If You Like Your Health Care Plan or Your Doctor – Sorry, Peasant

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obamasocialsecurityYou’re about to lose your healthcare. I had the same plan for 12 years, which I really liked and along came ObamaCare – Boom – it’s gone. You know how I found out? I got a letter from my insurance company that said, “Dear Mr. Conover; As of October 1st, you will no longer like your plan..” That was weird.

RLC HEADSHOT 14thumbby Rodney Lee Conover:

Why do conservatives bitch about Democrats passing ObamaCare? Republicans are the problem. In 2010 we put them in there to stop it. They didn’t.

They’re exempt from it and loving it as a political tool. So people are literally dying, yes – dying and Republicans will enable Obama and his signature legislation because they can ride it back into full control.

This is evil. They care more about power and money than they do about you, so why are you bitching about Democrats? .. Yes, Democrats care more about power and money bla bla – but they’re not the problem here. You are. I’m running for Congress for many reasons: Here’s the main one: I’d like to be exempt from ObamaCare. There.

I spot a rhino..

Your kids are going to read The Constitution and question you about this in 15 years when doctors are more like convenience store clerks and the best clinics and hospitals are on Indian reservations and off-shore on abandoned oil rigs in International waters. Available to the rich, the connected and Congress.

“Hey mom, dad – says right here the Republicans could have defunded this stupid ACA and we wouldn’t have to go to Canada to get that ingrown hair removed.. wtf? .. Oh, by the way, Dr. Schlemocker is coming by later to go with us to Abercrombie.. he’s cool. Did you know he had to pass a civics test to become a doctor?.. cool.”

Think I’m joking? Well, I kinda was there but you get the point. Or maybe you don’t, so here it is:

reaganThese Republicans need to be removed and replaced with conservatives willing to defund. Not repeal, defund. Now.


“Oh, Rodney Lee, we can’t shut the government down because Candy Crowley will frown and sit on us, waaaaaaa, the media waaaaaa”. Oh will you shut up already.

Reagan didn’t have Fox News, the Internet, Talk Radio or any of it so shut up and lead, you dumbasses. Here’s how:

Fund every part of government except the ACA. Do it in little chunks. Put something critical in each chunk, then dare Harry Reid to shelve it. A child could put this plan together. But noo….

We gotta have ObamaCare because then we can get Senate control and if Republicans get back in power we’ll suddenly become conservative. Where is the evidence that if Republicans get back in power they’ll all of a sudden start doing the right thing? You believe that – you’re a fool.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Pick out an intern and an office Bill !

Democrats have been talking about it forever and now when they get the chance you expect them to not pass socialized medicine? Republicans have the authority, the duty and the mandate to defund – yet they haven’t done it? Why?

The framers looked into their crystal ball and saw us when they were writing the Constitution and put it right there in Article One. Two year terms for House members so they could be quickly voted out and with the power of the purse, the new ones could defund onerous legislation passed against the will of the people. Duh.

Didn’t The Tea Party do just that in 2010, in reaction to the “passage” of ObamaCare? Yep.

There’s no bigger hammer than ObamaCare – why get rid of it again? Americans are suffering? Um.. – Look – cows!

John Boehner puts up dozens of phony “Repeal ObamaCare” bills in the House so these guys could look good to the untrained eye, but only an idiot votes to repeal knowing Harry Reid won’t bring it up for debate, much less a vote.

And Obama is president, my brotha’s – so what makes you think he wouldn’t veto? It’s called a scam, my friends and you’re getting scammed. There are votes that mean nothing and votes that become law. Feel free to learn the difference.

Now here it is the Fall of 2013 and I’m running for Congress against a Republican. You have any idea how much crap I take? Guess what, it’s personal – maybe when you lose your doctor and your health plan, you’ll come around. Until then, just keep telling me I shouldn’t primary the good little GOP’ers.

PELOSI and BOBecause even if I’m willing to pay $100,000 a year I cannot keep my health care plan because it’s gone thanks to ObamaCare. You see, it’s not.. “compliant.”

ObamaCare says I can’t keep my doctor I’ve had for 19 years, whom I consider a friend. I smashed my finger really badly last summer and you know what I did? I text-ed him and went over to his house – on a Sunday – and he fixed me up. The next day I went to the office and we did all the paperwork. That’s over. No more. Not.. “compliant.”

My private health-care plan is not “compliant” with ACA? Why the hell not? It’s too good? I like it too much? Too efficient? Covers too much? Nobody getting a kick-back? What? I can’t keep my doctor – why not? He’s too qualified? Knows too much about my health history?

If you support this ridiculous and onerous power grab thinly veiled as a solution, you are nothing less than an ignorant supporter of fantasy.

ObamaCare will not cover all Americans – in fact, 26 million Americans will remain without coverage after they’ve forced government rules on me, removed my choices, raised my taxes and made me waste my Saturday morning educating you about it. Thanks. And for you Medicare fans, Obamacare will cut hundreds of billions from Medicare Advantage over the next 10 years, so we’ll be taking from one entitlement to feed the other.

Hey look who’s pushing granny over the cliff! It’s you!

animal farm3Don’t you love that word, “compliant”? The Barack Obama administration, it’s Justice Department, the IRS, HHS, the Department of Education and the rest of these Maoists are set on making you and I “compliant” while the lucky ones in Congress, big Corporations, Unions, donors and other Friends of Obama get waivers and exemptions from having to live under ObamaCare themselves. Indeed, some animals are more equal than others, aren’t they? They’ll be sleeping in beds with sheets while we’re here in the mud.

I worry about my country.

What kind of government passes a law which herds us into state “exchanges” and makes us pay through the nose for sub-standard coverage, takes away our choice of doctors and services and increases taxes to subsidize members of Congress? They get their choice of private, Cadillac-style health plans to choose from while we get what they say and like it or answer to the IRS. It’s a government that thinks they can walk on us. They are a privileged, elite, imperialist ruling-class that needs to be replaced.

Of course Democrats who all voted for this abhorrence need to be defeated – but Republicans who enable Obama and spit on patriots like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee must be primaried and exported as well. Any and all Republicans who pay lip service to conservative voters responsible for sweeping in their House majority in 2010 need to go. They cannot be forgiven no matter what they promise over the next 10 months. Support your local conservative candidate and let’s rid our lives of these ruling insiders who stick us with ObamaCare and have the temerity to pretend they tried to get rid of it, while enjoying private health insurance paid for by you and I.

I’m putting this lightly, by the way. It’s not enough to go to Washington and rub elbows with the Republican establishment. A newly elected conservative has to fight for their constituents and lay it on the line, regardless of how it will affect their political futures.

cruzBe like Ted, I say. Stand up to the McCain’s; ignore the Krauthammer’s; to hell with the Boehner’s – run these lightweights out of town and then we’ll get to work on the jack-booted liberals bent on transforming our America into ObamaTown. We’re starting to see what that looks like, aren’t we?

Don’t let them choose for you. Don’t let them tell you how to vote. That’s my job. Little joke there before you go nutty on me.. not.

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 Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014. 

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