School teaches students it’s constitutional for cops to confiscate guns

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CAMPOBELLO, S.C. – South Carolina parents were furious this week after seeing questions regarding the Constitution – in particular the Second Amendment – as taught in their daughter’s 8th grade history class.

The daughter’s teacher had given the class a pop quiz regarding the Constitution.  Question 10 asked, “Mr. Jones’ gun was confiscated at a police traffic stop, even though he had the proper permit and license of ownership of the gun. Is this Constitutional?”  The student originally answered “no,” but the teacher told daughter to change her answer to “yes.” See picture below.

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This is not a unique event.  Just this week, another report emerged in Texas of an Advanced Placement (AP) textbook presenting a modified version of the Second Amendment.  The textbook’s wording indicated that only police and military were allowed to have guns with the wording “The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

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AP textbooks and exams are created by the College Board, an organization which has participated in the implementation of Common Core, the already-invasive and controversial set of education “standards” organized for the Federal Government and pushed on states with financial incentives and a lack of transparency.  People have already found disturbing lessons in the program, such as teaching children to argue on an emotional level to manipulate people into accepting social change.

This educational push for the modification of the Second Amendment comes at the time of an intense and multifaceted, nationwide battle over gun rights.  This battle, prompted by the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut, has been fought in both the legislative and cultural spheres.  Attorney General Eric Holder, however, was the first to indicate it should be brought into the educational sphere when he said people should be “brainwashed” about guns.

“I’ve also asked the school board to make a part of every day some kind of anti-violence, anti-gun message,” he said in a video released in March 2012.  He went on to say “It’s not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.  We need to do this every day of the week and really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”


Bias in education has been in the spotlight multiple times since 2008.  It’s clear that there is a nationwide push to change the understanding of the Second Amendment in the next generation. Now parents are concerned that the school systems are being used to push a leftist agenda instead of educating students with the skills needed to excel in their careers.

Editor’s note: The pop quiz was given to as a tip. The parents and student live in Campobello, S.C. and wanted to remain anonymous.

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  1. mikesbuffalo says

    holder should be fired and then tried for treason.

  2. flippy says

    Given a chance Obama will stop home school too just like Germany did !! In Germany you van be arrested & your children taken away from you ! We have a German family that has came here to escape their police , but Obama said we have to send them back because not a good enough reason for asylum !!!!

  3. artinthewild says

    Parents need to go to schools together and stand together – I saw this a.m. where a parent was arrested and taken to jail because he asked a question about the Common Core – I didn’t get in on the first of it but we will close our eyes and when we open them next we will be living in a police state. This is America and this BS needs to stop now.!

  4. DigitheadRex says

    This is why I keep telling people that the only people they can thank for their liberty is the military. They take their oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic” very seriously. The Marines and Soldiers I have had the pleasure of knowing would and in some cases have, spilled their blood and risked death to protect our liberty and the Constitution.

  5. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    Would someone with legal expertise please comment on the matter of legal action against school districts in which this (and other) essentially illegal activity occurs. One can think of no better way to shut this nefariousness down than a long string of successful multi-million dollar lawsuits against school districts. The districts would go flat and the their taxpayers would go absolutely nuts! This lying behavior is NOT a matter of free speech. It is a matter of willful and knowing lying for the purpose of misrepresenting law and fact to manipulate.

  6. William Nall says

    Patriots your going to have to get off your collective a$$e$, pick up a good stout cane switch. And proceed to your respective school boards, give these morons an intense education on just what their job description is. And make them understand in no uncertain terms that nothing that comes from Washington DC is worth a tinkers damn.

  7. RLJR1 says

    its called COMMUNISM folks and its time for all parents to get involved and read what your kids are reading and what dean said, its bullshit

  8. Ragnarök says

    This is what happens when you allow your children to be “educated” by the State.

    1. bmrtoyo says


  9. Steve Caldwell says

    The federal government has no business with the public school system.

    “Amendment X

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,
    nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States
    respectively, or to the people.”

    The fed takes our money then extorts/bribes the states to comply. This must stop!

  10. Michael says

    Brainwash me you P.O.S., I’ll push your teeth right down to your back door so you can chew on Osama’s Little Richard!!!! SON OF A _____!!!!


  11. Old American says

    These inbred, single digit, morons should be scrubbing toilets, not teaching children.

  12. Michael Santos says

    Those who teach children who try to push their own political or personal agenda need to be removed from their positions. The classroom is not the place to push their agendas.

  13. Steve Randolph says

    The local government needs to go in and close down these schools that are blatantly teaching incorrect information. At the very least the teachers that pursue this track of teaching outright lies need to be fired. Not suspended, but FIRED.

  14. Benjamin Fox says

    The Nazi teachers only lie when their lips are moving and they never stop pushing and propagandizing the Nazi agenda.

  15. Arizona Don says

    I do not understand people today including this teacher.

    I grew up in the country on a farm in the 40’s and 50’s. Our closest neighbor was a mile away. I was given my first gun, by my grandfather (I still have it) a 12 gauge shotgun when I was nine years old. I got my first legal deer that same year. Growing up on the farm was not like growing up in a city. There was hard work everyday, working in the fields and chores each night and morning. Up at 4:30 each morning. I graduated from high school (only the second one in my family to ever do that) and joined the army and was able to sleep in till 5:30, I though that was great. Everyone else complained about having to get up so early. I did not care for farming so I got an education and attended an aviation academy and became a pilot (again only the second in my family to ever do such a thing). I’m sure that broke my fathers heart but it was what I wanted so he supported me.

    We were not a nation of wimps then. I hope there are still kids growing up the way I did. Its good for the soul. City kids today don’t want to do anything but play video games. Where are we going, no work ethic or ambition goes right along with not being responsible! The government is stealing our independence every day, why do we allow this to happen? This is not a left or right thing it is an American thing. Where exactly are we headed? I think I know, do you?

  16. Carol Dorne says

    So when and how are we going to get rid of these anti- American, anti- constitutional Communist? Does not look like we can count on our elected officials. John not Carol

    1. FedupandReadytofight says

      Make me King for 6 years. I’ll fix all this crap, then return our gov’t to its constitutional roots like it was designed to be. I don’t believe it can be straightened out with our current corrupt congress, senate, and supreme court.

  17. Donald Congleton says

    The teacher should be fired for this bullshit.

  18. CaptTurbo says

    The Communists are coming, the Communists are coming! Oh wait, … they are already here.

  19. mike14706 says

    It is time to start firing teachers and administrators for teaching things that are untrue. We should go to school board meetings and raise holy hell about this after all it is done in our name with our tax money.

  20. $4119491 says

    They cannot crush Christianity in America until we submit to gun-control. Repent for yourself and the nation to God; and hang on to your Bibles and guns. Do NOT go “quietly into the night”.

  21. dad666 says

    This teacher should be fired and the school district fined for teaching a treasonous version of the constitution. Put the libs in jail where they belong, they are practicing treasonous ideas to our young. Every parent in this school district should be at the next board meeting to demand that this stop and to threaten complete withdrawl of students if it ever happens again

    1. Grayzel says

      Dad, you have to look deeper than the teacher. This kind of crap is all over the country now. It is spreading faster than herpes.

  22. SniperToo says

    of course, what would you expect from commie, union, jerks, like the teachers of stupidity. When the civil war breaks out and the blacks, Muslims and Mexicans go after all the white teachers; I will be damn if I defend ANY jerk off teacher in this country. They can all go to [email protected]

  23. crustyone says

    Holder and teachers such as those mentioned in this article need to be relieved of their positions ASAP. The United States of America needs to prevent their Communist methods of educating and “brainwashing”. Holder and his boss are nothing but a pair of useless wackos that are dangerous in many ways to our society. Could the prior use of illicit drugs by the leader be the cause of his reckless attitude and behavior in performing the functions for which he was elected?

  24. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    We have to seperate our school system from the federal gov’t, everything back to the states! Jimmy Carter created the NEA, a federal union for teachers, it bought him votes and this is the crap they have come up with ever since.. They can’t even understand the constitution, or much of anything else, including religion, and make attempts to teach their agenda. we have to demand testing for teachers, demand that tenure apply only to retirement vestment, and demand that teachers “teach” our kids the constitution, gov’t, exact duties of a gov’t, which branch controls what, and laws protecting religion, however, I suspect that might cause mass firings as they flunk their knowledge test.. So be it, NEA is a destructive organization that allows propoganda to fill the school curriculum every day! We must ensure that textbooks are aligned to the truth, and the constitution, to give our children the best education available, at present we are paying for something we don’t remotely need. While we are at it, CORE is defined as a different way of testing, It goes a lot deeper than that! Can you say national health care! Another major malfunction!

    1. bmrtoyo says

      carter there was another winner ,,, lol

  25. Jazz says

    For everyone freaking out, saying “Dang Liberals, it’s all their fault”, they may be the driving force, but it is more than just them. It is every parent who believes education is only for the class room. It is every student who takes the lessons and doesn’t question them.

    1. James says

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I remember being in high school, and in that time I had maybe 2 teachers total that would allow you to question that they teach, the vast majority of teachers want you to accept what they say as law of the land.

      1. Jazz says

        Then it is the students responsibility to take it to their parent(s) and principle(s). I did that through most of my years of school and was able to fix a lot of wrong things. Although it led to my failing a math class when the teacher didn’t believe I could do Algebra WITHOUT a calculator. Idiots.

  26. IHateLibs says

    These LIB ASSWIPES have No Business Anywhere NEAR any Educational System in This Country. They SHOULD be Flogged in Public

    1. crustyone says

      Schools are “gun free zones” and should also be “lib free zones”. The latter designation would protect our children even more.

    2. artinthewild says

      Apparently it is the colleges that determine what I kids are taught in school and you know that they are all librals. THIS IS LUNACY. The Bible and the Constitution should never be changed. Both were written for our own good. Sounds like it’s time for a revolution…. Perhaps two or three parents in a neighborhood should offer to school their children and some others. One could do it one day, another another day and so on… One day out of your life is well worth keeping your kids free in heart and spirit.

  27. Dawn Garland says

    wow! public schools need to go by the wayside…they are not teaching our children they are trying to BRAINWASH them.

  28. E Richard Brewster says

    That video was not Eric Holder!

    1. Jay Pressley says

      Yes it is…. 1995 Eric Holder.

    2. IHateLibs says

      I can see about as good as Ray Charles

    3. NymRod says

      It damn sure was!
      Pull your head out and face reality

  29. Wanda Stills says

    this is why all Americans need to home school their children, so they can be taught properly their constitutional rights and quit listening to a corrupt government.

    1. Bonnie Somer says

      u bleeping bet they need to and make sure kids know yes u do have the GOD given right to self defense, yes wealth is good yes America is exceptional yes the constitution is great then teach them the horrors of progressiveism like obama, communism, totalitarianism fascism and big govt make sure they know they have rights no matter what

    2. Wayne Leggett says

      You watch under Obamacare there is a provision that the feds can come to your home for any reason and they will be targeting home schoolers. Our real enemy is our government.

  30. Dean Updegraff says

    This is pure LIBERAL BULLSHIT

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