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Boy seriously burned by Michelle Obama-inspired ‘pouch of meat’


PHILADELPHIA – A seven-year-old boy, eager to dig into his school lunch, “smashed” his turkey taco “plastic pouch of meat” last week and ended up with second-degree burns.

burnedThe school’s reaction to the incident has the boy’s parents hot under the collar.

“I was trying to open it, and I smashed it. And it splattered all over my face and my clothes,” the student told Fox29. “It felt hot, and it burned.”

The school staff’s handling of the situation was perhaps as bad as the steaming pile of meat.

The news site reports the school nurse was nowhere to be found, and the school “principal and staff were left to deal with the burns.” They gave the boy a bag of ice and told him to put it on his cheek.

The boy’s parents were upset the food was hot enough to burn him. They also wondered why they were not notified by the school, and didn’t understand why he wasn’t taken for proper medical treatment.

The parents took their son to the hospital themselves, and were told that ice should not be applied to burns as it can “further damage the skin.”

“Like, ‘oh, it’s no big deal. It’s a burn.’ To me, it is a big deal. It’s my child’s face,” the boy’s mother told the television station.

Who knew Michelle Obama’s lunch menu could cause physical harm? Perhaps the National School Lunch Program should hire nurses to stand by to handle burns?

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