Can Kicked Down The Road and Obamacare Is Still FUBAR

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The vote in the Senate went about as expected. The minor difference is that Jerry Moran-KS and Rob Portman-OH flipped from previously voting No with Ted Cruz on the cloture vote to voting Yes with 23 other GOP Senators and all of the Democrats. Tom Coburn-OK and John Cornyn-TX flipped from voting Yes on the cloture vote to voting No with Ted Cruz and 15 other GOP Senators.

The vote in the House had a larger number of GOP voting yes than expected. It was expected that Boehner, Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and McMorris-Rodgers voted Yes along with 8 of the 20 committee chairmen. The surprise was 75 other GOP House members voting Yes that includes Tom Cotton AR-4.

Obamacare is not just having a few glitches. It’s a horrible abomination in its concept and must be completely repealed. It’s not something that can be tweaked and fixed. The wrong concept is the idea that the federal government can destroy the health insurance sector of our economy and lower the costs for health care. Polls show most people prefer the old system to Obamacare. While this is true, it’s also true the costs of health care have been rising for a long time. Idiots like FL. Democrat congressman Alan Grayson say the Republicans answer is for sick people to just die quickly. There are ways to address the rising costs of health care without doing a socialist power grab and wiping out the health insurance industry in the process. Here are some ideas that come to mind that are not addressed by Obamacare.

  • Eliminate all of the employer and individual mandates and mandates on state and federal exchanges.
    Don’t limit people to a health insurance provider in their State. Have a Federal Health Insurance Commission replace all of the State commissions, and let people shop around the nation for a policy. Heck, make it global if a foreign health insurance company can follow federal law and get hospitals and doctors to accept their business. A large competitive market will drive down the costs.
  • Get rid of the requirements for health insurance providers to offer a policy to people with preexisting conditions. The rates will go down if the providers are not forced to write policies for those people with preexisting conditions.
  • Take the people who have a preexisting condition and are unable to afford health care on their own and roll them into MediCare. Strictly means test MediCare so that only those people qualify for MediCare. If you are wealthy and healthy then you don’t qualify no matter what age you are. Some might not like this idea, because it takes the entitlement aspect of MediCare away. One should count his blessings if he reaches old age and is healthy and wealthy. Not qualifying for being on the dole should be a badge of honor.
  • Get rid of the requirement that every hospital emergency room must treat everyone whether they pay or not. Every community that has several hospitals should allow some for-profit hospitals to opt for accepting only paying customers. Now small communities with one hospital would not have this option, but the ones that opt out would not be getting federal subsidies for emergency room costs and could be required to have a fraction of their profits go toward subsidies for hospitals that treat everyone. This would lower health care costs, and make deadbeats think twice about running to the emergency room for a hangnail.
  • Get medical tort reform. Perhaps the Judiciary Branch could create medical courts that would adjudicate only medical cases. Any frivolous suit would be dismissed, and malpractice insurance costs will go down.
  • Those ideas don’t grow the size and scope of the federal government exponentially by putting it in complete control of 16% of the economy. They rethink how MediCare is looked at as a charitable safety net for a few, and they let the power of the market work its magic for the majority.

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