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‘My dear McCain: If you don’t want to use the Party I should like to borrow it for a while.’  Paraphrase: attributed to Abraham Lincoln to General George McClellan

Born of frustration with General McClellan’s unwillingness to fight, Lincoln sought, and eventually found, men who would take the fight to the enemy.  Perhaps we have found our general in Ted Cruz; a man willing to fight.

The Republican Party is a party of McClellans.  John McCain is poster child for the old guard Republican party emulative of George McClellan.  Obsessed with the minutiae of preparation; masters of procrastination waiting for the ultimate and perfect time to strike; ever willing to elevate process over purpose and, yes, Neville Chamberlain-like in their eagerness to acquiesce in the face of an existential threat.

Sadly, the Party doesn’t see any existential threat to our country and its founding principles.  They only see an additional opportunity to run the game, play the hand dealt them, lose good-naturedly, shake hands with the enemy, and wait for the next deal, usually from a marked deck.  In the meantime, they’ve bet our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.  And we continually lose.

The GOP – Grand Old Party of Lincoln – is become the Gave up On Principles party.

I can’t pretend to speak for the American people and anyone who does, politicians in particular, is a liar.  With abysmal approval ratings, the ruling class has lost all legitimacy in claiming to know what the American people want, think, or feel.  On the contrary, as Senator Cruz stated on the Rush Limbaugh show the other day, ‘they exhibit a barely disguised contempt for their constituents.’  He (Senator Cruz) went on to describe the defeatist attitude of the party.

Is he wrong?  Can anyone point to any sort of sustained effort recently by Republican representatives to fight tooth and nail – really fight, fight like a liberal – on behalf of their constituents?

I live in Wisconsin.  The Democrat Left here pulled every trick in the book to try to get their way including fleeing the state, trashing the capitol, threatening the lives of legislators.  This behavior continues to this day.  The left doesn’t give up.  Thankfully, at the time, we found leaders here who would not back down (although lately they’ve gone native).

On a national level, where is the fight in the Republicans?  What happened to the American “can do attitude” that Senator Cruz alluded to?  Americans love winners.  Americans want real leadership.  Americans want someone to stand and fight.

This conservative is tired of limp wristed leaders who cry at the drop of a hat; tired of the most honorable old war vets who, in the twilight of their life, just want to shuffle on congenially but thrash out when a young whipper-snapper steps out of old lines; tired of bespeckled, professorial scolds who wish no more than to bask in the light of their own brilliance in the politics of process.

Most people feel good about their particular congressman.  Unfortunately, that’s a fact.  But, how many people actually know what their congressman does all day, all week, while on the “job”?  How many Congressman actually know what they do?

They work maybe 3 days a week, maybe 6 months of the year, it gives the appearance of a hectic, overwhelming job, but again, what do they do other than spend other people’s money?  They show up. They talk. They vote themselves privileges no other American enjoys. They work truncated days, weeks, months.  They collect $170,000; 3 times the median American salary.

There is no defined job description.  No measures of performance.  Take the 535 members of Congress and their constituents who believe, individually, their congressman does a fine job and you’ll get a consensus that everything is just peaches and cream despite the fact we look down our government overall.

Think about it: constituents believe their congressman is doing a good job.  Congressmen believe they are doing a good job.  Yet, here are some real measures of performance:  the American people are on the hook for a growing $17 trillion dollar, and accelerating, debt; the IRS targets people for political attack; an ambassador and his security detail are murdered without consequence; the NSA collects data on citizen phone calls and emails; waste, fraud and abuse run into the trillions of dollars – without consequence; government employee salaries exceed the median taxpayer salary (not including the benefits and job security no one in the private sector enjoy).  And yet, accordingly, they all claim to be doing a grand job.  For themselves, yes.  For us, not so much.

Moreover, Congress has delegated nearly all its power to unelected bureaucracies.  They only appear – occasionally – to perform oversight when the issue is hot enough to get their faces before the media to aggrandize themselves and give the appearance of serious activity.

There is, in effect, no oversight of anything.  Benghazi, corruption, IRS, fraud, “Fast and Furious gunrunning, corruption, paid political cronyism, fraud, hundreds of millions of dollars to failed “green” efforts, still more fraud, voter intimidation by Black Panthers, more corruption, end runs around the law in Obamacare and immigration, still more corruption, jailing citizens for protected free speech, abuse, paid political bonuses for malfeasance in office, more abuse, and on and on.  This is what passes for oversight?  This is what passes for accomplishment?

This is what passes for governance.  An increased pace towards insolvency and a general governmental breakdown under the weight of corruption, fecklessness, and a general “dilatoriness” as it were.

So now we have a handful of Senators, one of whom stood for a historical 21 hours to speak about how the ruling class does not listen to the American people, and he is criticized for poor form, tactical blundering.

Its been years since Obamacare has been passed with no identifiable, legitimate, discernible activity by Republicans to rid us of this final threat to our liberty.  Finally, someone steps forward in a last ditch effort to prevent this debacle at the eleventh hour, he is  torn down for having committed a political faux pas.

Thus is the state of governing from Washington.  Hopefully those Senators – Lee, Paul, Cruz – turn out to be those generals – Grant, Sherman, Meade.  Otherwise, this Republic is lost.

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