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Indiana superintendent files lawsuit over ‘secret meeting’ she presided over!


INDIANAPOLIS – Video can be a pesky thing – especially when it disproves one’s story, or worse, one’s sworn statement.

Daniel AltmanSuch is the case for Indiana State Superintendent Glenda Ritz. She recently filed a lawsuit against the state Board of Education, claiming it held a “secret meeting” to discuss letter grades for schools and she wasn’t notified.

But video, as reported by WISH TV, shows Ritz not only attended the meeting but chaired it!

The news site reports:

“State school superintendent Glenda Ritz declined interview requests Wednesday regarding the lawsuit she filed against the State Board of Education.

“She says the board conducted an illegal meeting without her. However, there is video that suggests that, in fact, she was in the meeting in question.”

To make the superintendent’s situation worse, her spokesman, Daniel Altman, could only manage to string together a few gasps and grunts as an explanation.

“In both cases, we are talking – in both cases what we’re talking about is – uh, excuse me,” Altman said.

The reporter interviewing Altman followed up by saying, “The Ritz spokesman struggled to explain.”

Ritz came to office with the backing of the state teachers union. She was a member of the Indiana State Teachers Association Board of Directors. She was also a local union president.

She has previously come under fire for spending $86,000 to renovate her office during the first month of her tenure.

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