Obama Is Twerking For Terrorists!

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images (68)I had the misfortune of learning a new word recently, “twerking,”  which has become relevant to American culture after the disgustingly bizarre and weird performance by Miley Cyrus at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

But the minute I saw the display of sheer ugliness I thought to myself, this looks about right! A culture that celebrates that level of tasteless vulgarity and lack of talent is the same culture that would vote for Obama.

Obama is the political version of Miley Cyrus, he’s twerking for terrorists. That’s the cultural parallel of this administration’s foreign policy, as he’s daily twerking of al-Qaeda operatives in Syria, Libya, Gaza, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Egypt. The founding fathers are turning in their graves.

Written by Cynthia Farahat of CynthiaFarahat.com

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