Do Parents Have Rights When It Comes To Public Education?

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It used to be that elected members of school boards were scared to death when parents showed up to meetings – especially parents who came prepared and had a beef about something their little one brought home or said. The last people they wanted to see when discussing the progress of a child’s education were the people responsible for bringing that child into the world. A concerned, involved, active, or irritated parent could wage considerable power over the domain and curriculum of the local education system. Well, apparently not anymore…

First let me ask you, what are the top ten steps necessary to destroy America’s system of liberty, democracy and free enterprise as we know it? That was rhetorical, I was only looking for one of them as outlined in The Communist Manifesto and that is free education for all children in public schools, where they are to be taught to have a high regard for cultural and political socialism and reject the idea of American exceptionalism. Today this is politely known as “political correctness,” but it remains the same lie. It’s a popular and fashionable form of dishonesty, wrapped in false compassion which results in nothing more than an inferiority complex for the victim-class it pretends to help.

So what can parents do about it? That is my question.

public schoolsI’m sure there are good schools systems out there; however we are seeing more and more of them implementing curricula influenced by government and political correctness then common sense. This does not help our children. America is ranked 22nd in the world in education and it’s starting to show. Our children are being preyed upon by sexually deviant teachers; parents are being arrested and or bullied by teacher unions and school boards, while kids continue to be passed without passing abilities – in order to receive more and more Federal funds. Public education used to be about education – now, it’s about agendas, opinions, political leanings, diversity, sexual exploitation and CONTROL!

Look no further than the number of kids openly wearing Che Guevara T-shirts and the like to realize the left has been for years exposing young children to positive images and writings of not just this murderous scumbag Communist coward, but that of Marx, Castro, Lenin, Ortega, Mao – not to mention Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Unsuspecting parents send their kids off to public schools where far-left radical teachers push the Marxist agenda into their impressionable heads and as long as they come back with good grades, all is well. Little do most of them know that their home is being radicalized. This is a war, not unlike World War II, in that the country is being threatened by tyranny – only this time it’s not upfront with bullets, but a slow bleed with your children being drawn away from you and your beloved America.

public schoolsChildren are reading sexually explicit books (he takes her from behind and whispers “you’re my bitch”) other children are learning about pimps and ho’s; 2 + 2 can equal 5 because its “close”; The Second Amendment is for “militia” only; Islam is good and white people are bad.. And it goes on and on. Big government has proven you cannot throw money at education to make it better and we all have a vested interest in stopping this indoctrination in the public school system – even people who don’t have children. These are the future leaders, tax-payers and voters. Unless you want to spend your golden years in a gulag or worse, better start paying attention to what’s really going on.

What’s the latest? Something called “Common Core.”

Common Core is a Federal Education program being sold as a testing standards platform but in fact it’s a blatant grab by the Federal bureaucracy of the entire Education system. It wrests control of State and local education systems from boards, teachers, parents and students – placing them directly at the feet of Big Brother. The issue here is not whether Common Core is an effective program, although it isn’t. It’s a horrible program. But even if it was the best education strategy in the history of the planet, it is still bad for the country because it prevents State and local education boards from designing, implementing and changing their structure, outlines or learning schemes based on their student’s needs. This is critical because a student in Central Florida might not be the same as a student in New Hampshire or Louisiana. Big government will claim it’s optional, but the lure of the big Federal dollars is always too much for an already strapped State or local education system and they’ll always take the money every time.

public schoolsSo why all the secrecy about what they want to accomplish politically? If socialism is so great, why don’t they just practice what they preach and come right out with their agenda? The answer is in the superiority of Western culture – what used to be referred to as “Christendom.” Marx knew he couldn’t overcome this superior way of thinking, learning, growing, loving, preparing, and protecting. It was in a nutshell, just too kick-ass for Marxist ideology to present an attractive alternative to. Even the most destitute folks in America have it better off than everyone in North Korea, so it makes it kind of tough to sell despotism to the masses without a sub-machine gun pointed at them and their family. So really, the only way to destroy the West was through moral subversion and ripping its spiritual foundation from society. Get God out of the schools might be their first move, eh?

Marxists must get us to implode from within because just giving us the choice between living under freedom, individual liberty and Capitalism or living under the thumb of oppression is a loser – we’ll pick the freedom every time. As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young once sang; “Teach Your Children Well”… indeed. If you don’t, they might just learn how to stroll willingly into a nightmare we’ve already had to drop bombs on twice…

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  1. GirlIQ says

    Private school or home school. Keep your kids home and the “public” really Goverment schools don’t get paid. Parents better start speaking up or their rights will be gone. This man escorted from a parent meeting for speaking up and dissenting from the bearucrates is scary at best and should be eye opening for all. My question is why did all the other parents just sit there obediently? Are they really that complacent and unaware of their rights? God help us!

  2. homer1057 says

    Communism: man’s desire to control mankind! The way to describe communism in one word is: “CONTROL! In a Repblic/free market system (as we once had) the people control. In a facism there is control of the big business by the govt and smaller business’s by the people. In a socialist society that is the monetary arm of communism and it will wind up communistic! Man at his best estate is altogether vanity…Psa 39:5 KJV Man started out perfect, in a perfect environment and has gone down since then! he will wind up in total depravity! There are 3 more world wars on tap! This world will end up a Communistic, Goddless, catholic, one religion, one sex, and one race and one idea, in one depraved world…a One, New World order which is not new and will not work! It didn’t work at the tower of babel and anytime in between. The league of nations didn’t wok: Nato didn’t work, the Yalta aggreement didn’t work and the war to end all wars was fought more tha 50 times since that time! This world is destined for a fire and to be burnt! But: who cares? Today people think it will not happen! that’s being positive! Thanks but I’ll think Negative and believe it is just as God said in Daniel and Revelation! (King James Version)

  3. isringhou says

    Do parents have rights? Do citizens have rights? Are students citizens? Every public school should provide a safe positive educational environment. The objective should be to provide a foundation for each citizen to have the tools necessary to pursue a career of their choice and the skills to evaluate the pros and cons of any debate. Social indoctrination, unsafe conditions, and the lack of a positive environment should be a major concern. The stories of Herbert High School in Chicago (NPR Special), and Strawberry Mansion in Philadelphia (ABC Special) should never be possible in this country. The conditions reported in these schools may be good drama for a Morgan Freeman movie, but never should be reality for any student or teacher. Anytime the school fails to meet a safe positive educational environment, the parents have rights and should exercise those rights to fix the conditions at that school. Public education should be excellent, you deserve it, you paid for it.

  4. edgineer says

    These days it is impossible to tell if the news is about a Democrat ….or a Communist.

  5. Ross R Blankert says

    Well, unless I am missing something, the plan is to remove all the firearms and then you will get that gun in your face telling you what to do , what to say, and your children will be removed from your home for indoctrination. It is coming and I believe soon.

  6. Buzz says

    Started with Wilson did it not? He did nothing good for this nation as FDR did nothing good for the nation!

  7. $13614178 says

    Parents have ALL the rights when it comes to their children with the one exception of abuse . Schools have NO rights except as permitted by said parents , but then we have NO schools in America , we now have only government indoctrination centers that have almost nothing to do with education , that is why ignorant and stupid educators are of no concern to those in charge , ie: progressive communists .

  8. slkgej6 says

    I was frankly ashamed of those other parents that were at that meeting. Only one person stood up and tried to defend the man. Some others shouted from their seats. At least those were brave enough to do SOMETHING. That meeting should have turned into bedlam after that point. These parents seem to be as indoctrinated as their children to not question, not protest, not have a say over what and how their children are taught.

    Hilary Clinton may believe that “it takes a village” to raise a child. There is some measure of truth in that. But the lie comes when these inbred governmental flunkies begin to believe that they are FAR superior to parents when it comes to determining what is “best” for the children they are charged with teaching. After all, their training teaches them to keep parents out of the loop. They are smugly disdainful of the idea that parents might know their own children better than a teacher. The village is only a village if there is some accord between parents and those who interact in the child’s life. Unfortunately, now the village believes that they can blithely marginalize parents and mock their values openly in front of children.

    Frankly, while I appreciate the efforts of the good teachers my children have had, I have encountered just as many who were fully committed to socialism and communism and have fully embraced the concept of “the state knows best”. I have never given in to these smug wastes of good carbon, though. No matter how many times I have to confront these teachers and administrators, I continue to fight. Who else is going to intervene? In those cases, I don’t want the village provided by the government. I rely on close associations through my church and my circle of friends. Until last year, none of my children had attended public school. The difference in experience has been fairly shocking.

    1. RichardIsGod, In the says

      Another long winded response from Another American Blowhard. Is this another site you right-wingers hang-out? I’m sure I’ll be moderated out. Another Hypocrite Nazi on speech freedom.

      1. slkgej6 says

        And yet, you choose to follow me on Disqus. Somehow, that reeks of stalker behavior. If you don’t like how much I write or what I say, perhaps you should stop requesting e-mails informing you of each and every thing I write. Of course, that would make sense, so I fully expect you to NOT embrace that suggestion.

      2. Buzz says

        No, you are just displaying what government education has taught you, nothing!

        1. slkgej6 says

          Just ignore him. The guy is a stalker. He hasn’t posted a single fact or rational argument since he first appeared. He just flings insults in characteristically poor English.

        2. RichardIsGod, In the says

          This is the third post try to this Nazi thread. Hello, Adolph. Just Bugs Bunny here. Block This.

    2. Cracker LongHorn says

      fully committed to socialism and communism

      Now, I say, I say, I remember you. You’re that stupid, I say, the Stoopid one that flamed me. You’re a Dumbass Boy, you don’t know what Socialism is, Son. You’re American. You have an good Excuse. You were lied to Boy. It’s called being Brainwashed I say.

      Everyone puts in what they can, Everyone takes out what they need

      It’s called the Internet, Boy. It’s Nuclear. Son. I say, a genuine Chain Reaction, Homer. Who owns Linux, CapHead? What runs the Internet, Egghead? Who owns all this Free Software? Show me how smart you are, Boy.

      Wake up, Boy, Look at me when I’m talking to you

      It’s a Voltaire, God Funny, Son. You know who that is, doncha Boy?

    3. Buzz says

      If a community were working together for the betterment and improvement of that same community, there would not be this kind of crap going on and that is exactly what it is. Many of the children are the offspring of promiscuity and hence, the so called parent is a dead beat aor simply not interested except for getting their check next month, their stamps, their Medicaid, etc.

      1. slkgej6 says

        I wish that weren’t true, but unfortunately, in many cases, it is.

        1. Buzz says

          Your sensitiveness to this issue is well shown through you simple post above and thanks. Unfortunate as you write, is true; I believe, we that are a little older, our children out of school and are grandparents, are sensitive to this issue. I know my heart and mind hurt for our youth. They just do not know what is ahead of them. If not taught at home that things are not as they are presented in school, how can they know anything different?

  9. LroF5LFjiB says

    Only a mass exodus from public education will solve this. Unfortunately there are too many dumbed down takers on the system. They were taught to be takers and depend on govment!

  10. IHateLibs says

    NO !!! according to the COMMIE LIB/DEMS

  11. pudintain says

    Smirking, fat, devious “written questions only” SOBs!!! Throw them out the door and take your schools back!!! Sue the pants off that little monkey with his shiney badge and blockade the schools to make a point. Othewise pull your kidz out directly and home school… Anything is better than “Communist Core” indoctrination. This will mark the end for our future when our kids are systematically brainwashed by these EVIL BASTARDS! Also, home schooling does NOT require poison vaccines and “black bean mountains” for lunch.

    1. Buzz says

      Good post! A friend’s husband was hired at Moore, Mt, a small town of perhaps less than 1000. I asked him about Common Core, “oh it is just a way to teach new math,” was his response! I tried to tell him it is Marxist in the full blown scenario..he scorned at it..see even teachers are ignorant … perhaps my friend was right, they are amongst the stupidest on our planet, give them a book to teach out of and give them the answers in the back of that book because they will not know the answers themselves!

      1. slkgej6 says

        He won’t be saying that when he loses his job for non-compliance.

      2. pudintain says

        YUUP Commie Corps says 3X4=11 if you can tell teach how you got to that answer… No more trips to the moon in the future with this kind of education…

  12. Denise Blados says

    The government controlling government schools is nothing new. Creating a controlled society through government schools was already planned out in the late 1930’s and implemented in slow increments through the decades so as not to raise the alarm to parents. It’s called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. Outcome-based education has been around since the ’80’s–academics no longer the focus and behavioral and attitudinal outcomes take precedence. Since the ’90’s, more and more parents have been figuring it out. However, a lot more parents need to be educated on what outcome-based education is and what the government is doing to their children in their schools.

  13. Margaret Swain says

    When you try to fight now at the local level, the Superintendents tell you “its out of their hands” . So what exactly does that mean? No recourse for things like this: No support for a conservative opinion or point of view here, it’s all uber liberal Planned parenthood anti christian indoctrination, from 8 AM until 3 PM for all of our kids 9 months out of the year. We have to do something!

    1. Donald Bly says

      If it is out of “their” hands… then why are they even there?

      1. Buzz says

        Salary and the super benefits of retiring from teaching?

    2. Buzz says

      It simply means they are lazy, won’t stand up for the rights of the students and their parents, nor the community and they are brain washed themselves. We better do something right away; let us pray that the Senate gets a brain fart and votes to defund Obamacare; if we can get this done, then we have so many other choices to ask Lee, Cruz and Paul to take on: Defund fully Planned Parenthood; rescind the NDAA that makes the USA a unilateral war zone; kick the UN commie Agenda 21 out of the States of which Common Core is part of as well as the weather modification and its killing of crops and animal/flora life of which we are a part of. We have really gone to hell in a handbasket with this idiot..he may be the Manchurian Candidate. Carl Tapp posted an article to that effect and saying Russian underground has been behind this from day one.

  14. grannylake says

    Community School Boards used to be the resource for parental input until the Federal Government usurped their authority.
    I say NULLIFY!!!

  15. maryatlanta says

    We are enabling the Dept. of Ed. with our tax dollars. We should be able to demand some accountablility. Defund the Dept. of Ed. US schools ranked 22nd internationally. US schools are failing our children and our country. Defund the Dept. of Ed. now.

    1. Margaret Swain says

      There is a reason that all of this is being “funded” out of the back door so to speak with grants. The states have the option to decline the money, but they are so cash strapped that they jumped on the bandwagon as soon as the carrot was dangled. To go back now, would mean the states would have to refund millions of bucks to the Feds, and most cannot. Which is exactly what this administration aka, Obama and his paid liar Arne Duncan, wanted.

      1. Buzz says

        Simply, a few states have written legislation not allowing Common Core; each state should do that! The Feds can take it in the britches just as we have been doing; too, if the states would simply pull their gas tax payments, they could take care of funding their states for a better and hopefully conservative education! It would not take much to usurp the government at this point in time; too many employees. Actually, I believe if we all had refused to pay our taxes, that would have done it..they are illegal anyway. Then consider, if the huge state of TX would pull their fuel tax from the Feds, WY join in, they would cave.

    2. Buzz says

      Would be easier if parents would pull their students out and Home School, put in researched Charter schools or church ran..then watch the latter for things that may go wrong there too as most churches are 501c3; this makes them a corporation just as the USA is!

      1. maryatlanta says

        Yes I agree. Home schools, charter schools & private schools are great altenatives to gov. run schools. They are proof that there is a better way! It is wrong to continue to fund the failing gov. schools that are failing students. Failing our nation. We must compell our elected representatives to defund the Dept. of Ed. Otherwise we are funding our own demise.

  16. Cameron Triplett Sr says

    Used to be parents cared about their children’s education because it meant a better future for the children. Now w/welfare running epidemic, nobody NEEDS an education to “live well”. Just warehouse the brats until they turn 18 & give them food stamps & Medicaid, etc. We don’t need no stinkin’ education! One of these days those chickens are going to come home to roost & it won’t be a pretty sight.

  17. cvxxx says

    Political correctness is the problem. Zero tolerance it’s handmaiden. While there is no ‘perfect system”
    Western systems of free enterprise have worked better than any other. But students need to comprehend that other systems were tried and evolved into the system we have now.

    1. Buzz says

      Agree but they also need to be taught mores; why this nation came to be; they no longer get taught Early American History or Government; think out the ramifications of that and it will shock you! If our youth does not understand the nation’s beginning and the sacrifices, how can they want to stand up and fight for it in a chosen manner?

      1. cvxxx says

        It starts with home discipline at the earliest age and respect for their things and others. Respect to be earned. Chores to be done. It starts early.

        1. Buzz says

          Yes, indeed! Are you familiar with Early Headstart? It is nothing more than feeding those little minds, that are like sponges, about liberalism and horrific behaviors as being o.k. That needs defunded! In fact, the whole NTU needs defunded.

          1. cvxxx says

            Do you have a link?

          2. Buzz says

            It is government ran; hence, you will get their take on it; I got my info from word of mouth from grams and parents that have had the unpleasant experience of “where did this come from, why and how?” This is not what I expected. Most communities have a school or schools. Google Early Headstart…I think you will get the government’s bit of propaganda!

  18. Ann says

    Public education is government brainwashing. Home school if possible even if some luxuries have to be sacrificed. There are many wonderful curriculums available to make this much easier. Private school is a better alternative if you can afford it. If your child must be in public school monitor EVERYTHING closely. Find out exactly what they are being taught and by who. Read all their books. Volunteer at the school and if something does not seem right at least pull your child from that class or activity. If it’s really bad, notify other parents who may not know about the situation, book etc. It is your child’s future and our Nation’s future.

    1. Buzz says

      These are good thoughts and I am with you; ultimately, children need out of government schools and the sooner the better!

    2. cvxxx says

      Parents allowed this to start. Parents bought into the political Correctness. All of these problems began with good intentions and end up bad. Parents need to concentrate on education. The 3 R’s and as fast as the child can handle. Check out those expensive private schools and see what the curriculum they have.

  19. anarchyst says

    Public “education” is more akin to soviet-style “indoctrination”. The leftists have done a “good job” in seizing the public school system in order to further their own nefarious agenda.
    Sending children to “public schools” constitutes “child abuse” of the first order . . .

    1. IHateLibs says

      Its not akin, it IS Indoctrination

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