WATCH: American Dependency: “Give Me My Food Stamps”

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As of this week fully 25% of American households – about 48 million people – are dependent on government food stamps to put food on the table.

The system is plagued with fraud on every level. Food stamp scams are rampant, with recipients often off-loading their monthly electronic benefit transfer cards for cash value. Mega lobbies spend tens of millions of dollars a year just to keep the pump primed and the funds flowing so that companies like Walmart and 7-11 can keep their revenues up. Big banks, including behemoths like JP Morgan, are cashing in by providing the processing facilities to make it happen.

It’s a racket.

There are hundreds of billions of dollars on the line every month and as an American taxpayer you are paying for it all.

Watch the following micro-documentary from Future Money Trends and prepare to be shocked by how deep this goes.


(Watch directly at Youtube)
(Via Future Money Trends: Survive and Prosper)

This type of welfare has made American companies and citizens dependent on aid.

With Obamacare forcing companies to reduce the hours for employees, we can only imagine how many more millions will need government assistance, something that will be built into their lifestyle regardless of if they actually need it or not.

The middle class is caving in right before our eyes.

As you can see, everyone from consumers, to businesses, to banks are now creating businesses and lifestyle models dependent on government assistance.

When will it ever stop?

Earlier this week Congressional Republicans passed a bill that would eliminate food stamp loop holes, requiring adults between the ages of 18 and 50 without minor children to find a job or enroll in a work training program in order to continue receiving benefits. The move was immediately rejected by Democrats and social aid groups, who claimed the new regulations would force millions of people into poverty.

If this new measure were to make it through the Senate and the President’s desk (which it likely won’t), millions would be thrown into poverty according to opponents.

Now consider what happens when the government of the United States hits a brick financial ceiling, where they can no longer dole out these funds. Or, we continue to print more money keeping the food stamp system operational, but insufficient with respect to supporting the needs of recipients because the price of food goes through the roof.

Fifty million dependents would immediately run out of the ability to use these cards for food (or extra cash if they are reselling them).

The result?

It should be clear.

There will be riots on the streets of America , likely turning to looting as people hit back at the system that is no longer providing them the welfare they need.

When the Food Stamps stop all hell will break loose.

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  1. drdbiggs says

    Can’t fix stupid!

  2. gksnana says

    I see lots of people out there with cable tv, cell phones, tablets, xbox and all of the new technology out there, but are considered poor and get food stamps. I don’t have most of that stuff, but wouldn’t consider fs. I don’t have that stuff so I won’t go in debt and can afford to eat and live. Maybe if they gave that stuff up, they could afford it too. People no longer have any pride. They would rather rob you so they won’t have to work. Such a sad state this country is in.

  3. ForrestHorn says

    Foodstamps? I’d rather STARVE!

  4. Jennifer Baltzley says

    I was behind a lady on Friday where she bought some chips, and cakes with the food stamps…my hubby and I were denied fs for our family because someone that does not even speak English wants to buy cakes and chips…(We only need FS due to having 3 children and just starting working so paychecks are still light)

  5. Graywolf12 says

    If you are on food stamps should you not have been in poverty in order to draw them? The whole welfare system is designed to make people dependent on the government, therefor they will vote for demoncrats to be sure they can stay on the dole.

  6. SniperToo says

    How about a boot instead of moocher food stamps. Grow up, go to work or LEAVE
    this country. I will drive your sorry @sses to the airport. Go to Russia, China, N. Korea
    or better yet the Middle East and see what they give you. Jail time, a bowel of water and
    a bowel of cold rice or potatoe soup. You bums. Your living high on the hog on our dollars. get
    out of my wallet. Ask the Arab-Muslim for his BO stash.

  7. $14832922 says

    Everyone who can get on one of these “programs” should do so … the more people draining the system, the sooner the system will collapse, and the sooner we can put this nation back on the tracks to the greatness we once knew.

    1. fliteking says

      There is a fella at work that has the same idea as you . . . as we slide further down hill I bet it won’t be long before I agree.

    2. Jennifer Baltzley says

      We don’t want to do that yet, wait until the freakshow has left town…

  8. Bonnie Dye says

    If people where drug tested,this would cut the people from getting food stamps who don’t deserve it.Theres some who actually need food stamps .And these people who don’t deserve food stamps should be weeded out.

  9. fliteking says

    Liberals are the most selfish and deliberately dishonest people in the world . . . ever,

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