Who Really Used Those Chemical Weapons in Syria? It’s Not a “Slam Dunk”

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adhd-squirrelThe liar media and their president don’t want to talk about the budget the president has not passed since George W. Bush teed the 2009 budget up for him, the president’s sequester, the looming disaster of the (UN)Affordable (Forced Unionization of Health) Care Act, the Benghazi scandal, continuing IRS persecution of conservative groups (those lies that the IRS persecuted progressive groups are just that: lies), NSA surveillance of every single American for no good reason at all, the Fast and Furious gunrunning to murderous drug cartels program, the barrage of economy strangling regulations, and his multiple anti-first and anti-second amendment executive orders, so in typical wag the dog fashion they are ginning up a war in Syria.

You see, in Syria, the government used poison gas against the citizens… maybe. Maybe not, actually. When the government is winning the civil war does it tack and resort to chemical weapons? Doesn’t that risk losing everything?

Plus there is this. The rebels say they accidentally set off chemical weapons because they didn’t know how to handle them.

And there’s also this. The UN says Syrian rebels have been using chemical weapons all along.

One more thing. The Syrian rebels are mostly Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda is still in a state of war against the United States. Wouldn’t assisting them be treasonous by definition?

This rush to war is based on falsehoods and prompted by the president’s need for distractions from his abysmal record. Nothing good will come of entangling the US in a civil war in Syria. The US Congress needs to grow some intestinal fortitude and commit to a sane, sensible foreign policy not driven by political whims of the moment.


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  1. lbc says

    The Al-Qaeda-backed Syrian rebels have already admitted to AP that they in fact are responsible for the chemical attack with the chemical weapons being supplied by Saudi Arabia. If Obama is allowed to attack Syria, he will be supporting and assisting the Al-Qaeda rebels which is what he’s been doing all along while lying to the American people about his involvement. Everyone needs to be praying that our politicians and military leaders will grow some balls and stand up against Obama and stop this involvement before Obama gets us into another world war with Russia.

  2. $38572143 says

    I would not be surprised of the US government staged this whole thing and dropped the gas from an F-18 or a Tomahawk that lying piece of crap obammy would do anything to further his cause. The thing we need to be asking is what does the US government have to gain by going in there. We all know the military industrial complex will make billions off this so which one of them purchased obammy is the question I think we should be asking. 9-11 was a perfect reason for them to put in place the patriot act , had 9-11 not happened people would not have been so eager to give up the rights they have had in this country for so long. Just calling it the Patriot act is spitting in the faces of the American public, this government is out of control, obammy thinks he is some sort of king and we are left in a position where we can do NOTHING. The criminal government has embedded themselves like ticks by passing laws that take more and more power and put it in the hands of the corrupt elite that own them. We have a president that the vast majority of people want removed yet we can do nothing, we have a president that now thinks he can simply do what ever he wants regardless of public opinion. This is wrong, the second amendment was put there partly to allow us to remove a tyrannical government and if you ask me it can not get anymore tyrannical than it is now where some piece of crap elected through fraud thinks he can get away with anything. This is the reason for all these so called gun control laws, confiscation is coming and do not make the mistake of thinking they wont try it, they have to do that to get control of the population. Years ago I would have said this sounds like some crazy conspiracy but it has become very clear we have lost our country to the very rich that control our government like puppets on a string. All I will say is guns and ammo are going to be very important in the very near future the cost is going through the roof and they are getting harder and harder to get a hold of so stock up now. Priority number one for the AMERICAN population needs to be get obammy removed from that office and put in prison where he belongs, priority number two is clean house with the rest of the damn criminals in Washington and then change the laws so that this can never happen again. We the people own this country it is time we reminded the criminals in Washington about this fact and remind them in a way they will listen. All they care about is getting re elected so we need to vote out every incumbent and keep doing that until they tow the line, but do not give up your weapons because a time may come where you are going to need them.

  3. ThomPaineJr12 says

    Only a handful of extreme rightwing nuts say the majority of rebels in Syria are al Qaeda. FOX News consultant Gen. Jack Keane and Krauthammer both said it ain’t so.

    1. Beaglescout says

      How many Al Qaeda brigades do you have to assist to rise to the level of treason? Would 19 hijackers be enough? You’re quibbling about measurements of the membership of a secret terrorist organization. What makes you think the 7 of 9 groups number is any less accurate than any other?

  4. Southern Xposure says

    And who fabricated a story that blamed a filmaker for the terrorist attack in Bengahzi. Not like there is a history or anything…

  5. LroF5LFjiB says

    Obama said today it wouldn’t be his responsibility whatever happens in Syria. It would be the Congress and/or the UN. Thus he again is shirking his duty as our President. Absolutely a failure in leadership here. Total failure as President!

    1. $38572143 says

      Of course he did, that is obammy he has never taken responsibility for anything it is his big mouth that got him into this position now he needs a way to save face. That scumbag belongs in prison

  6. Driver_S says

    Seems this administration is constantly bobbing & weaving to avoid scrutiny of past illegal, underhanded, unconstitutional, racist or whatever actions and policies it’s had their fingers in. No matter what, Obama’s continued support and adding terrorists prevails. Any action against Assad would further that support of the rebel terrorists, primarily Al Qaeda. The very same people responsible for Benghazi and numerous other atrocities against our military & civilians around the world.

  7. $4119491 says

    Makes the Johnson administration’s expansion of the war in Vietnam look absolutely reasonable.

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