Louisiana Establishment Tries To Rig Race: One Man Says No

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Louisiana’s 5th District is special to me.  My family moved there when I was young, and I spent six years of my life in the swamps around Alexandria.  This part of Louisiana is defined by strong conservative values.  You need look no further than its most famous residents: the cast of Duck Dynasty.

HollowayI was angry to hear that the Louisiana establishment was trying to handpick the replacement to Rep. Rodney Alexander, the former Democrat turned Republican who recently left the seat to take a position in the Jindal Administration.  I believe the people of my home town deserve a voice in the process, because the last thing we need in Washington is another political insider.

For the past several months, State Senator Neil Riser has been running around the district with Rep. Alexander, speaking to groups and meeting with organizations far outside his Senate turf.  Alexander announced he was leaving his seat at just the right moment to allow for an extremely short filing period.  Riser jumped into the race to be his replacement immediately thereafter.  The folks in Louisiana are no dummies; it was a bait and switch, plain and simple.

Believing that the people deserved a choice, former GOP Congressman Clyde Holloway entered the race to mount an underdog candidacy.  Clyde has a long and storied political career in the state of Louisiana.   Most notably, he served in Congress in the 1990s, until his district was eliminated in retribution for his vote against education reforms that were the Common Core of the day.

Clyde is a true conservative, the kind of guy who doesn’t back down even when the powers that be say he should.  He has the type of backbone that most in Congress today lack.  You may not live in Louisiana, but we all suffer when the Establishment shuffles off another one of their Yes-Men to DC.  It is the job of every American to stand up and call out both parties when they are wrong.

So do me a favor and check out Clyde’s website.  If you have a couple dollars to spare, send them his way.  We may not have the big bank accounts of the power-players who try to pick our leaders for us, but by pooling our resources, we can make a difference.  We need more folks like Clyde in Washington DC, so I hope you will join me in supporting his campaign.  It’s time we tell the establishment figures on both sides: The American People have had enough!

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