Golden State for gold ammo-challenged, pistol-whippings of Bambi?

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What if the creativity and energy presently expended by California Democrats to enhance the lives of wild animals and ban the use of firearms by everyone except the bodyguards of Jerry Brown and Hollywood moguls were re-directed towards the enhancement of human life via the creation of good-paying jobs? Would California have less wild humans in prison and less productive tax-paying residents moving east? We think so.

Liberals apparently think deer are as stupid as they think the average voter is. They think Bambi will eat lead and voters will perpetually buy Democratic Party “solutions” to eliminate poverty despite over four decades of evidence that their policies don’t work. But given the recent history of California and the inexplicable re-hiring of the failed economic steward in the White House last fall, we can understand them thinking the latter.

BulletsCal has been watching such goings on in the Golden State and nationwide and reports:

By prohibiting the use of all lead ammunition for hunting in California, coupled with the federal government’s attempt to ban non-lead ammo, hunters could be left out in the woods with an empty weapon.According to Sam Paredes with Gun Owners of California, if the state and federal bans are actually passed, the only alternative ammunition available would be pure gold bullets.

Should the federal and state bans on ammo both be enacted it could open up a market for LA pimps to instruct hunters how to pistol-whip Big Game. Never forget the unintended consequences of liberal legislation.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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