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So, today is the 9/11 anniversary.  It’s being remembered in lots of ways and two of the most interesting happened in Washington DC today.

First, the American Muslim Political Action Committee organized the Million Muslim March.  They changed the name when they got a bunch of heat, but they did manage to get a parade permit from the powers that be in the nation’s capital.

Second, a conglomeration of folks got together and planned the 2 Million Bikers ride to DC.  The city mothers –aka the powers who granted the MMM permit – refused to permit the ride.  So, the bikers are showing up anyway.

Guess which picture goes with which group?

2 Muslims

2 Million Bikers






From NBC 4 in Washington:

Attendees at a sparsely attended Million American March Against Fear were met with protests by a small group of Christians on the National Mall Wednesday.  …

About 25 people — including activist Cornel West — were at the march as of 12:30 p.m., Segraves reported.

The event was known as the Million Muslim March during planning stages, but organizers said they thought the earlier name was “scary.”  …

Approximately 20 protesters were also at the scene, Segraves said. It was not clear whether they were from a specific church or organization.

So, 25 out of an advertized million.  Nice.  And, the biker picture (on the right) is a quick pic of just one street in DC.  Don’t know how many patriotic bikers will show up, probably not two million, but I’m guessing they’ll outnumber the Muslims by about 10,000 to one.

Anybody up for a game of cowboys and Muslims?

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