We Wonder What Is Wrong With The World – These Parents Suck

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hollowayweb20s-5-webTeenage kids threw a party and trashed Ex NFL star Brian Holloway’s house in up state NY. Where was Brian, in his other home down in Florida. Police are still trying to determine how the kids got access to the house.

The kids brought kegs, spray paint and  i-phones to the party. (stupid)

Damages to the home come to about $20,000. Broken windows, gouges in the wood floors, paint on the walls and if that wasn’t enough they broke a memorial to Brian’s stillborn son.

In an incredibly gracious move, Brian offered the teens and their parents a chance to make amends. The following Saturday Brian was hosting a party for Veterans at the very house that was trashed.

“Come out and help set up, fix up, bring food, and picnic stuff, so we can honor these real HEROS,” he wrote on his website. “I’m here. Come now. Take a stand for your future. This is called redemption.”

partyweb19s-3-webOnly one parent showed up. (sad)

Subsequently Brian posted pictures and names of the kids that trashed his house in an attempt to get them to take responsibility for their actions.

Here is the disgusting part. The “parents” of these kids are thinking about suing Brian for posting these names and pics even though the kids in question have already posted pics to Facebook and twitter bragging about the “greatest party ever”.

Personal note: First of all if I was dumb enough to go to a party and take pictures of myself my dad would beat me for being stupid. Secondly, given the opportunity to make amends I would be over at the guys house in a heartbeat, praying my parents didn’t find out.

We wonder what is wrong with the world. These parents are what is wrong with the world! These parents are setting a bad example for their children and society as a whole.



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  1. Kaisersohay says

    I have a question for the 30% that voted for life in Prison—Would they feel the same way if they had to pay for all of these rapists for the rest of their lives?? If so lets have them put their money where their mouth is.

  2. dancingontheheadofapin says

    Since the kids did not take up the offer to clean up and make things right, they should now be charged and sent to jail. The parents need to be cited as well and should be made to do community service if nothing else, possibly rehabbing derelict houses for poor people to live in.

  3. disqus_ahtc0JSDBa says


  4. Billy says

    I have been pointing this out for some time. A lot of these kids look like they come from privilege family. Means they very much knew better, but didn’t care.

  5. Debbie Henry Austin says

    These kids should be in juvenile detention, and then be grounded with a loss of privileges for a substantial amount of time. And the parents should be held financially responsible for the damages or face jail time themselves. They are teaching their little heathens to be worthless, self-serving ingrates!

  6. Wade Means says

    the parent’s who are doing all the pissing and moaning should be held accountable for there idiot kid’s !

  7. Russell The Love Muscle says

    I say give all the kids a trophy and a pat on the head… With a Hammer!!

  8. Silimaure says

    I think these kids pictures should be spread all over FB! Along with the useless parents.

  9. Mike D. says

    Every single one of those parents (except the one that showed up) needs an ass beating so severe it would even be hard to breathe correctly for the rest of their lives…and then sterilized so they cannot pollute the world with any more of their bastard douchebag offspring.

  10. CatLadyLouisiana says

    I am sorry that Brian Holloway has not already filed multiple law suits against the kids he does know the names of, if he does he probably will end up with a bunch more names to add to the list. This damages far exceed $20,000 from the pictures shown on the national news. What a shame that any “teenagers” in this country would even WANT to damage someone’s private residence just for the hell of it. I hope every name he has found will be posted on the Internet (since they all loved putting their own pictures, the chaos and destruction they were causing up on their Facebook sites) and IF IT CAUSES THESE BABIES SOME TROUBLE GETTING INTO COLLEGE LATER ON, SOOOOOOOOO BE IT. The bums, all of them are bums and so are their parents or they would NEVER have raised kids who would have done something so horrible, all deserve whatever fallout they encounter. Go after all of them Brian Holloway and I hope you find a sympathetic judge who will throw the book at all of them. Maybe the legal fees their parents will have to pay will far exceed the thousands of $$$ done to your home.

  11. mrbunnylamakins says

    First I wouldn’t even done anything remotely like that. I would not even have the notion or pondered the thought of doing anything like that. WHY? I had a FATHER who laid down the law to me and made it clear to me if I was to such a stupid act that could get me arrest I better not come home or he would kill me.

    This was coming from a man who I seen my grandfather bent him over his knee because my dad flipped him the bird. My dad never made a threat that he was not prepared to back up. Before any of you think I had a abusive (verbally/physically) he was not. I only recall him spanking me once in my life. The many other times I did anything remotely wrong was like forgetting to take out the garbage he found many creative punishments like de-dandelioning the front yard on my hands and knees.

  12. Jimmy Gulley says

    Where did respect for others property go DISGACEFUL actions!!!!!!!

  13. SickofOsamba says

    My mother would have beat me senseless and then made me go over there and work until I dropped. I would have done the same with my kids. Now parents don’t seem to want to be bothered “raising” their children and let them do as they please.

  14. Jennifer C says

    I think Brian has the right idea… he gave them the opportunity to make things right. He’s trying to be civil and give the kids and their parents the chance to fix things WITHOUT lawsuits. Anybody else would have just said “F*** this” and pressed charges against ALL of the kids AND their parents, and SUED them for damages and inconvenience (because he had a major event scheduled for the location that was damaged by these kids).

    I think the parents should wise up and help FIX what their irresponsible children did. And they need to be thinking about how they’ve been raising their kids, because OBVIOUSLY they don’t know what they are doing and they’re doing it wrong…

    1. CatLadyLouisiana says

      When the parents see their little innocent BABES’ pictures plastered all over the Internet and Facebook……the may wish they had raised better kids and taken the responsibility for the damages they have done to Brian Holloway’s home. Remember, Facebook is looked at by prospective employers, schools, etc., etc., so the ramifications of what they have done will be FAR REACHING…..and every one of them deserve whatever fallout happens.

  15. Wanda Hummel says

    he is so right, the parents of today would never claim the responsibility of their children…no matter how bad the crime. they need to make the kids PAY for their crimes…..what happened to the saying.”if you cant do the time…don’t do the crime” ? now its run and sue …what an flip around from the way it is supposed to be.

  16. Tina says

    People have children and they’re too damn lazy to raise them. They’re just happy to let them out of the house and out of their hair. I believe these parents and teens need to foot the bill, do the work and attend classes……….all together, in the same room. To the parents upset about their sick kids picture being on the internet, your picture should be right beside it! If you raised them properly, they wouldn’t have been there. Only way you will even begin to wake these parents up is hurt their pocket books. The parents need a life time of parental classes that THEY must PAY for!

    1. mrbunnylamakins says

      I agree I been around too many idiot parents IMO that say things “Let them be a kid” this as their child goes around kicking people, poking people in the eye etc. As they get older they say Idiotic things “That what teens do…” This as I listen to the parent tell me all the asinine things they did like”Stealing cars, breaking in houses for “fun” basically Criminal activities. -_- This is why we see one after another families generationally in jail or prison. People with no comprehensional skills to learn from other people’s stupid mistake. They go on to glorify and laugh about their mistakes in front of their children and briefly say “Don’t ever do that” … And many think Schools should be talking about such stuff. -_- As you said Tina LAZY parenting.

  17. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    If it were my dad, he’d have let the police take me for whatever crimes they thought I’d had committed, with no resistance from him. He was a very loving dad, but he wouldn’t allow unlawful behavior, and he wasn’t a cop or a military person. He was just a great dad whom I miss very much, but find I emulate more and more every day, as my son knows well.

    1. dancingontheheadofapin says

      Keep up the good work with your son. With a good influence from you the Dad, he could turn out to be a leader in the future.

      1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

        I always pray I stay as strong as my dad, who passed away in 2005, so that maybe my son and my daughter will be strong adults, and yes, I’d love to see my son be a leader in the future as I had hoped to be. I have similar hopes for my daughter as well. I love her a lot, and her birthday is coming up.

        1. dancingontheheadofapin says

          You are definitely on the right track. I’ll keep you and your son and daughter in my prayers. You are the foundation of this country.

          1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

            I do appreciate that very much!!!

  18. sludog says

    Sue the parents if the teens are underage, if not sue the teens

    1. MsMoomMist says

      oops, the teens need to be held accountable just like the parents, no passes on something like this. There is an old saying: Like father; like son!

  19. Jim Mathis says

    thtats what happens when you have more money than brains

  20. candyman49 says

    People like these idiots should not be allowed to procreate

  21. Deb Lohr says

    Sad Sad Sad!!! These kids and their parents should be grateful that this is the only action being taken!!! At this point, I would press charges against every single one of them, except the one who showed up to repair the damage! These parents need to be in jail, right along with their kids!!! Shame on you parents….you all suck as parents and as human beings!

  22. Stand4theUSA says

    With parents like these is why there are kids like these. Of course at 19 yrs of age they should be able to think for themselves.

    1. ChiTownGal says

      Therein lies the problem. You are assuming they were taught responsibility & critical thinking. Not so many of today’s parents or public education have taught these kids anything of value. But they know how to smoke pot, you betcha.

      1. Stand4theUSA says

        Carefully read my first sentence. I am assuming nothing so don’t put words into my comments that are not there. I have plenty words of my own. It’s obvious the kids were not taught. However, there is a point in life when one SHOULD be able to discern between right and wrong. Personally, I think by age 19 they are adults and SHOULD be acting like adults and be held responsible for their own actions. Not the cheap little excuse, “well, they weren’t taught as children how to behave so let them go without punishment”. BS! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not letting parents OR sorry school systems off the hook.

    2. dancingontheheadofapin says

      There is no way we can expect common sense and moral responsibility from kids who have absentee parents and a sewer for schools. The Federal Indoctrination centers, aka, the public school system, are purposely dumbing down the students and have been for many years..

    3. James N. Samples says

      Unfortunately, the idiot gene only seems to be in the ones who can pop out kids left and right by just looking at a dick.

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