Play war could cost this kid an Education

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What does “private property” mean? It means, “It’s my damn land and I’ll play war if I want”!

Well to the school system in this area, they ain’t buying it. In fact this particular school system has invaded these children’s rights/privacy and are trying to punish them for something millions of kids do around the country . Someone, somewhere saw these kids playing “Airsoft war” and reported them to the school and now they may be suspended for the rest of the school year.

No, this is not the twilight zone, this is reality gone wild!

This is probably one of the many reasons that school systems are failing, they are more worried about “political agendas” than teaching kids how to read and write or add and subtract.

It’s a sad world when we punish kids for being kids. These kids are outside playing. That is great, I love the fact that they are not sitting inside the house watching tv, playing computer games.

This kind of thing makes me want to cuss and scream, it’s so ridiculous its not even funny… 20 years ago if we heard something like this we would think its a joke, well the joke is on us…

Keep sitting in your rocking chair and do nothing and see what happens next!

Play War

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