Who Really Used Those Chemical Weapons in Syria? It’s Not a “Slam Dunk”

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adhd-squirrelThe liar media and their president don’t want to talk about the budget the president has not passed since George W. Bush teed the 2009 budget up for him, the president’s sequester, the looming disaster of the (UN)Affordable (Forced Unionization of Health) Care Act, the Benghazi scandal, continuing IRS persecution of conservative groups (those lies that the IRS persecuted progressive groups are just that: lies), NSA surveillance of every single American for no good reason at all, the Fast and Furious gunrunning to murderous drug cartels program, the barrage of economy strangling regulations, and his multiple anti-first and anti-second amendment executive orders, so in typical wag the dog fashion they are ginning up a war in Syria.

You see, in Syria, the government used poison gas against the citizens… maybe. Maybe not, actually. When the government is winning the civil war does it tack and resort to chemical weapons? Doesn’t that risk losing everything?

Plus there is this. The rebels say they accidentally set off chemical weapons because they didn’t know how to handle them.

And there’s also this. The UN says Syrian rebels have been using chemical weapons all along.

One more thing. The Syrian rebels are mostly Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda is still in a state of war against the United States. Wouldn’t assisting them be treasonous by definition?

This rush to war is based on falsehoods and prompted by the president’s need for distractions from his abysmal record. Nothing good will come of entangling the US in a civil war in Syria. The US Congress needs to grow some intestinal fortitude and commit to a sane, sensible foreign policy not driven by political whims of the moment.


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