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It’s taken for granted now but how amazing the technological advancements that have occurred just in my lifetime.

I  remember back when the reputations of young high school girls were damaged by the social media site of that era: the boys room stall-scrawl.  There’s probably remnants, like cave drawings, still to be found in select locations, “For a good time call…”.

good timeIt didn’t matter whether the reputation was earned or not.  I suppose those aspiring young journalists had lost their object of affection, were dumped, and used that unique social media outlet to get even.  Then, when the boys found themselves socializing in their respective cliques, they would advance the story, true or not.  Word would spread.  The reputation further damaged until it became the stuff of urban legend to the community at large.  Make mention of the girl, take a mainstream poll, and it became obvious to everyone in school, she was someone of quite questionable repute.  I hesitate to use the term of that day but, she was a slut.

That was then and this is now.  The 21st century equivalent of stall-scrawls is today’s mainstream media.  The value of what they communicate is as questionable as that contemptible graffiti appearing on bathroom walls back then.  The effect of what they communicate is the same.  Besmirch the reputation of someone or group.  Poll an at-large community what they think of that someone or group, then further smear the object.

The Media Research Center chronicles how mainstream “news” organizations covered the so-called government shutdown and said this, “Of the 124 full stories and brief items about the shutdown or the pending debt ceiling deadline, 41 blamed Republicans or conservatives for the impasse, 17 blamed both sides, and none specifically blamed Democrats.  Network reporters and anchors repeatedly instructed their audiences to blame Tea Party extremism for the consequences of the shutdown. (”.

From a CBS news poll, “[A] new CBS News poll reveals that a large majority of Americans disapprove of the shutdown and more are blaming Republicans than President Obama and the Democrats for it (”

Big surprise!  The media blame Republicans and report it in prime time ad nauseum.  The media take a poll.  The poll confirms the media reporting.

Yes, Helen, Suzy is a slut.  Republicans are variously described in reports as 1. Extortionists and hostage-takers, 2. Terrorists, 3. Saboteurs, 4. Anarchists, 5. Squealing political pigs, 6. Hostage-takers, 7. Terrorists … again, 8. Arsonists, 9. Terrorists … once more, 10. Murderers (”

Granted these epithets were cast by the more responsible members of our society – Democrat politicians – but they are  bandied about precisely because the overlords of the Republic know they’ll be scrawled onto washroom rags and then hung in closed newsroom loops for wider dissemination.  Who can be surprised, then, that there’s a negative view of Republicans.

There are a number of important lessons to be learned here.  Well, maybe not so much learned as reinforced and acknowledged.


First and foremost is that the mainstream media are puerile hacks who’ve never grown beyond their high school adolescence.  I’d say that their quality of journalism compares equally to high school standards but, and you know what I’m going to say, that would denigrate high school journalism.  Broadcast media aside for a moment, newspapers are considered bathroom reading.  It will certainly do in a pinch for a far more important purpose in that little room than entertainment or edification both of which it fails like 2 bit toilet tissue.

Secondly, Republicans will be blamed for every perceived misfortune whether man-made or otherwise.  I suppose we could feel sorry for them much in the way we have sympathy for the emotionally abused.  But, we didn’t elect them to office to cower before adversity or to “go along to get along”.  They were elected to represent our interests.  The media, the opposition, are bullies.  Treat them that way.  Man up and punch them back.

Then there’s the whole story line about the harm done by the so-called shutdown.  ABC News says this, “[T]he…… shutdown “to  date has taken $24 billion out of the economy,” equaling $1.5 billion dollars a day and “shaved at least 0.6 percent off annualized fourth-quarter 2013 GDP growth.  These estimates are for the overall economy, taking into account not just federal wages and productivity, but all the ripple effects and costs as well. (emphasis mine.”.

The losses take into account federal wages?  Federal workers had their pay delayed, not lost.  They will receive back pay.  It’s hard to imagine how 2 weeks of delayed checks would have such an impact on the economy.  I know there are a lot of federal workers.  Maybe there are more than we realize.

The losses take into account federal productivity.  This is becoming more and more absurd.  No federal worker, no government worker, produces anything at all.  They are a net drag on the economy.  Up until Obamacare and under penalty of law, I don’t go to the government store to buy a government produced widget.  Government workers exist solely to push paper from one desk to another to verify compliance with some ridiculous law or dubious regulation.

And what possible economic ripple effects could there be from a 2 week delayed pay check and the fact government workers couldn’t interfere in our lives for 16 days.  Taxing authority didn’t stop which means taxes were still collected.  What about the millions and millions of unemployed receiving no checks at all as a result of the government’s war on wages and business for the last 5 years?

Then to add insult to injury the notable Dr. Charles Krauthammer makes this absurd claim, “…[T]here’s an absolute truth which comes out of this [the government shutdown]. The Republicans are not going to try this again. So when we get to the deadline in January February, especially after what happened this time, what happened 20 years ago with Newt Gingrich, I don’t think there’s anybody who’s gonna want to say we’re gonna shut down the government; which will take away from the Republicans a lot of their leverage, so they’re gonna go into this now weaker a 2nd time as a result of the debacle this time (Special Report with Bret Baier; Thursday October 17, 2013)”.

Dr. Krauthammer argued well before the shutdown began that a shutdown, provoked by Republicans, would be a fool’s errand.  But then he argues that Republicans lose the bargaining chip of a government shutdown in the next round of so-called budget talks.  It’s logically inconsistent.  If it was ill advised maybe the first but definitely the second time (according to Krauthammer), why would it present itself as leverage a third time?  But, this is the world we live in where illogic emanates from conservative media, timidity from conservative politicians, lies, smears, and law breaking from the left.  No one is clear eyed, fearless, or honest, or held accountable anymore.  Obama has succeeded in fundamentally transforming our country.

The mainstream media are enema’s of the state.  Their overtly biased, juvenile, dishonest story making insults anyone with an honest education beyond the 8th grade.  The Republican party are the abused spouses in a deranged political relationship.  They’re timid, self mutilating, toadies to the effete elite to which they aspire.  It just seems to me that if the Republican party doesn’t become overtly aggressive towards both the Democrat party and the swinish media, people will take matters into their own hands.  When will enough, be enough?

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