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My friend, Vassar Bushmills, just posted a column, Now we are 162. We encourage you to read it all. He explains the story that the media misses. Here is an excerpt.

While representing only 40% of the Republicans in the Senate, the significance of those first 19 in the Senate, which we reported on then, has become reality, for in the debt ceiling surrender this weekend, they were joined by a full 62% of the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

But today, Rejoice Dear Hearts! for this was a victory for conservatism. This is the story the media missed, and will continue to miss as long as any other story they can concoct, e.g., the Immigration debate, can be placed center-stage, or if Putin wins a second Person-of-the-Year award at Time Magazine in December.

The real news is that conservatives control 59% of the entire GOP in Congress, and while there will be some ebb and flow in that number in coming weeks and months, it will be likely to grow without any help from us, thanks to both Obama and Obamacare. He is, after all, incompetent. He can’t help it.

So, the real story is what those 144 Republicans are going to do in coming weeks, not what John Boehner is going to do in coming weeks. The real story is whether they will even let John Boehner keep his job. Or at what price?  The real story is, once this fact sinks in, how many of the 87 who crossed over to vote with Democrats on the McConnell-Reid knee-pads-across the aisle compromise, will cross over a second time? Since most aren’t RINOs, just followers of the herd, they will follow power as it slips from one wing of the party to the other.

The real Republican leader in the Senate is Ted Cruz instead of Mitch McConnell, and the real leader in the House is Louie Gohmert instead of John Boehner. The argument they made and won is that the voters have a voice and should be listened to all of the time instead of only on election day. This argument won over the counter argument that since Obama got reelected we have to just sit down, shut up, and vote with Reid and Pelosi until after the results in the next election.

Listed below are the 18 Senators and 144 House members who voted No to a continuing resolution/debt ceiling increase bill with no conditions. It’s important to accentuate these 162 Republicans instead of the 114 Republicans who voted with Reid and Pelosi. We should call, write, or e-mail a thank you to these 162 for keeping the promise they made to the voters in the campaign.

THE ROLL CALL of the 162

			Sen. Jeff Sessions
			Sen. Richard Shelby
AL 2nd			Martha Roby	 	
AL 3rd			Mike Rogers	 	
AL 4th			Robert Aderholt	 	
AL 5th			Mo Brooks	 	

AZ 4th			Paul Gosar	 	
AZ 5th			Matt Salmon	 	
AZ 6th			David Schweikert	 	
AZ 8th			Trent Franks	 	

CA 1st			Doug LaMalfa	 	
CA 4th			Tom McClintock	 	
CA 10th			Jeff Denham	 	
CA 39th			Ed Royce	 	
CA 45th			John Campbell	 	
CA 48th			Dana Rohrabacher	 	
CA 50th			Duncan Hunter	 	

CO 5th			Doug Lamborn

			Sen. Marco Rubio	 	
FL 1st			Jeff Miller	 	
FL 2nd			Steve Southerland	 	
FL 3rd			Ted Yoho	 	
FL 6th			Ron DeSantis	 	
FL 7th			John Mica	 	
FL 8th			Bill Posey	 	
FL 11th			Richard Nugent	 	
FL 15th			Dennis Ross	 	
FL 17th			Thomas Rooney	 	
FL 19th			Trey Radel

GA 1st			Jack Kingston	 	
GA 3rd			Lynn Westmoreland	
GA 6th			Tom Price	 	
GA 7th			Rob Woodall	 	
GA 8th			Austin Scott		
GA 9th			Doug Collins	 	
GA 10th			Paul Broun	 	
GA 11th			Phil Gingrey	 	
GA 14th			Tom Graves	 	

			Sen. Chuck Grassley
IA 4th			Steve King

			Sen. Michael Crapo
	  		Sen. James Risch
ID 1st			Raúl Labrador

IL 14th			Randy Hultgren

IN 2nd			Jackie Walorski	 	
IN 3rd			Marlin Stutzman		
IN 4th			Todd Rokita	 	
IN 6th			Luke Messer	 	
IN 8th			Larry Bucshon

			Sen. Pat Roberts	 	
KS 1st			Tim Huelskamp	 	
KS 3rd			Kevin Yoder	 	
KS 4th			Mike Pompeo

			Sen. Rand Paul
KY 4th			Thomas Massie	 	
KY 6th			Andy Barr

			Sen. David Vitter	 	
LA 1st			Steve Scalise	 	
LA 4th			John Fleming	 	
LA 6th			Bill Cassidy

MD 1st			Andy Harris

MI 2nd			Bill Huizenga	 	
MI 3rd			Justin Amash	 	
MI 7th			Tim Walberg	 	
MI 10th			Candice Miller	 	
MI 11th			Kerry Bentivolio

MN 6th			Michele Bachmann

MO 2nd			Ann Wagner	 	
MO 3rd			Blaine Luetkemeyer	
MO 4th			Vicky Hartzler	 	
MO 6th			Sam Graves	 	
MO 7th			Billy Long	 	
MO 8th			Jason Smith

MS 1st			Alan Nunnelee	 	
MS 4th			Steven Palazzo

North Carolina	 	
NC 2nd			Renee Ellmers	 	
NC 3rd			Walter Jones	 	
NC 5th			Virginia Foxx	 	
NC 8th			Richard Hudson	 	
NC 11th			Mark Meadows	 	
NC 13th			George Holding

New Jersey	 	
NJ 5th			Scott Garrett

New Mexico	 	
NM 2nd			Steve Pearce

			Sen. Dean Heller	 	
NV 2nd			Mark Amodei

New York	 	
NY 23rd			Tom Reed	 	
NY 27th			Chris Collins

OH 1st			Steve Chabot	 	
OH 2nd			Brad Wenstrup	 	
OH 4th			Jim Jordan	 	
OH 5th			Robert Latta	 	
OH 6th			Bill Johnson	 	
OH 7th			Bob Gibbs	 	
OH 10th			Michael Turner	 	
OH 16th			James Renacci

			Sen. Tom Coburn	 	
OK 1st			Jim Bridenstine	 	
OK 2nd			Markwayne Mullin	 	
OK 3rd			Frank Lucas	 	
OK 5th			James Lankford

OR 2nd			Greg Walden

			Sen. Pat Toomey	 	
PA 4th			Scott Perry	 	
PA 10th			Tom Marino	 	
PA 12th			Keith Rothfus	 	
PA 16th			Joseph Pitts

South Carolina
			Sen. Tim Scott	 	
SC 1st			Mark Sanford	 	
SC 2nd			Joe Wilson	 	
SC 3rd			Jeff Duncan	 	
SC 4th			Trey Gowdy	 	
SC 5th			Mick Mulvaney	 	
SC 7th			Tom Rice

South Dakota	 		
SD-at Large		Kristi Noem

TN 1st			Phil Roe	 		
TN 2nd			John Duncan	 	
TN 3rd			Chuck Fleischmann	
TN 4th			Scott DesJarlais	 	
TN 6th			Diane Black	 	
TN 7th			Marsha Blackburn	 	
TN 8th			Stephen Fincher

			Sen. Ted cruz
			Sen. John Cornyn	 	
TX 1st			Louie Gohmert	 	
TX 2nd			Ted Poe	 		
TX 3rd			Sam Johnson	 	
TX 4th			Ralph Hall	 	
TX 5th			Jeb Hensarling	 	
TX 6th			Joe Barton	 	
TX 7th			John Culberson	 	
TX 8th			Kevin Brady	 	
TX 10th			Michael McCaul	 	
TX 11th			Michael Conaway	 	
TX 12th			Kay Granger	 	
TX 13th			Mac Thornberry	 	
TX 14th			Randy Weber		
TX 17th			Bill Flores	 	
TX 19th			Randy Neugebauer	 	
TX 21st			Lamar Smith	 	
TX 22nd			Pete Olson	 	
TX 24th			Kenny Marchant	 	
TX 25th			Roger Williams	 	
TX 26th			Michael Burgess	 	
TX 27th			Blake Farenthold	 	
TX 31st			John Carter	 	
TX 32nd			Pete Sessions	 	
TX 36th			Steve Stockman

			Sen. Mike Lee	 	
UT 1st			Rob Bishop	 	
UT 2nd			Chris Stewart	 	
UT 3rd			Jason Chaffetz

VA 4th			Randy Forbes	 	
VA 5th			Robert Hurt 	 	
VA 6th			Bob Goodlatte	 	
VA 9th			Morgan Griffith

			Sen. Ron Johnson	 	
WI 1st			Paul Ryan	 	
WI 5th			James Sensenbrenner	
WI 6th			Tom Petri	 		
WI 7th			Sean Duffy

			Sen. Michael Enzi	 	
WY-at Large		Cynthia Lummis
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