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As retirees coerced into Medicare by an unconstitutional program enacted by our federal government and backed by the “supreme” court, the wife and I have reached the decision that we now want to “self-insure”.

medical planHere is the scenario: Health care costs for the wife and I are currently paid by a Medicare Advantage HMO insurance plan which is funded our money (forcibly collected over decades by the feds without our permission) paid monthly to the insurance company by the Feds plus a monthly premium automatically withheld from our S.S. checks plus our monthly premium paid directly to the insurance company plus nominal co-pays to the service providers. Since Obama-Reid-Pelosi forced (again, by an unconstitutional vote of congress and signature of Obama) Obamacare on every citizen, I cannot opt out of Medicare without enrolling in some policy dictated by the feds unless I pay a penalty  —  uh-oh, it’s not a penalty, it’s a tax as defined by judge Roberts so as to keep Obamacare “constitutional”. Please keep in mind Roberts was defined a “conservative” — yea, right!

Before I go further in my explanation of my “plan to self-insure” I need to clarify a couple of reasons for this decision. First, the total amount of money currently being paid out per year exceeds $30,000.00 (only a small fraction of this is to the service providers). Secondly, in that each of our life expectancies, based on medical data and genetic dispositions, is somewhere in the range of six years it is likely the total additional funds over the next six years will be in the area of $242,000.00 including 8% for inflation. Thirdly, at this stage in our lives, neither the wife nor I are interested in seeing that kind of money spent to prolong our life to that expectancy or beyond. Fourthly, our children know how we feel and are smart enough not to intervene. And lastly, it ain’t nobody’s business how long we live or what we die from, especially the federal government.

Here is the medical plan. We will dis-enroll from our insurance plan and request Medicare to direct deposit the monthly payments (our money) now being sent to the insurance company to our bank account. We will agree to and will pay the “penalty”, uh, pardon me Judge Roberts, I mean “tax” which will legally qualify us to self-insure. At such time as we need medical care we will first determine if we want the care and if so determine the cost, then decide on whether or not to receive the care and pay for it out of our own account. It is simple with no administrative overhead or corporate profits involved and, most importantly, will allow us in our last few years to decide how we want to spend OUR money, which the intent and purpose of the Constitution of the United States.

One last thought — our expectation is that we will likely spend most of the money on enjoying life as opposed to insurance policies and medical treatments. But it will be our choice! I would also point out that we have absolute faith in the Obama administration to write a new regulation, if required, to provide for the implementation of this plan.

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