Sorry MSM, I’m not a Racist, I am an American!

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RacistFear. Hate. Divisive. Tool.

The first 3 words above are pretty self explanatory, but “Tool”, I think needs to be explained.

In this day and age, with logic in short supply, with the media telling you what and how to think, and politicians and political parties always looking for an edge and more power the word “racism” has become a tool.

These “examples” below are designed to shut you up, hence a “Tool”:

I want the government to do its job and secure the border. Somehow, someway I’m a racist for making that statement. If you feel the same way, you are also a racist.

I have criticized Barack Obama’s policies, somehow in the eyes of some media and congressmen, that makes me a racist. If you have done this you are a racist too.

If you belong to the wrong political party (per the media) you are probably a racist.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel use RACISM as a tool to stay in power, no matter how much it hurts the very people they say they represent.

You want to help stop racism? Look at the people that are in positions of leadership and see how they stir the pot. Look at the facts and stop falling for other peoples agendas.

We as a people need to come together and stop letting politicians and the media divide us.

We are Americans!

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