Heroes and Bullies

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We hear a lot these days about “bullies” and not so much about “heroes”.

I’ve been around a long time and when I was a kid we had heroes.  They were members of the military, guys like Superman, cops, you know, good guys.  And the good guys always won in the games we played.  We learned lessons from our heroes as we played.  We learned that a hero didn’t brag.  A hero took care of those who were being pushed around by bad guys.  A hero always stood up for what was right.

There were some bullies around too, they were usually bigger guys who liked to push littler guys around in front of a bunch of people.  If you were like me – a skinny little runt – you learned some life lessons from bullies.  You learned that if tried to run from, or even just avoid a bully they would hunt you down and things just got worse.  You learned that if you made friends with a guy who was really tough, he’d take care of the bully for you.  Some of us learned that if you made a fist with a roll of pennies in your grip and hit the bully in the nose, nine times out of ten the bully got a broken nose.

It seems like those simple life lessons are lost in today’s society.  Well, maybe not entirely lost, here’s a good example of small acts of heroism this week.

That Air Force vet is a good guy.  He stood up to the bullies who are trying to push the American people around to get their way.  The Members of Congress who, earlier this week, twice escorted WWII vets past the “security guards” that the Obama administration sent out to keep people away from their memorial are good guys.

The Obama administration is bullying the American people by closing open air exhibits and cancelling events that require no federal money.  It’s time for the good guys to rise up!  Move a barrier.  Say hell no to these bullys.

It’s time to punch the bully in the nose.

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