republicans hate Obamacare and want a small government too.

Oh really?  What possible evidence is there of either of those claims?

Obamacare was passed over 2 years ago and while, yes, there has been vote after vote to alter or change it in those 2 years, what evidence is there that Republicans made any attempt to take the argument to the American people and force the issue front and center at every opportunity?  Did they create any media events?  Did they trumpet any of their ideas or plans?  Just what have they done since its passage?

The fact is, Democrats never miss an opportunity to go before the cameras, enlist the help of progressive groups, to do whatever they can to get their message out to the population at large and repeat it over and over again and again.

Republicans shun the media, disparage the TEA Party activists and instead take pointless votes in some vain hope the media will cover their efforts fairly.

Earth to Republicans:  Journalists are liberally biased.  News Flash: Journalists still love a good story, regardless.  Fact:  Republicans do nothing to make a good story.

Frying an egg on a hot summer sidewalk is still a story year after year; likely has been covered for over a hundred years or more.  Only now it’s global warming creating the conditions for poaching eggs over pavement.  Liberal progressives make old stories new with a political twist to reinforce their hard left policy demands.  Not only are moderate Republicans moderate on legislation, they’re beige on PR.

The evidence is even more miniscule for their so-called belief in small government.  Good Lord!  Has there ever been any less evidence of that than year over year increased federal budgets and year over year mounting national debt?

I think a quick review of the last 10 years can dispel any notion that moderate Republicans are at all serious about small government.

In 2003, federal expenditures were 3.4 trillion dollars.  In 2004, 3.6 trillion.  In case you missed it, if you’re a moderate Republican, that’s still an increase in spending.  Increase = bigger.

Did the hard left miss an opportunity to tell the American people that they were actually worse off?  Here is a quote in the NY Times, “Every year of this administration, the bottom line of the budget has gotten worse and worse and worse,” said Representative John M. Spratt Jr. of South Carolina, the ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee.  (”

In 2005 federal expenditures were 3.9 trillion dollars about which the LA Times said this, “House Republican leaders, …, suffered a rare defeat on a spending bill Thursday, when 22 of the GOP rank and file joined all Democrats in voting against a measure funding health, education and labor programs.  (

Evidently, a raging moderate attempt to reduce the size of government.

In 2006, federal expenditures were 4.1 trillion dollars.  The Washington Post made this point, “discretionary spending other than defense and homeland security would fall by nearly 1 percent, the first time in many years that funding for the major part of the budget controlled by Congress would actually go down in real terms. The cuts are scattered across a wide swath of the government, affecting a cross-section of constituents, from migrant workers to train passengers to local police departments.  (”

What was the moderate Republican rebuttal to this?  White noise.

In 2007, federal expenditures were 4.3 trillion dollars.  Another watershed moment by moderate Republicans making a foray into a small government philosophy.  So harsh were the cuts that the headline on the “Center on Budget Priorities and Policies” site screamed, “Federal Grants to States and Localities Cut Deeply in Fiscal Year 2007  (”

The Republican response?

In 2008, federal expenditures were 4.7 trillion dollars.  “Some Republicans were also critical. “They’ve obviously played an inordinate number of games to try to make it look better,” Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said in an interview with The A.P.  (By DAVID STOUT and ROBERT PEAR, Published: February 4, 2008,”

In 2009, federal expenditures were 5.2 trillion dollars. “This means that it is impossible to get control of spending without cutting entitlement programs. Many Republicans agree, but they never make any serious effort to do so.  (9/18/2009 @ 12:00AM, We Can’t Cut Spending,”

In 2010, moderate Republicans finally succeeded in creating their small government.  Expenditures fell to 5.1 trillion dollars from 5.2.  “EXCLUSIVE: Obama wins more spending cuts than Bush, (”

It was not to last, however.  Even after a landslide Congressional victory in 2010, moderate Republicans succeeded in increasing spending to 5.3 trillion in 2011. “House approves dramatic cuts in federal spending in 235-189 vote, (By Paul Kane, Washington Post Staff Writer, Saturday, February 19, 2011; 5:48 AM)”

In 2012, expenditures remained relatively unchanged from the year before.  “As State Budgets Rebound, Federal Cuts Could Pose Danger, (By MICHAEL COOPER, Published: December 14, 2012,”

What is obvious in all these illustrations is that the media is overtly hostile to Republicans.  What is also evident is that there is no organized, concerted effort to create a counter to the media bias.  And what is undeniable is that in 10 years expenditures grew from 3.4 trillion dollars to 5.3 trillion dollars; the national debt from 6.8 trillion dollars to well over 17 trillion dollars.  None of the “problems” are solved.  Fraud and waste grow exponentially.  Washington grows richer.  Tax payers are poorer.  And all we ever hear are complaints by Republicans about the unfair advantage Democrats enjoy.  It has become a crutch and an excuse.

If a fried egg on concrete can get coverage, how is it no Republican can find a way to make news?

Democrats and their allies always seem to be able to create events.  When has a national effort ever been undertaken by Republicans to educate people about free market answers to every government program?  When have Republicans ever encouraged or funded conservative, grassroots activism?  When have Republicans ever embraced the TEA Party?  When have Republicans ever created any conditions favorable for any reduction in government.  When have Republicans ever created a media event?

So now we get 2 vehicles – the continuing resolution and soon the debt ceiling limit – and moderate Republicans are complaining that the extremist TEA Party faction has overreached are are making Republicans look bad.  Conservative Republicans create a media event that gets notice and news coverage and moderates step all over it.

The Democrat party has been overtaken by hard left, progressives and there’s never any Republican who points that out.  A hard left extremist Democrat can’t get a sentence out without referring to the hard right wing or the hard right extremist conservative TEA Party.

Quite simply, there are no “moderate Democrats”.  When has anyone even heard that phrase?  When was the last time anyone even mentioned “Blue Dog Democrats”.  They have all been purged.  What remains are radical, hard left ideologues to which Republicans offer no counterweight.

There is no compromising with the hard left progressive.  Compromise means they get what they want: increased spending year after year after year; greater control over the lives of citizens.  The hard left knows that when they ask for billions in unreasonable additional spending they’ll get additional spending at a rate hardly less unreasonable but increased additional spending nonetheless.  How is that a recipe for smaller government?

The government that each party has created is unsustainable.  The national debt impossible to pay.  It is high time for the moderates to go, get with the program or retire, and time for real push back by hard right conservatives for a conservative, small – and sustainable – government.

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