The Left Sees Racism Where There Is None

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RacismEverywhere they look, the left sees racism – even if they have to strain, squint, bend-over, twist or just flat-out fantasize that somebody – especially a successful, Caucasian, conservative Capitalist – is oppressing them:

For 13 years the Mid-South Corn Maze in Memphis has been presenting a Medieval interactive Halloween scene designed to scare visitors to the attraction – not unlike the thousands of haunted houses, etc. across the nation this time of year. The same kid has been presenting the scary scene for eight years, with an executioner from the dark ages hanging a ne’re do well for who knows what Medieval purpose. But this year was different..

An African-American man saw some black camouflage type makeup on the young actor portraying the hanged one on the side of his face and instantly became convinced it was a lynching of a Caucasian in black-face, designed to terrorize him with a gruesome scene from the days of slavery. This is pure crap:

These constant politically correct crying wolf situations are not only a scourge on people who are just trying to have fun and make a buck, but it waters-down actual incidents of racism when they occur. It’s time to call this what it is – a bunch of leftists seeing the invisible bogey man – and threatening good Americans who never intended in a million years to do anything having to do with race. It’s pathetic and ironic in that it doesn’t help anyone’s case – especially the squirmy myopic people who just see what they want to see.

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