Give Me Pancakes or Give Me Death: UPDATE – DAY TWO

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UPDATE – OCCUPY CARROT TREE: “Yorktown Carrot Tree Barraged with Customers After Reopening Despite Federal Order”

troopersThe wait for a table at “The Carrot Tree” in James City County, Virgina is over an hour after hundreds of people showed up to support the owners defiance of Federal Authorities order to shut down their privately-owned restaurant!

I have never received so much email in reaction to a story as I did yesterday after posting a story about Glenn Helseth defying government orders to “pack up and get out” of his own restaurant, merely because it sits on Federal land. In support of his 20 employees and surely risking felony arrest, Glenn gave Obama the Brooklyn salute and opened back up for business. I’m getting updates regularly – and the original report from yesterday is below: FULL UPDATE CLICK HERE

Here’s the greatest comment yet – from Joseph, and yes, I’m stealing it: “By this logic, Obama should be forced to vacate the White House. It is a federally owned property..”

REPORT FROM YESTERDAY: With a single defiance of government thuggery, The Revolution against this arrogant and cynical administration may have begun:

Our President has done his best, spent money we weren’t supposed to be spending and rallied government workers to go out of their way to make certain people’s lives more miserable than need be during this phony so-called government shut-down. You know, the closing that’s only 13% closed? The paid vacation for a small amount of “non-essential” government workers and Federal lands? The lion’s share of which seem to be National Parks and I ask you, without government – how on earth could people ever manage to walk through a park?

Obama-Tux-AP-e1368807097333But that’s not enough for the Imperial President: When people are doing their best to cope with whatever closings are infringing on their lives, the President is more than willing and pro-active about spending extra to get the government troops out to make sure people are feeling the maximum amount of discomfort – and then some. Dozens of examples of the administration actually spending more money and man-hours keeping things closed and harassing private businesses have littered the news this week.

Of course when unions and Amnesty advocates need government facilities – Obama is right there, making exceptions and accommodating his cronies, supporters and donors with the full force of Federal help. Need government facilities, protection or permission? Better hope you espouse the correct politics or not only are the doors going to be shut – Obama and his thugs will double-up the troopers and make damn sure you can’t even pull over to the side of the road and look at anything.

irs obamacareDon’t think this same mindset and unfair treatment based on ideology won’t be employed in the distribution of healthcare down the road? You’re nuts if you don’t think when the time comes to dole out a yea or nay for permission for a heart transplant, the members of the panel won’t consider the politics of the various applicants.

You’re completely in denial if you believe conservatives aren’t going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to decisions relating to the eventual rationing of health services. The evidence is right in front of all our faces and anyone who tells you differently, I would refer you to the old office of Lois Lerner and the fun little government approved immigration rally the other day the Federal government found fit to accommodate, despite this horrible shutdown. Small business owner? Veteran? Hmm, not really an Obama voting bloc are they? Maybe we’ll give that liver to the hippie who voted for Carter and not Reagan. Think I’m kidding. Uh-ah.


But surely I’m exaggerating? In South Dakota, Not satisfied with shutting down Mount Rushmore (even though the State offered to pay to keep it open), Federal Government Agents placed cones to block viewing areas in the distance, so people merely wanting to look at it from a distance could not see it. They were literally preventing people from pulling off to the side of the road in order to look at Mount Rushmore. How much did that cost? I thought we were shut down because there’s no money, Mr. President? What a lie..

Veterans tour the World War Two Memorial in WashingtonAnd I’m sure you’ve heard the story of World War II Veterans and the attempt to barricade them and their wheelchairs from viewing the WWII Memorial. Of course, these are the same guys who stormed Omaha Beach, so they got in despite most of them being in their 90’s. Not that I want any of them to be harmed in any way, believe me – but I was secretly hoping one trooper would have tried just once to stop one of them physically. That would have been fun.. Oh, the storm that would have started for our Commander in Chief, eh?

Anyway, back to the Revolution: Glenn Helseth has had enough..

Small-business owner, hard-working, American: Just the kind of guy Obama and Co. needs to destroy. Glen and his wife have operated the Carrot Tree Kitchens Restaurant inside the historic Cole Digges House in Yorktown, Va. – a building the National Park Service operates. When the shut down began, the Helseths were not just told to close shop – they were given 48 hours to pack up and move out. That, my friends is a government against it’s people. It’s fascist, and I don’t use that word lightly. It’s jackbooted thuggery, immoral, unnecessary and the Administration knows it. They’re just doing what they figure they can get away with to make a point and destroy a little more of America so they can fundamentally change it. For the worse.

carrot treeThe Helseth’s also own a restaurant on Jamestown Island they had to close after the Feds blocked access to the island. Again, unecessary, but we’re dealing with some evil people here. I’m sure they’d say, “well, it’s the way it is..” – but folks, it’s not the way it is. Not blocking access would cost less, save the country money and increase tax revenues by keeping private businesses open. And Obama himself made exceptions for groups friendly to his schemes, so “that’s the way it is” – isn’t. They lie, they cajole, they have their friends in the media – but guess what? Glenn Helseth has you and me and his cojones, my friends:

With around 20 of his employees – and longtime friends – looking at the unemployment line and maybe eviction – Glenn opened up the Carrot Tree Kitchens in full defiance of the Federal Government, and I quote; “I intend to serve everybody that wants to dine with me. I don’t intend to close my doors. I am occupying Carrot Tree Yorktown…”

If you’re anywhere near there – eat three meals a day and order me some take-out. The first shot has been fired..


Since writing this originally, I’ve found additional statements made by Mr. Glenn Helseth:

“I am now occupying the building at this time.”

“I don’t wish to take a stand against my government. I’ve always been very proud of my country. I can no longer abide by what’s happening.”

“They need to come down to my level and look at my people and say, ‘We’re going to shut you down. You cannot make any money because we can’t administrate.’”


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Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014.

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