English teacher’s R-rated rant goes viral in California high school

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HARBOR CITY, Calif. – An English teacher’s decision to drop several f-bombs on some misbehaving high school students has led Los Angeles Unified district leaders to drop her from the classroom – at least until they finish investigating the incident.

R rated rantDailyBreeze.com  reports one of those troublemaking students made an audio recording of the teacher’s Sept. 26 R-rated rant, in which she tells the obnoxious teenagers: “I know my f—ing s–t. Don’t f— with that. I’m tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f—ing way. Get the f— out of here.”

The unnamed teacher tells DailyBreeze.com the student who made the recording shared it with another educator with whom she has an adversarial relationship. The pair then peddled the recording all over the school campus.

“This girl took my moment of weakness and used it against me,” the English teacher told DailyBreeze.com. “And then the (other) teacher egged (the student) on to send it to her, and then they disseminated it. It’s just cruel.”

The news site is withholding the teacher’s name on the theory that “wide dissemination would cause years of damage to her reputation, far outweighing her transgression.”

We don’t share the Daily Breeze’s concern for the teacher’s reputation. The educator is a public servant who is being paid to educate the community’s students. Taxpayers have every right to know what goes on in their children’s classrooms, even if that brings embarrassment to an individual teacher.

But the real problem revealed by this story isn’t the teacher’s use of R-rated language. The real issue is that a group of uncooperative, disinterested young adults were disrupting class for the rest of the students and wasting precious instruction time with their foolishness.

Look back on the third sentence of the teacher’s rant: “I’m tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f—ing way.”

How many teachers haven’t dreamed of saying those very words to a hateful student?

Los Angeles school officials were right to remove the teacher from the classroom while they conduct an investigation. Adults who verbally rage against their students deserve a pretty stiff punishment, and repeat offenders need to find another profession.


However, school leaders should also conduct an investigation into the students who provoked the teacher. If the offending students are found to be chronically disruptive in the classroom, they should be given the boot.

Teachers are professionals who are paid to educate students. They should not be asked to serve as prison guards and parole officers, too. If students can’t respect their teacher, they shouldn’t be in class.

If district leaders aren’t able to expel those troublesome children from school, they should put these defiant kids in a separate room (a “rubber room”) and have them take online courses – apart from the students who are in school to learn and better themselves.

By Ben Velderman at EAGnews.org

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