Teacher claims dirty text messages were used to reward student for learning

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TAMPA, Fla. – Here’s a new twist on the sickening, all-too-common problem of teachers seducing their students.
dirty messagesOn Tuesday, a former elementary teacher told jurors she exchanged hundreds of sexually explicit text messages with a 12-year-old male student as a way of keeping him interested in schoolwork and providing him with positive feedback.

“My concern for him was that he was going through puberty and only focused on things that 12-year-old boys think about, being of a sexual nature, and at the time with him struggling in school, and having behavioral issues, and anger issues, and acting out at home, and not being able to connect with his family, that was my purpose. To gain his attention. And, yes, I did it in an inappropriate way, but that was my goal,” Ethel Anderson, 31, testified before a Hillsborough Circuit Court jury, according to ABCActionNews.com.

Anderson denies ever having a sexual relationship with the student, whom she has known since he was a first-grader. Anderson was tutoring the boy – who was reportedly not her student at Mango Elementary School – at her home.

Prosecutors, however, presented jurors with a secretly recorded conversation the boy’s mother had with Anderson, in which the former educator confessed to multiple sex acts with the child, including oral sex.

“In the recording, played in court, a sobbing Anderson apologizes repeatedly after the mother appeals to the teacher’s professed Christian ideals,” reports TampaBay.com.

The boy’s mother learned of the alleged molestation after coming across some text messages between her son and the teacher, reports ABCActionNews.com.

Anderson is being charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. Closing arguments began Wednesday morning.

For an in-depth analysis of the growing “teachers-turned-molesters” problem, check out EAGnews’ exposé, “Sextracurricular Activities.”

By Ben Velderman at EAGnews.org

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  1. Little Bright Feather says

    ALL schools HAVE BEEN RUN And CONTROLLED by the DC Feds for over a century – done by Lincoln’s orders ! Lincoln was the first Communist in office.[That is TRUE history that no one has been allowed to know about in the govt Fed schools.] Karl Marx and Lincoln were good friends. Lincoln (and all presidents since) followed the Communist Manifesto as their constitution. The Manifesto demands that govt run all education and schools and the media, and Lincoln was the first pres to take over the media completely. DC has controlled it ever since. I remember when the govt took over my school (they “centralized” the schools) I remember it well ! And it happened over-night ! What a shock to us kids of that time. WE older ones can remember how things were before Communism fully took over OPENLY.

    Socialist/Communist Karl Marx stated – ” A people separated from their [true] heritage are easily persuaded”. [Read = ‘easily manipulated’]

    “The philosophies of the classroom in this generation WILL BE the philosophy of politics, government and life in the next” – – – Abraham Lincoln.

    “Those who CONTROL education will over a period of several generations CONTROL a nation.” ….Lincoln.

    “A people with no TRUE heritage or TRUE history has no future except what is created for them BY GOVERNMENT.” …..Carrie Taranova, CSA

  2. Little Bright Feather says

    This is what happens when you have Communist govt teachers !
    They are as corrupt and insane as their DC boss is.
    All teachers today must teach and support Islam and Homosexuality and most seem very comfortable doing so, which makes them perverts.
    When you take God out of a nation, all you are left with is evil and sin.
    “Countries that will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” — George Washington

  3. lbc says

    You’re so right. The other day I read that 90% of all college professors are liberals, so one can only imagine how these professors are brainwashing the students so that they(the professors) can sexually abuse those college students under their influence, perpetuating the sexual abuse to the school students when these college students go on to become teachers of our children. Society should begin by hanging all the liberal college professors.

  4. Ronald Hunter says

    Darn, I missed out on all that. None of my teachers was quite that friendly. Oh well….

  5. PersimmonKnob says

    This is what the colleges are sending to the taxpayer funded schools calling them “teachers”. The teacher unions welcome them with open arms, sans even elemental vetting.

  6. purplewings says

    It’s just hard to imagine a woman in her thirties having sexual activity with a 12 year old. The morals of our people are going downhill way too fast.

  7. Hard Boiled says

    Ah yes, another rapist in the making thanks to this teacher. lets combine sexual frustration with teen angst, and reward it with a complaint nude woman! hmmm, get a prison cell ready for this one in a couple of years if he hasn’t done it already!

  8. Grizzled_Gringo says

    Just like Aaron Alexis she will get a slap on the wrist.. And NO I’m not comparing this to His final crime.

  9. Doughboi says

    The only thing I can say is….WHERE THE HECK WAS SHE WHEN I WAS 12?!?! 🙂

  10. Babydoll says

    Just as bad as this…. the left and their ilk are sexual deviants and pedophiles!! http://freepatriot.org/2013/09/14/common-core-book-kids-describes-entering-behind/#comment-1050264688

  11. IdahoCowgirls says

    Disgusting woman! Moral decay is rampant!

  12. Jerry James says

    My question, Is she an illegal ???? If so, obama will make sure that she is not punished

  13. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    And I wonder how much her race and gender is going to save her from the strict / severe punishment she deserves!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. JayAre62 says

    If I was thirteen or so, I’d be all over that. I remember exactly what was going through my mind back then. Take a look at the tv commercial where the dog is running through the house trying to find the ‘bacon’ flavored snack/treat he smells. The only thought in his head is, ‘where’s the bacon?’ Teenage boys are in the same mode only, it isn’t ‘bacon’ they’re obsessed with.

    1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

      With raging hormones, what else could anyone expect, and that teacher knew that all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ronald Hunter says

        Taking advantage of his rage, and her responding hor(ny)mones. Not a good example.

  15. flippy says

    She will get off ( no pun intended ) If it was a guy they would throw away the key.

    1. Silimaure says

      Not now Flippy. Have you seen the Male teachers that are getting slapped on the wrists and being supported by the other school officials? It is sickening now. I hope she goes to jail!

      1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

        Like I said above, though, I wonder how much her race and gender will get her off with a lighter sentencing!!!!! A lot, I’m sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Ronald Hunter says

          My guess would be loss of teacher’s credentials and 5 years probation. A guy would get 10 years for each act, and no parole for at least 1/2 the sentence.

  16. Donald Fissell says

    and we wonder why women are seen as sex objects

  17. Diana Nelson says

    She is disgusting….a disgrace to all teachers and should be fired and prosecuted immediately.

    1. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

      And get the severest sentencing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hard Boiled says

      the worst thing is, the boy is going to think that women are submissive now, doing what he wants sexually to keep him please. he’s either going to rape them or keep them as a sex slave in his basement! all because someone decided to teach him perversions instead of coping with problems.

      1. StBruno says

        He probably already think this, due to Hollywood, Rap Music, and video gamers.

        1. Hard Boiled says

          he can think this, but that’s not reality, nor is it appropriate for her to encourage him to be a felon.

    3. Ronald Hunter says

      She will be, but her sentence will be 1/10 of what a male teacher doing the same with a female student would be. I have read of hundreds of such cases, and they all end with a short prison sentence, and probation, with loss of teacher’s credentials.

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