The Washington Post Exposes a Sexual Deviant

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It’s not every day that the normally left-leaning Washington Post roots out someone – a member of the press, no less – who is sick of mind. But it happened on Friday.

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Many conservatives including myself over the years have postulated that the liberal’s tolerance, promotion and celebration of the sexualization of children is part of a long-range strategy for access to having sex with your children. It’s worked. We don’t have to go much further than the twerking of Miley Cyrus to see down the path where this effort began so many years ago. It was bad enough when I began seeing 13, 14, 15-year-olds in school sporting cleavage and wearing hooker uniforms – but now that’s nothing. Texting nude photos of one’s self, oral sex in groups, pierced nipples – whatever. I don’t know how many friends I have – wonderful people – great parents, moral, upstanding, hard-working folks who have spent countless nights beating themselves up because their little girl came home drunk with a tattoo in a place where a tattoo artist shouldn’t have even been looking at, much less branding and scarring someone’s child for life.

Am I a prude? No. I’m guilty of a lot of things back in the day – but I’m not proud of them and nothing came close to what is completely comfortable and Facebook-able behavior now. But finally, finally, the Washington Post has made a stand and printed what is proof positive that something needs to be done about this idea that our kids are fair game for sexual deviants, their perverted belief system and degenerate actions.

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At first it was subtle – like all devious slippery slopes – music videos celebrating depravity, sex education for youngsters and toddlers vamping around in beauty pageants: After that sunk-in, the next step was “empowering” coeds with the “hooking up” lifestyle, access to abortion for youngsters without parental consent and free porn of the sort that is not describable anywhere. This taught little boys that girls want to be used and abused and taught little girls that this was the way to attract boys. It’s impossible for a parent to police or control. Impossible. The gutter merchants used to defend their poison by saying; “Parents can just turn the channel” – but you can’t anymore. It’s on their phones, music, computers, neighbor’s TV and now: It’s in the schools.

The last bastion of trust between kids and adults after they walk out the door in the morning and when they return home to mom and day has always been teachers. There is a firewall between something horrible and something which benefits your child their entire lives out there and it’s a teacher who cares. Parents can at least breathe a little easy while their child is in school.. sorry, I dosed off there and harkened back to the dark days when students and teachers weren’t out in the parking lot smoking weed and having sex.

There’s only one rule for Liberal’s when it comes to the Having Sex with Your Child Club: You don’t talk about Having Sex with Your Child Club. No one would ever break the code about what lies at the end of the sexualization of children road. But on Friday of last week somebody slipped and spoke out: Thank god the Washington Post was there to do expose a sexual deviant and it had to be painful, because she was one of theirs: A journalist, an artist, an empowered female, a liberal lawyer – oh the courage it must have taken for WaPo to hold it’s nose and do what it had to do…

I used to be a lawyer, but now I'm an artist! Teachers should be able to rape their teenage students. See, I'm fine!
I used to be a lawyer, but now I’m an artist! Teachers should be able to rape their teenage students. See, I’m fine!

Someone named Betsy Karasik came right out and said it: “I don’t believe that all sexual conduct between underage students and teachers should necessarily be classified as rape, and I believe that absent extenuating circumstances, consensual sexual activity between teachers and students should not be criminalized.” Not convincing enough? Okay here’s more: “Many teenagers are, biologically speaking, sexually mature;” says Betsy. No kidding? Well that’s a great relief to me as my 13-year-old, early-bloomer niece begins Junior High. At least she’s mature while being soiled, salivated on, lied to, perverted, emotionally abused and RAPED in the backseat of her history teacher’s Volvo. How did you get an “A” in history? She just smiles, maturely.

I know many of you are thinking; “Rodney Lee, this isn’t a slip of club rules – this is a test balloon.


Maybe it’s the penultimate step to gaining access to having sex with your child, which is to measure how they’ve been coming along with the public’s acceptance of it. If that’s true, then it’s also a plot point where we either get off our asses and stop these predators before the tipping point tips, or kids having sex with teacher’s stops being prosecuted or even shamed. Think it can’t happen? Ask yourself what you would have thought 25 years ago if someone were to bring over their 14-year-old girl for dinner whose breasts were hanging in the mash potatoes, had a tribal tattoo above her butt crack, got an abortion her parents didn’t know about and the father was her math teacher?

Oh, forgot – those were the dark days us conservatives want to take the country back to. I commend the Washington Post for printing the truth about what’s really going on inside the mind’s of Betsy Karasiks everywhere. Of course, they printed it as a legitimate opinion piece, free from condemnation – knowing it would get her and the paper a lot of publicity. Nice work WaPo – I only pray it backfires. Get off your butts guys, this is go time and some of you are not even rowing. The paper that once took down a president now wants your children.


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  1. anarchyst says

    Public school types criticize “homeschooling”, always citing the “lack of socialization”. Let’s see what public school types define “socialization” as . . . rampant drug use, no sexual limits, sexual experimentation, promotion of homosexuality and other deviant behavior, formation of “cliques”, “values clarification” (actually a lack of “values”), left-wing teachers and textbooks, always criticizing what is good about America, anti-patriotism, etc . . . the list goes on.
    If these things are a part of “socialization, I want no part of it for my children . . .

  2. anarchyst says

    Any parents who send their children to “government indoctrination centers” (public schools) is guilty of child abuse . . .

  3. cardnut says

    You tell ’em, Joe!

  4. Kent2012 says

    The ho will have betsy over to the WH so that she can be celebrated as an up and coming communist and supporter of the african pretender when he leaves DC and starts up his university of perversity………

  5. DouglasDauntless says

    We can thank Obama and his Regime for all of this. He is a Homo Pervert. Read Obama’s Homosexuality.

  6. André Noël says

    Rodney: it is just a matter of time before people like us get labeled intolerant, hateful pedophobics who need sensitivity training!

  7. btjnark says

    The answer is home schooling. You do anything and everything you have to in order to raise your children yourself. You give up the house if you have to, you work 3 jobs if you have to so your wife can stay home and teach your children how to be adults. The “socialization” they’re getting in school is actually KEEPING THEM from becoming mature, well-adjusted, godly adults…besides my homeschoolers spend a lot more time actually socializing (with adult supervision and guidance) than any of your kids do during the average school day. The difference is that in our house evenings, and most afternoon, are family time. PS – Homeschooled kids get a better education, too.

  8. Dempsey Coleman says

    I keep trying to say We must end the DoE and put our Children back into
    the closest place to Teach and Protect that would be the Counties all
    across America. The States could do what is Right if we can Elect good
    Christian Leaders that do not have a Hard On for Children

  9. JUSTME says

    AND now Obama wants to put sex education in Kindergarten classes. Oh and we should arm the teachers to protect our children from school invaders. This is really a sick, sick, time.

  10. Rory W says

    time to bring back the Public Gallows for these types

  11. Joan Morris says

    Do you really expect anything different in this liberal perverted thinking country. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. The teachers who say that it is consensual show their ignorance, we are talking about underage minors. I don’t care if they do dress like a slut or a male model, they are below the age of consent, which makes these teachers pedophiles. They should be prosecuted as such and when found guilty, sent to jail for a long time. Unfortunately, I was a victim myself, not of a teacher but a family member. Remember the time when we told our children to report sexual abuse to a teacher and that the teacher would help and protect them. Boy, have times changed for the worse.

  12. Sassy3000 says

    Any adult who tried to sleep with my child would SOON be buried 6 feet under! Nuff said!

    1. SickOf BeingCoddled says

      sleeping with them would be a blessing. I think what you meant was raped. If they are not the age of consent it is rape weather they consent or not. Our role in stopping it includes calling it what it is.

      1. Tina Overeen Ingram says

        Statutory rape is still rape if the other person consents.

        1. SickOf BeingCoddled says

          exactly, but my real point was we need to stop calling it “sleeping with” because it is RAPE. it’s more difficult to defeat your enemy if you don’t identify it correctly.

          1. Tina Overeen Ingram says

            That is what I meant. Or if it is even younger call the guy a pedophile. Just say rape. After all teens brains are not totally formed until 25, no consequence ability at that age. Whoever the teacher is, is fully taking advantage of the child and raping her/him.

          2. SickOf BeingCoddled says

            There are rules in place for judgment a 20 year old dating a 16 or 17 year old, with the assurance that the younger party is mentally aware, However, Men -boys women and girls need to be taught that sex is for adults of awareness not for kids to be encouraged in, This is such a precious gift to be able to partner with god to produce a new human being and we treat it like it is just about sexual gratification. The third person (new human) is the one who has the greatest risk of suffering and they had no choice in the matter. Education in integrity, responsibility, accountability truth, all these areas need to be improved in all of us. It does effect me if you are irresponsible. As a moral human being I have an accountability to help my less fortunate neighbors. If you keep creating more and more who need help, you make it impossible for some to be helped. we need to address these issues as individuals, families, churches, or other benevolent organizations, NOT make or allow GOVERNMENT to do it

          3. Tina Overeen Ingram says

            Oh so true. I raised my boys to respect women and didn’t use the old you “might get a disease” when they were deciding to have relations on not. I told them about the females feelings and the male feelings. I also pointed out that pregnancy could and many times would be the product of having relations with a girl, and I do mean girl. In my opinion Miley Cyrus is still a girl, what she did last week well not a good thing. My sons are now 27 and 29 and are respectable gentlemen that do respect women. Parents so many times ignore their teen’s relationships or the “going steady” thing. Sex is usually involved in that, quite a few times anyway. We as parents need to educate our children when they are thinking of having relations. I was lucky that my boys asked me and we really did have a very open relationship as a family and talked about everything and they also had God in their lives. Its a sad state of affairs in this country how many children that are born out of wedlock. Sad Sad Sad. Also, a teacher should never never never have relations with a student, they are there to teach our children not have sex with them.

  13. Angelina Sclone says

    Turning back to the history of one Hitler,long before the taking of Guns, the taking of ones children was first. The children’s camps where they were taught sex with one another as the norm.. History repeats itself so they say and it seems true in this case by Hitler’s warriors.

    1. Sue says

      Please show us where you got the information that German children were taught to have sex with each other. History tends to repeat itself because we are fed a constant diet of propaganda rather than truth.

      1. Angelina Sclone says

        To expect me to give you the background of Hitler from his beginnings to his fall is one of taking the time in the library to do such reading. There is much on the Internet.. if you care to take the time. His need to control started with the children,these were to be in his control as good Germans,think of how else you could change the mind set of a child from it’s family roots, to look up at him as father and love of Germany first..The sinister way to manipulate children, sex is very powerful done slowly and with patience and letting them know this is normal, In the beginning he was loved by all the people and worshipped.
        Harry Reid was also in a German youth camp, stunning I know but it is there in his history background can be found on the internet. To bad people on social media alone lose out of the valuable wealth of information to be found within,
        History can’t repeat itself if you don’t buy into it because you have a good strong mind of right and wrong learning from history, or lets Say YOU DID LEARN FROM HISTORY.

        1. cardnut says

          Your knowledge of history is rather suspect, Angelina. And, I HOPE you know, you can’t trust everything you see on the internet!

        2. Sue says

          What I asked does not need a library. I’m not asking of Hitler’s beginnings. My request is specific. I want to know where you got the information that German children were taught to have sex with each other because that’s a lie. Flat out. I’m not blaming you for the remarks, I’m saying you have been misinformed.

          If we don’t know the rights and wrongs from both sides how can any of us possibly know we’re right?

          1. Angelina Sclone says

            Socialist Youth Camp, Hitlers youth camp one in the same as his Socialist agenda today in this country. Liberal Karasick speaks what the majority of Liberals don’t dare to say aloud. When you look at what we have for a president and you don’t delve into the obvious with his past says a lot about those who call themselves believers.

          2. Sue says

            You still have not answered my question. You made a bold statement about German children having sex with one another. Where did you get the information?

        3. Sue says

          Harry Reid was born in Nevada. wiki:

          Reid was born in Searchlight, Nevada,
          the third of four sons of Inez Orena (née Jaynes), a laundress, and
          Harry Vincent Reid, a miner who committed suicide with a gunshot to the
          head in 1972 at the age of 58 when Harry was 32 years old.[1][2] His paternal grandmother was an English immigrant from Darlaston, Staffordshire. Reid’s boyhood home had no indoor toilet, hot water or telephone.[1] Searchlight had no high school, so Reid boarded with relatives 40 miles away in Henderson, Nevada, to attend Basic High School[1] where he played football, and was an amateur boxer.[3] While at Basic High he met future Nevada governor Mike O’Callaghan, who was a teacher there, and served as his boxing coach. Reid attended Southern Utah University and graduated from Utah State University where he double majored in political science and history.[4] Reid also minored in economics from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.[5] He then went to George Washington University Law School earning a J.D. while working for the United States Capitol Police.

  14. Granny says

    I am so sick of these perverts who prey on our children. I can tell you what I would do if one of these sickos raped one of my grandchildren, but not here as the NSA has big eyes and ears.

    1. cardnut says

      I’d be right there with you, Granny!

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