Putin, Kiss Our Exceptional Butt

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Hey pal. Enjoy making sport of America’s SCOAMF president in our own newspaper. But get one thing straight, or we’ll help you get it straight.. America is Exceptional. We are the greatest nation, in virtually every conceivable metric, that the world has ever seen.

boot_in_your_assAfter we get shed of this joke of a president; after we’ve run his statist cronies out of Washington; after we’ve buried this silly notion of a worldwide caliphate under a pile of ash; and after we’ve restored and shored up our Foundation of Freedom and allowed our economic engine to once again power the world; and after we’ve bitch-slapped China back to being merely a regional nuisance…

Then if you’re still feeling saucy, we’ll give you our full attention.

It will not be over quickly.

You will not enjoy it.

American Exceptionalism – what
As America goes, so goes the world: as our economy goes, so goes the world. The computer, information, and communications technology that defines the modern world — driven by America. Banking, finance, stock markets – the hub of all those is right here.

Internet? America. Culture, music, movies, and sports (except for that silly ball game played only with feet) are America-driven and America-centric. And whatever sports didn’t come from here, we still master and end up better than anybody else. Notice who’s in the World Cup. That’s right. America.

America‘s military has no peer. Far from being a paper tiger, America has slaughtered every opponent it has decided to since 1917. And rebuilt most of them. America can project power to every square inch of the globe, on virtually no notice. Can Russia do that?

American Exceptionalism – why
You know why all this is true? Probably not, but I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version. Freedom, free market, a government that serves the people and operates by consent of the governed (well, not so much lately, but we’re fixing to remedy that). All that, and a fundamental national decency and dedication to human rights grounded in the morals of Christianity – no matter how we’ve strayed as a nation of late. And we’ve shed plenty of blood – ours and that of many others – to get it and keep it.

All those ordered freedoms allowed people to live with pride and self-reliance. The free market rewarded hard work and innovation. Add to that some land mass, population, plenty of natural resources, and borders on two major oceans, and you have the nation that in 3 years demolished the two greatest evil empires ever constructed. And then repaired the world.

And what exactly is Mother Russia?
Does anybody outside of Russia feel the need to learn the Russian language? What did your nation ever inspire? Or build? Or even repair? Human rights much? What did you ever export but bloody revolutions and human slavery communism?

Oh hey, we heard you may soon send a man to the moon. In 2030. Yeah. Exceptionalist Russia.

So mind your tongue, impudent child
The way it is now, where America finds itself ruled by an idiot and a dictator in training pants,is not the way it will always be. We’ll be back on our feet. So, mind your tongue, impudent child.

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