Even MSNBC can’t justify Fat Cats’ Obamacare exemptions

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No one could, save for believers in the divine right of kings.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell has a very high regard for herself and her supposed professional reputation as a journalist. This despite the fact she presumed to “objectively” cover her husband, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s role in the the bursting of the Housing Bubble five years ago this month, but I digress.

Last week, she thought she had reeled in a naive congressman from the upper midwest that she could school on the evils of opposing Obamacare and President Barack Obama’s ultimatum that Congress pass so-called “clean” CR and debt limit-raising bills. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis) had other ideas:

Barack Obama, Congressmen and their staffs should not be subject to Obamacare just like the rest of America does.

obamacareHave Democrats ever heard of the Declaration of Independence’s ” all men are created equal” clause? What of the U.S. Constitution’s demand for “equal protection” in its Fourteenth Amendment?

Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter’s amendment to a budget resolution rejected by Harry Reid and all Democrats, demanded that President Obama’s executive fiat amending Obamacare to grant exemptions to Congress and Capitol Hill staffers. Rather than treat all Americans equally under Obamacare, Obama and the Democrats chose to shut the government down.

Democrats proclaimed to We the people: Let them eat Obamacare!

Andrea Mitchell ate crow.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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