From Russian with Love (a thank you card from Uncle Vlad)

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Putin winkDear Comrade Barack,

Not even my birthday, and yet you give me special present. Russia now is major power player with control over 350,000,000 people in Mid-East and Northern Africa.

I send you big thank you and even bigger Russian bear hug.

Congratulations and gold Oscar statue to Mr. Kerry for fine performance when he make pretend “off the cuff” comment about Assad giving up chemical weapon stockpile. When I volunteer to be good guy and take care of everything, I pull babushka over eyes of grandfather McCain and his elephant and donkey progressive friends. They like me in control of chemical weapons better than unbelievably small missile attack on Assad’s desert.

Big gold Oscar statue also to you for looking unbelievably small during sales pitch speech when you tell citizens is OK to delay missile attack. Nobody catches onto truth: you don’t own enough congress people to win support of your teach-them-a-lesson plan.

Also, good job to pretend anger at me over my article in New York newspaper.  Like I tell you in St. Petersburg, keep up your Weapons of Mass Distraction talk (little joke, hahaha!) and all will be fine.

Your loyal comrade followers scream and yell and cry krokodil tears about gassed children and not observe how your policies have ruined their lives and set your country’s economic progress back decades. Keep up threats for missile attack and I’ll shout “Nyet, neyt!” and nobody in America will notice how you are poison pill to your own peoples.

Trust Uncle Vlad when I assure you that income redistribution, big taxes, big spending, big unions, and big government sure to cause poverty and economic collapse. Guaranteed 110%. You can take that to your bank in Switzerland.

BTW: My birthday comes on  October 7, and for “special gift” would like to have rest of Africa under my control, especially gold mines in south.

I am thanking you again for gift and job well done. We’ll  talk soon.

Your #1 fan, Vlad

PS: Maybe you give thought to trade with me for one Hawaii island? You want part of Siberia? Good skiing for wife and children.


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  1. krjfla says

    LOL!!!! Omg It’s either laugh or cry. Unca Vlad, can you say a prayer for the rest of us?

  2. $13614178 says

    Thank You uncle Vlad , you will be a HUGE improvement over our current leadership , you are still a little to far to the left for my satisfaction , but not any near as far left as our radical communist leader Obam-ass .

  3. AZArchangel55 says

    Molli, I absolutely LOVE reading your pros!! What a wonderful mind you have!! Great Job!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. If you like what you read here, you’ll really enjoy my book, just now hot off the press.

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