Fainting panels precede Obamacare death panels


heart4-300x150Before the Age of Obamacare, Medicaid was prompting early retirement for physicians, Baby Boomers were bankrupting Medicare and private health insurance premiums and/or deductibles for non-employer private health insurance were prohibitively high for all but upper income individuals and families. But there was always the emergency room.

And now, IN the Age of Obamacare, are rose gardens still what they have been cracked up to be:


If only, to paraphrase Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the fainting were the hardest part.

It turns out that the notion that state and federal “exchanges” would reduce premiums and deductibles thus making non-employer-based health insurance more affordable was a pipe dream. The idea that a substantial portion of the 30 million young-and-healthy the 30 would be coerced by the individual mandate (at least in the early years) was a fantasy. And the idea that the ER would no longer be the first, last and only refuge for non-dental health care for millions was an outright lie.

Add to the above the numbers of individuals and families losing their previous polices due to more expensive coverage mandated against their insurance companies and the employer mandates causing full-time employees to be laid off or reduced to part-time; and you have an unmitigated disaster.

No, fainting and website glitches will not be the hardest parts of Obamacare. Now, will be the death panels that will ration coverage away from the elderly. The hardest part will be those that don’t survive to be scrutinized by death panels.

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