Liberals Without the Ability to Recognize Sarcasm or Context

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That’s right, 40+ years of political correctness, liberal agenda and leftist propaganda in the schools have produced plenty of voting age adults with their hands out and a mainstream media fit for Leonid Brezhnev. But it’s come with a unfortunate side-effect:

Liberals can’t identify sarcasm.

Sarcasm or ContextHere’s a good example: Last week, at – the online destination for all things “not about right and left, but about right and wrong” – a brilliant writer named Kevin Jackson had a piece posted about race and the presidency. What most folks would see as obvious satire, however, has set off a firestorm of vitriol and hate by the sarcasm-intolerant left.

The headline reads: “America Needs a White Republican President”.

Yours truly, Joe “The Plumber” Wurzlebacher posted half the article and a link to the full story at “The” – Kevin’s website where millions read his blog and other writings on a regular basis. The article begins upfront explaining how the election of Barack Obama has made criticizing any policies of the president an act of racism – and how before the first black president was here, people of any color were free to criticize or disagree with any president and not be called racists. Thus, the sarcastic headline. Anyone skilled in fundamental thinking would understand that.. BUT:

Whoa – in come the emails, comments, articles and re-posts by the hundreds, the thousands. Hateful, scornful, vitriolic, angry, vulgar-laced analyses of my ancestry – you name it! They have the nastiest, the grossest vocabulary and enough rage to fill a swimming pool.

Listen to some of the verbiage from the article: “In the pre-black president era, criticizing the president was simply the American thing to do.” Reading the entire article with an ounce of critical thinking, it would be pretty simple to see Kevin’s point about the Barack Obama presidency expanding racial tensions instead of easing them. But not the left. No, it’s all about parsing words and “gotcha” politics, so off they go with accusations of racism and hate, just like any criticism of the president.

That is exactly the point of the article. Liberals calling me a bigot for posting Kevin Jackson’s blog are making his (and my) argument perfectly – thanks!

Liberals are angry little brats. When things don’t work out, they stamp their feet and scream, “I hate you” – just like a little child does when they get sent to their room for lying. Liberals cannot face up to the fact that this president is the most racially divisive president to ever come down the pike and that their hated Ronald Reagan did more for blacks, black families and black businessman than Barack Obama could ever dream of (Read Kevin’s article for the facts on that as well).

Even no less than Tavis Smiley said a couple days ago that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. Are they sending the same emails of hatred and violence to Tavis that I’m receiving for this article I didn’t even write? Oops – he’s a liberal and the correct skin color, so no hatred sent. Bet they’re pissed off inside though. Anyway, Tavis would kick their skinny little latte asses if they peeped a sound, I’m guessing.

Liberals have only one weapon left, now that there are no more excuses for the failed Obama presidency, and that is to tear down and destroy anyone who points out the obvious – even in a sarcastic manner. I’m not backing down, and you can send in the trolls or your hack lapdogs disguised as journalists. They do not possess the skills needed to recognize sarcasm or context… or the truth.

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