Does Barbara Boxer need a good beating?

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Does Barbara Boxer need a good beating?

Normally this would be an inappropriate question to ask, but rules have exceptions. Senator Barbara Boxer recently compared Tea Partiers to “domestic abusers.” In her world, trying to restore fiscal sanity and prevent America from going broke is equivalent to engaging in physical violence.

What the hell would this (insert curse words here) know about domestic abuse? Any man who married her would have to be so emasculated that he would not raise his hand without permission. Normally I am against domestic violence but she really could use a good beating to knock the stupidity out of her. Her existence is an act of abuse because the rest of us have to suffer from her feminist yapping. Even a government shutdown can’t shut her leftist trap. Her crybaby victim routine is an insult to real victims. She is the third worst Barbara in America behind Streisand and Mikulski. To all fake feminists everywhere, please shut the Sandra Fluke up.

While one could dismiss Boxer’s words as the hysterical rantings of an utter dingbat, giving her a free pass only encourages more of her leftist hate speech. So let’s tell the truth about this disgusting woman.

She stayed silent while Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and Bob Fillner engaged in abusive behavior toward women.

She has praised Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, the former an accused rapist and the latter a man who left a woman to drown to death.

She spoke up against Bob Packwood because when Republicans abuse women, it is bad.

She stayed silent when jokes circulated about raping Dr. Condoleeza Rice and t-shirts were worn saying “abort Sarah Palin.”

She attacked President George W. Bush for the wars in Afganistan and Iraq, which freed 50 million women from being abused domestically.

Barbara Boxer is not a feminist. Feminism was about liberating and empowering women. Boxer teaches women how to cry (Naomi) wolf and reduces women to delicate, weak, pathetic, fragile flowers without the pleasant fragrance.

Like most upper class white liberal women who have led cushy lifestyles on the taxpayer dime, the best thing for Boxer to do would be to move to Iran or Syria. Then she would understand what domestic abuse is.

Her ilk are brave in America because she knows her words will not result in a savage beating. She insults conservative Christians but coddles Radical islamists because she know who the real abusers of women are.

Defenders of this woman play the misogyny card, the gender equivalent of fake racism accusations. Yet many of Boxer’s harshest critics are women who know the difference between a real woman and a creature who is half princess, half dragonlady.

Boxer owes an apology to real domestic abuse victims everywhere for her insensitive, cavalier comments. Then she owes an apology to all women for pretending to be one. Then she owes an apology to all men for accusing us of crimes against her gender. Then she should stop apologizing and do the one thing she has failed to do in 34 of years of being paid without doing an ounce of real work.

She should shut up and go away.


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