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Economist John Maynard Keynes once famously quipped about the necessity of short term government stimulus because, “In the long run, we’re all dead”.  Well, in the long run, only some of us are dead.  The remaining are left to deal with the disastrous effects of ill conceived government policies.

long runRecent events have provoked  not a little criticism about how Republicans have conducted themselves.  The recitation of charges include the oft repeated reference to circular firing squads.  Is it really so hard to understand the circular firing squad that is the Republican Party?  Really?  Some of it is certainly unwarranted especially all the name calling.  It seems Republicans are more inclined to call each other names than respond to the vicious insults hurled at them by the leftists.  Admittedly, though, I’m one of those who is not above caustic characterizations.  Nonetheless, I believe I’m equal opportunity in that regard.  Why, there are even moments when I feel a genuine sympathy for the Republican contingent.  Sadly, that sympathy has run its course, along with my patience, as I’m sure it has with other Conservatives and those who identify with the TEA Party.  But I digress.

Let me say this:  In my lifetime – 60 years – Republicans have behaved rather admirably and with good intentions to govern in the best interests of the American tradition, exceptional-ism and all.  They’ve negotiated in good faith with the opposition party only compromising when necessary.  Unfortunately that honorable opposition over time, has been radicalized.  The old Democrat party has given way to radical chic leftist socialist ideologues.  Reasonable and honorable politicians were purged from the once legitimate Democrats.  That party has become so extreme that there is no longer anyone over there who can be seriously considered moderate or rational.  That party is in an all out war against American ideals and they are using any means necessary to shackle us all to the state.  They are become, quite frankly, a cancerous monstrosity.

For the life of me I can’t understand why Republicans don’t recognize it.  Socialist, progressive, Democrats do not want this constitutional republic to continue.  Period.  End of story.  It’s no longer deniable.  To pretend otherwise is to put your head deep in the sand or far up some other nether regions.  And so you have the circular firing squad.  A badly needed attempt to finally rid ourselves of the old guard Republican, those politicians too dense or too comfortable to understand the change in political dynamics.  The oft cited definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  We have an entrenched body politic that is frankly insane.  Voting continuously on continuing resolutions and regularly on raising debt ceilings all the while declaiming the broken process and insisting this time they will fix the unsustainable spending by waving some sort of magical moderate policy wand.

Every culture likes to believe it is the smartest since time began.  Every full-blown empire seems to fully embrace hubris and disregard hard lessons of the past.  The social dynamics or cultural laws that govern us are as immutable as the laws of physics.  For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.  It takes a special kind of fool to misinterpret the rise of the TEA Party along with a stronger strain of Conservatism.  Whatever honorable Democrats existed in the past have given way to extreme leftist, progressive ideologues.  It would be an aberration of nature if there was no commensurate rise in more conservative politics.  That is what the old ruling guard, along with their apologists in the chattering class, doesn’t fathom.

Unfortunately for the time being, the present Republican guard continues to play by the old rules.  And how can it be otherwise?  The party is comprised of old Republicans.  The old continue to compromise.  So much so that we stand in a pool of red ink $17 trillion dollars deep and widening.  The strategy of taking half a loaf in negotiations does zero to reduce that debt.  Instead it guarantees to grow it.  What do they or others understand about our crushing debt that we don’t?  The economist Herbert Stein famously said, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”   This uncontrolled spending, out of control political ruling class will only continue until rational working Americans put a stop to them or the whole system falls under the weight of waste, fraud, and abuse of the taxpayer.  Republicans take note.  If not you, who?

Until then, every government “crisis” over the budget will see the same time-worn process being played out.  Republicans will demand, not real cuts, but cuts in the growth of spending.  Democrats will balk. Republicans will agree to Democrat demands.  Not, mind you, implement any real cuts, but to a reduction in the rate of growth.  If you’re $17 trillion dollars in debt and do not reduce your amount of spending and instead continue to increase it, in what reality, what alternative universe, does anyone think the debt can be reduced?

Not all of us are whistling past the graveyard, though.  A growing number of us are manning the ramparts.  You cannot keep the debt buried.  It is risen and like a voracious, mindless zombie threatens to eat us alive.  There is no moderate proposal, policy, or quantum of wishful thinking that will dispel the hellish debt.  It will crush us.  It will result in social upheaval and potential collapse.

The ruling class, however, is not only whistling past the graveyard, they’ve broken into complete song and dance.  Their entire hope is to ultimately in time join the cadavers lying in their comfortable plots before the inevitable social disintegration begins.  Our rulers avoid the tribulation and foist it instead onto succeeding generations.  Like the selfish, self interested, soulless miscreants they are, they got to keep theirs.  To hell with all the others.

So now, the inevitable debt crisis has been postponed yet again.  There’s a couple months to prepare for the next kick of the can.  This time though, Conservatives should really shut down the government.  In fact, we should precipitate a default.  Why is it this generation, my generation, should escape the impending economic implosion by pushing off the inevitable default past our lives and onto those of the next generation for generations to come?  We created this monster.


If Republicans stand for anything at all, they have to begin with “No more”!  No more increases in the debt.  No more continuing resolutions.  No more compromises that lead to incremental increases in spending.  Every cave or compromise to the left only strengthens them.  It must also increase the resolve of the new right, a new Republican resolve.  It’s time now to demand real, honest-to-goodness cuts and rid ourselves of the impending debt doom.  Now is the time to confront and expose once and for all the corrupt, venal, and power mad opposition, the slow, lazy moderate Republican.  Stop this madness that’s burying us in more and more red ink.

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