Why Common Sense > GPS

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google_waze-06I do a lot of traveling and I can tell you that my GPS is absolutely essential in my travels.  I find myself grabbing my iPhone and mapping out where I am going even if I know how to get there.  With the new Google Maps, or my favorite program, Waze, I can get traffic updates and get routed around traffic backups and what not.  So I am very dependent on the technology, but common sense has to rule the day as this elderly couple learned.

Thankfully everything turned out “OK” for the Garstons’, but if they had been out of cell phone range, this story could have had a different ending.

The GPS isn’t always right, but hey, I’m a guy and we don’t ask directions so it works out good for me.  How about all of you… do you have any good stories about how your GPS has either helped you out or failed you in a major way?  Leave them in the comments below.

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