Bugged by NSA / Leaked by Snowden

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Once upon a time . . . a hidden camera captured House of Representative minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, in conversations with her PR Director. The videos were collected by NSA and leaked to the press by Snowden.

DATE STAMP: March 2, 2010

“WHAT DON’T YOU GET ABOUT THIS?”PELOSI little changes by little changes

“We . . . have  . . . to . . . pass . . . the . . . law . . . before . . . anybody . . . reads . . . it!”

“Nobody in their right mind will support a law that drives up insurance premiums and shoves doctors into early retirement. We don’t want the peasants to find out they’ll lose their 40-hour-a-week jobs and health insurance plans. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY will want the IRS enforcing rules made by medically ignorant, civil service employees.”

“I need to reassure our constituents and the public, with a sincere and heartfelt speech, about how the best way to handle all the fuss over the president’s healthcare bill is to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

“But first, a little Botox here,  a little Botox there, here a Botox, there a Botox, everywhere a little Botox . . . so I’ll look my best.”

Fast forward:

DATE STAMP: October 15, 2013

“Who do those t-party terrorists think they are, demanding changes in Obamacare before they’ll agree to a debt limit increase? This could be a major problem if Republicans in congress actually stand their ground, which they probably won’t.”

“Our grand plans PELOSI wide eyed pass itdepend on implementation of Obamacare BEFORE anyone discovers how much it will cost them!”

“I need to reassure our supporters and the public again. I’ll calm them by declaring we must implement their president’s healthcare law before we can change it.”

“But first, a little bit of a bit of skin tightening here, a bit of skin tightening there, tightening here, tightening there, tightening, tightening everywhere . . . so I’ll look my best.”

DATE STAMP: October 18, 2013

“DON’T WORRY! Our IT people will keep crashing the system so it is almost impossible to sign up. And no, Barry’s Community Organizers . . . um, I mean the Healthcare Navigators, don’t know squat about how to sign people up. They’re only job is to obtain personal information, steal social security numbers, and register democrat voters.”

“Be assured that, next year, when the program kicks into gear 100%, nothing will work. Washington will delay payments to doctors. Nobody will get the healthcare they’ve been promised. And there won’t be enough money to fix anything.”

“Barry will blame conservatives, the tea-party, veterans, andPELOSI stands w fist those selfish doctors, as usual. He’ll put on his oh-so-sad face about how he may have to tap into money designated for the welfare, disability, and food stamp programs in order to gather enough dollars to fix the problems. This will scare his entitlement slaves into action. They’ll occupy this and that and demand the 1% pay more of their fair share to make Obamacare work for the 99%.”

“I can just hear the screaming now. What a delightful mess!”

“Then, during the 2014 congressional elections, the democrat campaign will regurgitate the same promises Barry made in 2008. They’ll explain, over and over again how democrats must be in total control of the government in order to complete the fundamentally transformation of America into a country where everybody is equal.”

(“HAHAHA! Equally under control!”)

“Democrats will sing out the glory of collective equality. Equal healthcare for every American, guaranteed by the Founding Fathers. We’ll have those gullibles screaming that Constitutional equal rights must be given to every person on America soil (including the illegals).”

“Then, after we win the congressional elections by a landslide, Barry will launch his two-year campaign for a  single payer system. New and improved Medicaid for everyone. No insurance companies, no exchanges, no hassle. True equality for all.”

“Barry will be happy, happy, happy that he’s set the stage for socialized medicine in America. That’s always beenPELOSI and BO his goal, you know. First control the healthcare, then control the peasants . . . um, I mean the equals.”

“DON’T WORRY. How many times must I remind you? All of us in congress, our staff members, and loyal union supporters are the more-than equals. Nothing we legislate for the peasants applies to us.”

“Then, after the 2016 elections, President Hillary will declare the one-payer system to be law. She’ll empower the Payment Service Advisory Board (death panel) to complete the final step to create equality. Benefits will be denied to all peasants who require extensive medical care and don’t contribute to the the greater good. This will take care of seniors, veterans, the mentally PELOSI skin stretchchallenged, and all those who stockpile food and gold, home-school their children, support the tea-party, and challenge our policies.”

“That’s it. Got to run. Need another little cosmetic adjustment here, a little adjustment there, here adjustment, there adjustment, adjustments needed everywhere because I can’t completely close my gorgeous eyes . . . again.”

The end.

Does implementation of Obamacare give you the bad screams?

It should! Obamacare has never been about healthcare. It’s always been about control. A single-payer healthcare  system controlled by the government = a giant plunge into socialism. 51 “demon”-crat senators have brought this pox upon our country. If you want to help stop, or neutralize it, support the tea party and organizations like FreedomWorks that are fighting back.

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