Americans: Played Like The Chumps Democrats Know Us To Be

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dead-elephant-300x184Do you remember where you were or what you were doing or who you were with at the very moment you heard that the GOP had assumed room temperature?

I do.

It was a quiet death; the prognosis had long been known, leaving only the mystery of which actual day and time the pronouncement would be made (which itself had already become great good fodder for, perhaps, the largest office pool cache in modern illegal gambling history). They just sort of drifted off in their sleep with no chance of ever waking up again. And it was Surgeon General Barack H. Obama who, with laser-like precision, stuck the first of many forks into the battered and bloodied and rotting carcass 13 seconds in to his announcement, just to make sure that everyone knew the GOP had really and truly finally expired.

“Responsible Republicans”… puh-leeze… every Democrat knows that the only “responsible Republican” is the one that capitulates to Democrats, foolishly believing it’s the next fight that’s surely going to go the GOP’s way.

Lord how I hate these clowns that make bank on how stupid they think we are.It’s important to acknowledge, here, that fundamental truth we have all come to know and understand: all politicians lie, almost all of them are opportunistic cowards, and – by and large – if a politician serves more than than two terms in DC, the chances of their becoming a bonafide piece of… well, you get my meaning here… are statistically all but guaranteed.

And having said that, let me also say that this Obama creature has absolutely beclowned my maxim by having defied all the odds and achieved epic p.o.s. levels in a short 1.25 terms. It’s stunning in its beauty, really; his pace at “earning” that Peace prize got nuthin’ on how quickly he not only mastered the art of lying, but achieved such incredible depths of cowardice and record-shattering degrees of p.o.s. – ness.It took a great deal of courage, you know, for him to stand in front of the whole world, take no responsibility for failing at the job Democrats hired him to do… you know, run the country and stuff… and project 100% of the blame for the complete failure of the Government (that he presides over) to do its job, onto the already-near-death GOP. He was masterful, he was incredible, he was like no other p.o.s. politician I have seen in my lifetime!

Just ask the mainstream media how well he did!

In the middle of the crisis he created, even as he would have us believe this was all the GOP’s fault to begin with, this President managed to hold out for a deal that almost immediately dug an even deeper hole for the American people than the one he had already dug for us since being hired.

And even as the GOP ultimately failed to make its point to the American people about the extent to which Obamacare has driven (and will continue to drive) the country into the ground, and even as Obama began pushing his ever-popular “amnesty-for-liberal-votes” “comprehensive immigration reform” meme at the GOP’s wake, the American people continue to be driven ever-deeper into the ground. And the response to this miserable chapter in American history from the a$$hats that keep electing these people back, term after term, has been overwhelmingly nothing but cheers, and accolades, and tingly feelings down the legs of his rabid fan base.Only a Democrat could pull this off.

As I ponder Obama’s successful bid to push his opposition into irrelevance and obscurity, I’m reminded of Gracchus who said, of Commodus, in the movie Gladiator:

He will bring them death, and they will love him for it.

And it fills me with a white-hot seething rage to know that, in the end, this really is all the fault of a party that was once the only thing standing between us and the dictatorship it has now chosen, instead, to join ranks with against the very people who put them there.

And it fries my a$$ to know that that if we, the people hadn’t been so wrapped up in this modern era of American-Idol politics, we might have been able to avoid letting the inmates run the asylum. My only short-term upside is that I get an even freer pass to poke a pointy stick at them and mock them. This I will happily do between now and when a legitimate party (or group of parties that can form a viable coalition) forms.

Meantime… and after forcing myself to endure these 20 minutes of platitudes and high mindedness, and the mockery that was made of the political process, I’ve come to two fundamental truths:

1. There will no longer be any room in this country for Conservative ideals until there is no longer any tolerance for an “entitled” class among us (dunno if I will live long enough to see that).

2. I need a shower and a good drunk.
Watch this “indoctrination training” video, get a good bottle of whatever your particular poison may be, and get a good look at what the GOP gave you in its last will and testament… then hit the showers. Tomorrow is another day:

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