‘Teachers for Social Justice’ Chicago pamphlet riddled with spelling, punctuation errors

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CHICAGO – Garbage in, garbage out.

If the latest pamphlet published by the “Teachers for Social Justice” group in Chicago was written by a Chicago Public Schools teacher, it might help explain why student performance has been so dismal.

Teachers for Social Justice, a collective of “radical” educators and union apologists, recently released what it calls a “popular education piece.” It amounts to a 10-page diatribe attacking recent school closures in the city, school choice and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The only problem is this document is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps the teachers of Chicago spend too much time worrying about politics and not enough time brushing up on their own academic skills.

Here are a few examples of butchered statements from the pamphlet.

“Call Mayor’s office and demand him (sic) to return the TIF money to our schools.”

Demand him? That sounds like something a three-year-old would say.

“Call governor (sic) Quinn and tell him to not bite on UNO’s fake shake up: 312-814-2121 or 217-782-0244.”

Um, the term Governor is a title, and titles start with capital letters, folks.

That’s just the first page.

A statement on page 3 reads, “From 2000 to today, the percent of Black CPS teachers dropped from 41% to 30%, with the additional 50 Schools to be closed this will drop even lower.”

We believe this would qualify as a run-on sentence, and why is the word “schools” capitalized?

In a section attacking UNO charter schools, it states, “Since children’s education in the hands of these millionaires.”


On the same page it says “The new chair of the board, Martin Cabrera Jr., is the underwriter/investor who helped to sell the $35 million in state bonds for UNO, and he replaced Rangel in the Public Building commiions (sic) even though Rangel himself recognized there was a conflict of interst (sic) to be in (sic) his commission.”

The next page features the following nonsensical statement: “Any school. Juan Rangel’s salary is higher than the mayor’s.” Are they purposefully writing in some sort of code only union members can understand?

The pamphlet also claims standardized testing is “hurtful” and that it leads to “one-right-answer” schooling.

The TSJ document also features a cartoon with the title, “An equitable, high-quality public education is a human right!”

If that’s true, the teachers who produced this document might want to take a bold step on behalf of “social justice” and send their students elsewhere, because their “right” to a high quality education is almost certainly going unfulfilled in Chicago.

By Kyle Olson at EAGnews.org

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  1. ort says


  2. Bonsall Billy says

    “Since children’s education in the hands of these millionaires.”
    That actually looks like a sentence that Jesse Jackson might say.

  3. Pam Dunn says

    Years ago, Los Angeles CA Middle School; Science teacher: “You measure liquids in this GRANULATED Cylinder.”; Or, How about, “If you mix ALL the ELEMENTS together, you get GOLD”.
    My Dad was an excellent Math and Algebra teacher and over heard these to gems. He was ALSO told to QUIT failing students.

    1. Wrightclick says

      *two . two gems. Make that three. 😉

  4. abqblondie2 says

    This is the norm. How do you think Obama got voted in twice? It took a lot of uneducated voters to fall for his garbage.

  5. Trappedincalifornia says

    It’s no better here in Oakland, CA. I told one of the City Council Reps that one way to keep their constituents in line was to make sure they were illiterate.

  6. Hotnike says

    Chicago is only one of thousands of school districts that are lacking.

  7. Madame_deFarge says


  8. Extraordinaire says

    Only the truly determined kids will swim upstream against such ignorance. Some kids can achieve education despite, not because of, their teachers. This is becoming more the norm than the exception. What I read in the excerpts from this sophomoric document is the efforts of someone attempting to write with gravitas who is accustomed only to speaking “street talk”. The results are predictable and pathetic–and increasingly more common. Presumably the author of the document is the best they had to offer.

  9. Jack Parker says

    Theze teeachers who alowed this pamphlet to be publushed on their behalf should be embarassed and ashamd of themselvs. (And we wonder why kids in Chicago can’t read or write.) All teachers should be required to pass a simple proficiency test including the 3 R’s. Of course that would increase the welfare roles in IL even more.

    1. David Asher says

      “welfare rolls”

      I’ll assume the errors in the first sentence were sarcasm. ^_-

  10. WhiteFalcon says

    That is as good as it gets in Chicago.

  11. chamuiel says

    This is an example of affirmative action, and how people who are not qualified become teachers.

    1. ECM says

      Not quite?? Feeling generous this evening, are we? 😉

  12. chamuiel says

    “demand him” is something Racheal Jeantel would say. Haven’t you ever heard of street talk before?

  13. grannylake says

    Doesn’t the blame really belong to progressive liberal universities that seek unqualified students and then lower standards that allow anyone to graduate?
    It’s no wonder why the American public schools at all education levels are such failures. Everyone graduates but not all learn.

    1. chamuiel says

      Yep! I agree, but it is also the high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools who do this,

      Not just Colleges.

      1. grannylake says

        I agree. I was charging that the colleges are putting out the teachers that are brain-washing our children.

  14. Madame_deFarge says

    Poor children.

  15. Karen Ross Fulford says

    I don’t know how I can still be surprised at the things happening in this country. *sigh*

    1. jlbs says

      Sadly, I feel the same way. I try not to think that I’ve heard it all, because the minute I do, I’m proven wrong. This is a prime example of how out tax dollars are ‘working for us’ (not), and partly why we are so much in debt with nothing to show for it. I say ‘partly’ because this is only one example — there are so many more!

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