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NEW APHIS/USDA Ruling Threatens The Dog and Cat Fancy


USDA and APHIS have set in place a ruling that will exterminate the dog and cat fancy as we know and love it. This ruling will exterminate the hobby breeder and negatively impact the dog and cat breeds that you love. Everyone Has The Right To Choose

  • To own the pet of their choice

To have their puppy or kitten raised by a reputable breeder, where their new family member has been lovingly cared for underfoot—rather than being forced to acquire their new pet from breeding facilities, commercial breeders, pet stores or shelters.  To own a rare or not-so-rare breed that isn’t jeopardized into extinction because of a poorly thought out ruling that targets reputable hobby breeders.  To have the option of having their new puppy or kitten travel to them by air if need be.  Caring, reputable breeders should be able to choose the best environment for their puppies or kittens. Many prefer an in home environment, since it has proven over and over again to produce the most socially confident pets.

CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY Don’t delay. If not you, then who will stand up for the rights of pet owners, reputable breeders and the pedigreed dog and cats of America? There’s a reason that pedigreed cats and dogs have become so popular…health and genetic stability are important to pet owners…reputable breeders insure the best genetically healthy kittens by knowing what’s in the cat’s/dog’s lineage. The pedigreed dogs and cats of the United States are in jeopardy of becoming extinct! If we don’t act now this will be a reality.The ruling is set in place and if opposition isn’t heard, it will remain the single most detrimental thing to happen to dog and cat enthusiasts throughout the United States with its effects reaching the entire world!

Oppose the Changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act

Initially when looking at the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act, it might look like a good idea, but upon close review, like many other government bills, rulings or laws, the fine print reveals how detrimental the changes will be to pet owners, enthusiasts, reputable hobby breeders and rescue groups.


In addition to being unfavorable for all dog and cat breeds, this ruling could effectively wipe out minority breeds, like the Korat, Bombay, American Wirehair and the Peruvian Inca Orchid. The USDA/APHIS changes to the animal welfare act came about under a cloak of protecting animals —this sounds great! Who doesn’t want to protect pets and their owners? We all do! But, not by stopping hobby breeders from being able to continue to care for and raise their puppies and kittens in a loving home environment. And, not by preventing owners from being able to obtain a puppy or a kitten from the reputable breeder of their choice. Proposed changes would stop reputable breeders from raising their puppies and kittens in home—because they would be required to operate a USDA “facility.” Your new puppy or kitten would no longer be allowed to be raised in a “family” setting within the breeder’s home! OPPOSE THE USDA/APHIS ANIMAL WELFARE ACT NOW! This same ruling mandates that pet owners are no longer able to have their pets from out-of-area breeders flown to them, UNLESS the pet owner is willing to fly to pick up the pet in person or pay the breeder to deliver the pet.

Some might say, “Why does it matter? They’re just dogs and cats. The Animal Welfare Act is for the protection of animals.”

That’s true, but there is already an Animal Welfare Act in place. Why this change matters is that it will forever change YOUR ability to own a pedigreed dog or cat at a reasonable price by shutting down hobby breeders and requiring that dogs and cats are maintained in a USDA facility! It will forever change a reputable breeder’s ability to socialize your pet within a loving home environment. It will forever change your freedom to purchase a pedigreed dog or cat from whatever breeder you choose. Take a quick moment to voice your opposition. The AKC made significant efforts to educate APHIS regarding concerns with how this ruling change will affect the pedigreed dog and cat world. “THE RULE WAS INITIALLY PROPOSED IN MAY 2012 AND HAS SINCE THAT TIME BEEN THE SUBJECT OF EXTENSIVE OBJECTIONS BY THE AKC AND OTHER GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS CONCERNED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF RESPONSIBLY BRED DOGS AND SMALL/HOBBY BREEDERS.” American Kennel Club, AKC The overly vague nature of this regulation basically imposes commercial standards on some small hobby breeders. Pet owners, this affects you! Rise up. Let your voice be heard. Let your representative know that you oppose this ruling.  Changes to this ruling will place unnecessary financial burdens on reputable hobby breeders, which will inevitably have to be passed on to you when you decide to add another pet to your family.  Don’t allow USDA/ APHIS to threaten your rights to own the dog or cat breed of your choice.  Oppose the changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act today! Contact your representative today!The following website or the QR code will take you directly to where you can quickly and easily voice your opposition to this poorly thought out ruling. The dog and cat breeds that you love are counting on you! CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE TODAY TO OPPOSE THIS RULING

DOWNLOAD the Brochure to copy and redistribute

Oppose the changes to the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act today! Contact your representative NOW!


Don’t allow your freedoms to be taken away!


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