Megyn Kelly Gets It Wrong

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Megyn Kelly so wants to be the moderate in that lineup that she couldn’t even get to the end of the first page of a post on my website before she rushed on the air to scream RACISM!!

Megyn Kelly, Bret BaierLike a little spoiled liberal, with no research into the matter, no call to the author, no knowledge of who the author even is and no conservative credentials to be making such claims in the first place, Ms. Kelly is getting her centrist slot off to a rousing start and should be receiving invites to all the right upper east-side mainstream media parties soon.

“Oh, Megyn, what’s it like working over there with THOSE people?…”

If you’re wondering what I’m ranting about, I posted an article by a talented writer named Kevin Jackson, who had written a satirical piece about race and the presidency, entitled; “America Needs a White Republican President”. That’s right Megyn, you bashed an African-American! Or as Kevin calls himself: “American.”

Anyhoozer, apparently the sarcasm was lost on Ms. Kelly because Tuesday night she went on the air of her nifty new show and called yours truly, Joe Wurzelbacher, a racist for writing the article. I guess Fox News only provides Greta, Sean and Bill any research budget because a little simple scrolling would have directed her to the other half of the article over at “The” – Kevin’s website where millions read his blog and other writings on a regular basis.

Oh, how is THAT going to go over at the dinner party, Megyn?

“You called an African-American a racist Megyn? I know you work at that racist, right-wing Fox, but I didn’t know you were against blacks..”

Megyn Kelly: What do you not get? For crying out loud you’re FOX, Fair and Balanced, remember?  With this hit piece on me you sound more like TMZ spewing gossip or MSNBC spewing lies. Is this FOX’s “new” platform? I don’t remember getting a call from you or your staff asking me anything about my website, you didn’t ask me about the article, what you did is tantamount to being back in elementary school passing secrets from ear to ear.

If you had just glanced at the bottom of the Article you would have seen “Read the rest at” which everyone knows you click on the highlighted blue and you continue reading the column… like turning a page. Yes, like millions of websites which aggregate columns, news and articles of interest, is proud to feature great stuff by great writers like Kevin (even though he’s.. black! Shhhhhh….).

The point is the message gets out to more people. That’s called social media.

And the kicker is you have proven his point, and mine, which is that you in the media use racism as a tool. The article says (if you would have read it) if you have a white president that you criticize, it’s because of bad policy, if you criticize a black president it’s because you are a racist. Get it? He went on to talk about the black family in America, and when they have known more prosperity as a race. His numbers state that the American Black family was better off under Reagan, than Barack obama… less crime, higher employment, and so on (thus the sarcastic headline).

So where is the racism? The way I got it figured, is since I’m a “white” guy and you labeled me a racist for publishing his article, Seems to me you could be implying that Kevin is an Uncle Tom? See what I did there Kelly? I didn’t mean it, just making a point.

But I will give you the courtesy you couldn’t or wouldn’t  give me. I’m here if you want to apologize.

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