“It is impossible to explain anything to people who are so ignorant that they don’t even know they are ignorant.”

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Here is an excellent collection of pithy observations on life, the universe, and everything. Very entertaining and thought-provoking!

A few gems:

Many in prominent positions are only good at being prominent.

If it is simple a bureaucrat will hate it.

Most people who have screwed up their lives have done so because they wouldn’t listen to anyone. Now they want everyone to fix it for them. Just so long as you don’t dare to ask them to make any changes.

No one is ever at fault! Just ask them.

The sure fire way to become a loser:

1. Ignore traditional values.
2. Abuse your mind and body with illegal drugs or booze.
3. Watch movies and listen to music that is morally degrading.
4. Constantly be self absorbed.
5. Never think of others.
6. Be easily offended. This way no one will ever be willing to step forward and try to help you for fear of offending you.
7. Find fault with everyone and everything.
8. Constantly be negative.
9. Nothing is your fault.
10. Nothing is your responsibility.
11. Hang around with people just like this.
12. Most importantly, refuse to work.

No act of unkindness can be undone. No unkind word can be taken back. No apology can entirely heal a stab to the heart. Just as with a gouged piece of furniture, the scar will remain forever.

Good decision making and happy memories go hand in hand.

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