Congressmen arrested for exercising free speech??

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Congressional Sell OutsFree speech?  Actually, more like getting arrested for exercising inborn, inbred, stupidity.

As you watch this video, keep in mind that it’s at a demonstration on the Capitol Mall in Washington DC.  The same mall where the WWII Memorial, the Vietnam Wall and lots of other landmarks are.  The same landmarks that the Brownshirts from the National Park Service are arresting people for visiting.

This crowd was a group of union organizers and illegal aliens who’ve breeched our borders and illegally invaded the US.

Needless to say, the only ones arrested were the Democratic Congresspukes and only because they were “blocking traffic”.  In other words it was a staged event to support illegal aliens and union thugs while they spit on the veterans who are being arrested daily for peacefully viewing the memorials built to honor their service.  And Congressmen, you sold out a long time ago.

Where’s the death penalty, or at least tar and feathers, when you need ‘em.

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