Obama Has Not Failed

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Watch me make an Amendment disappear!
Watch me make an Amendment disappear!

Conservatives consistently make the mistake of claiming that the Obama presidency is a failure – it is not. Even a casual glance at his writings, speeches, influences, words, associations, behavior, stated goals, actions and aspirations leading up to him becoming President of the United States would leave anyone analyzing the situation with the conclusion that he has scored a rousing success.

Is there any evidence at all to the contrary that Barack Obama has fundamentally transformed America? I’d say not.


Give me a single metric – measurable or intangible – that hasn’t been significantly altered, some or most to the point of near no-return. So why do I keep hearing that he’s failed?

That’s my dad on the left and that’s my mentor on the other side. What? Who’s left? Um.. Uh.. Hey look – cows!

Mr. Obama must spend a lot of time chuckling, like a football coach who knows the other team has lined up for the wrong play. It’s a variation of underestimating your opponent, only with conservatives – they somehow refuse to believe we have a president who is intent on tearing the place down until it resembles some kind of European socialist state or African Republic he heard about from his mom or Frank Marshall Davis.

Ok, take off your clothes and we’ll have a look at that sore throat

Barack Obama never had a single intention of significant intervention in Syria, making us look weak in the eyes of our old nemisis. He pulled out of Iraq just as victory was imminent. He went on an apology tour. He oversaw the pillaging of the Treasury, the destruction of the dollar and the ruination of small business. Entire industries have been nationalized, including Health Care – oh believe me – it’ll be single-payer Big Government Health Care soon enough.

The military has been decimated, despite record Federal spending and the 1% has never been richer at the expense of the middle-class. Barack Obama has done everything in his power to make millions dependent on the government and is very close to legalizing tens of millions of new dependents (not to mention Democrat voters). Eventually it will collapse and everyone will have no one to turn to but the government. Make no mistake, he has succeeded. Stop saying he’s failed. Just say we lost and he won. Is that so hard?

Or maybe worse? In either case, he is not a failure, so stop approaching it as such and we may begin to make some headway. But it will take another radical fundamental transformation.


And another hero.

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