Maybe Obama was stoned when he thought up Obamacare

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Was Obama stoned when he thought up Obamacare?

coyoteAs much as the left refuses to admit it, the problems with the Affordable Care Act go way beyond a failed website. The law itself was destined to fail because it was based on a completely implausible premise. President Obama insisted that he could give more of something to more people and have it cost less. He was going to bend the cost curve in the same way some people thought he could fly. So did Wile E. Coyote. Terms like cost curves and gravity are called that for a reason.

The issue goes beyond a bad law. Perhaps it is time to just finally concede that the guy in charge is not a lucid individual. Maybe Obama does believe he can fly. Maybe he is flying sky high as a kite right now.

Maybe Obama was stoned when he came up with Obamacare. After all, only in the USA could he get to the top without being good at anything useful.

No skills. No talents. No abilities. Yep, liberals consider him a success story. In liberal-land, failure is success. Of course Obamacare is a failure. Obama is a failure. Pelosi is a failure. Many of their supporters are failures. Of course failed people will produce failed products. The private sector would never hire them because in the private sector, results actually matter.

Yet there are bad product rollouts and massively bad product rollouts. There are fixes and then there are real fixes. New Coke was a debacle in 1985. When Bill Cosby cannot sell a product, the product is a failure. Within one month, Coca-Cola executives brought back the original formula.

Obamacare should include a provision to drug test the liberal politicians who voted for it. Anybody not on drugs could see this failure a mile away.

Obama used drugs actively and enthusiastically in his younger years. He has never fully told people when he stopped. Even if he did, his words are often untruthful anyway.

Liberals repeatedly blamed alcoholism and alleged drug use for decisions that President George W. Bush made. Bush referred to his drinking as bad judgment. Obama laughs off his drug use as acceptable behavior.

Drugs do fry brain cells. Obama is unable to speak coherently without a teleprompter. He lacks the capacity to come up with ideas that make an ounce of sense when they are finally implemented. So either he is incredibly dumb, or he has reverted to his Choom Gang days.

No intelligent person would have tried to create Obamacare. Only somebody even stupider than that would insist that it is currently working on any level.

Somebody give Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama a pair of environmentally unfriendly styrofoam cups. Then leave them alone for a couple of minutes. Once the test results come in, we may finally know what our leaders were truly thinking when they concocted this healthcare plan.



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