Vladimir Putin in “Zulu”

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Not me again!!
Not me again!!

When the British were fighting back the Boer rebellion in the late 1800’s the practice of sending out human targets to determine maximum British firepower on the part of the Zulus was legendary – even glamorized in films, such as “Zulu” the studio epic starring a young Michael Caine (who would go on to appear in nearly every film ever produced since then).

Seriously though, I once had arthroscopic surgery where they snake a tiny camera inside your knee and cut away torn cartilage. The camera’s image during the operation was on a monitor and I could watch the whole thing just like a movie. Michael Caine was in it. He’s in everything – that’s what I’m saying..

zulu2Anyway, the Zulu’s would send a mass of humanity at the British, and thinking it was a major attack, the Anglos would fire away with everything they had, thus allowing The Zulu chief to calculate their opponent’s maximum firepower.

Gay? No.
Da, I appear without shirt often.. Gay? Nyet.

My gut tells me Vlad Putin has seen this film, in between wrestling sharks and fighting back his feelings for that cute guy in the Ministry of Transport – because its the same tactic he used in the Syrian debacle, starring Barack Obama, John Kerry and the Red Line Chorus Choir:

Instead of expendable Zulus, Putin dispatched a Russian warship to the region to draw out Obamas capability and resolve. What he observed was no firepower at all and he promptly stepped in to fill the leadership void and “solve” Obama’s red line problem.

Putin is going to get Assad and the Syrian government to hand over the weapons of mass destruction they won’t admit to having or using and darn it, we can all go back to not defunding Obamacare or getting to the bottom of Benghazi. What a great guy, hah?

I come here for Hope & Change!
I come here for Hope & Change! Any hope Barack will change?

My guess is Putin knows exactly where and how much they have, so transporting will be a snap and boy if another gas attack happens – this will be proof that it was the Rebels all along and Assad & Putin are just here to help. Honestly, it’s hope and change on an international and historic scale.

I can hear Yakov Smirnoff rewriting his act as we speak…

Bottom line: Obama is a laughing stock and John Kerry is only worthy of disdain and mockery. He is so weak and ineffectual that even Hillary is now speaking up where Kerry should be.. And loving it.



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