It is ‘Legal to Hunt’ Children?

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trayvonmdapAccording to a University official, the Trayvon Martin case proves it’s legal to hunt children. What a moron. More evidence our places of higher learning are dominated by leftist dogma – this time in Maryland. The most outrageous and hateful teachings are allowed in the name of “academics” but if a conservative tries to make their views known on campus, they’re shut down and kept away from the students out of fear they might actually influence their young skulls.

This official should not only be fired, he should be brought up on charges or at least never be allowed near a student again. Report from Maxim Lott over at Fox News:

An email sent to students by a University of Maryland official that cites the Trayvon Martin shooting as evidence “it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida” is being blasted as the latest evidence of a left-wing bias on campus.


The email, from William Dorland, director of the school’s Honors College, starts by welcoming students back to campus, but then quickly veers into politics.


“This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida,” it reads, in a reference to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The email went out to all students in the Honors College.


Jim Purtilo, a University of Maryland computer science professor, said the comments struck him as inappropriate. “It’s over the top. But very much business as usual on this campus.” Purtilo also says that the incident is indicative of liberal bias he sees on the campus every day. He related one story that he had seen.


“I was on a committee for a very prestigious award on campus, which basically gives a free ride to the selected student, and I remember our committee once interviewing a young woman from one of the more rural counties of the state. And she was poised and articulate and tremendously well prepared, top scores and maxed out SAT and everything… but she made no secret about her religious views, and she asked about things like whether we had a drug- and alcohol-free dorm hall,” Purtilo said.


“The committee’s conclusion was, ‘oh, she has very strict views, very rigid views — she would not be comfortable here’… you often hear code words like those, which really mean that the person is right-of-center politically.”

Bottom line is it’s going to take a long, long time to take back these campuses. Parents are going to have to get the information they need about what their kids are being exposed to by these extremists who want your kids to turn against you. That’s right – one of the ten commandments from Marx: Get those kids away from their parents – and the best way is to indoctrinate them into thinking their parents are evil.

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  1. Karl Dulaff says

    Of course it’s not legal to hunt children, but it SHOULD be legal to kill marauding punks like trayvon and brain dead liberals like dorland.

  2. Les Skymo,youtube says

    The stupidity in America is off the chart

  3. Willy Rho says

    Trayvon made “Purple Drank” or “Lean” to make himself Drugged and Aggressive and Paranoid, like the You Know Who loved the Ingredients in Purple Drank, you know the Skittles and “Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail and Robitussin, you know the three ingredients to that homemade Drug that had Permanently damaged Trayvon Martin’s Liver, as was discovered in the Autopsy that the Judge would not allow in the Trial of George Zimmerman. Oh, he only had two of the three ingredients. And he had participated in Mixed Marshall Arts and knew about the “Ground and Pound” Method in MMA, because he was an MMA competitor that none of the MSM Propaganda Ministry would mention. And he posted on FB that he wanted to fight his last opponent again because he did not make him bleed enough.

  4. marcus J says

    Anyone that does not believe this article to be true ,Watch Agenda ,Grinding America Down , The Marxists and the Radical Left has made a Campaign out of Indoctrinating our Children and programming them with Marxist and Socialist Ideology , f possible send your children to a Christian Day School or Home School , Our Public School System is not what you think it is , Many People these days would not believe what their Children are being Brainwashed to believe ,Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

    1. Karl Dulaff says

      That Marxist campaign has been going on for years, since the 60’s at least.

  5. LroF5LFjiB says

    He needs to be taken out of the gene pool!

  6. rockyvnvmc says

    More evidence that the ‘Communist Goals for America’ (Google it) are becoming more and more mainstream, ever since they were read into the Congressional Register, in 1963.
    As Nikita Khrushchev (former Soviet Premier, for those Historically challenged among you) foretold; ‘America will become a Socialist Nation, without a shot ever being fired’. (paraphrased, read the entire speech, for additional insight into what has been occurring in the US since he spoke those fateful words)

  7. Renelle Waites says

    Don’t miss the piece about Eric Cantor on this site: “GOP leader praises radical Marxist educator.”

  8. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    They have taken over our government, the media and the schools – BUT WE STILL GO THERE! There ARE other choices. MAKE THEM! Find another school. Get your news from the web. Become pro-active against corrupt and Marxist government. Whiners are NOBODIES !

  9. g55rumpy says

    well, with all the abortions it does make you wonder

  10. gwedem5995 says

    Since no one actually saw if George Zimmerman hunted down Martin, this is all supposition.
    I remember a black man, right immediately after the incident say that he saw George Zimmerman walking back to his car. Never heard from the man again throughout the trial. How do we know that Martin didn’t hunt down Zimmerman. We can all guess what happened, but we will never know for sure one way or the other. I think now we should all be hunting down so-called liberal professors.

  11. Old_Conservative says

    The Socialists/Marxists have taken over government, the media, the schools, and just about everything else! They have driven Christ from our daily lives! Their creeping Socialism is now racing at a fast clip and that leaves no political recourse left. Our only choice remaining is the one our founders faced, if, and that’s a very big if, we have the courage and the fortitude to take it!

  12. paulrph1 says

    Well, well, well, it should be legal to hunt a liberal mind warped college professor who whats to spew his Marxist political views at the students.

  13. Jimmy Wayne Barnett says

    I used to think college was a place of higher learning,but reading the views of the professor! and I use the term loosely because you would think this teacher would have at least known some of the facts of this case,to know that this “child” was growing and dealing drugs,MMA fighter,and very sexually active and was caught with stolen property, women’s jewelry in his locker.He was an avid user of the Purple drank ,that was two of the three items he had purchased at the convenient store,Skittles,and Arizona Watermelon Ice tea Cocktail.And he had been expelled several times from school for non attendance,fighting and being caught with drugs in school,and even his mother had kicked him out several times for having drugs and a gun in his room,That’s why she had sent him to live with his father because she couldn’t control his behavior.
    Now it was tragic that he lost his life because of his was out of control behavior,but drugs,fighting and him being so sexual active to the point of not attending school.It’s what lead up to his death and he chose the wrong (His words)”White ass crackka” to beat down that night instead of going home.and getting his buzz on purple drank.Which he was an avid user since June 2011.
    So I hope someone would at least give him some facts of why GZ was found “NOT GUILTY”by six mothers who was on this jury.
    But what really makes this so racists driven out cry is the facts that GZ wasn’t even the least bit racists.The fact that GZ was the only person who just weeks before this incident was out putting up flyers of a homeless black man, William Ware who was beat down by a cops son and No one in this Black community even cared,until GZ kept putting up fliers that got this cops son arrested and charged with the beating.This was just one incident that was proof that even the FBI told Eric Holder there was no case for civil suit of charging him with a hate crime.
    Trayvon lost his life because his family had broken up when he was young and didn’t have the family structure that would have saved his life.It was the lack of parental influence that allowed his unchecked behavior to spin out of control.
    Too many young people have lost this family structure and parental involvement that has allowed these children to find this structure from gangs.

    1. mathchopper says

      Your “facts” don’t apply to ED libs.

  14. ADRoberts says

    Added thought. Trayvon was not a child. He was a criminal on drugs which are designed to wind you up and make you VERY angry. He had burglarized and attacked others. His mother had kicked him out. He was going no where.
    And if he had survived and were on the street today, you would see him in a flash mob, beating up a white women with a child — a real child.

    1. mercyonus says

      many just look at the doctored picture like the one above…that’s all the info they choose to accept. Yellow journalists should have been fired for making that picture and allowing it to be used as a symbol for reverse racism and ignorance everywhere.

  15. ADRoberts says

    The only way to remove the liberals from universities is to STARVE them to death. DON’T allow, if possible, you kids to go to one of these cesspools and make sure that you tell EVERYONE WITH EARS just exactly why their enrollment is dropping.
    Folks, that is it. You might say that it is a boycott of those who think they are NOT ACCOUNTABLE to anyone and have free reign. PS You will have to take out the administrators too. They are the ones who hired these lamebrains.

  16. Richard Holmes says

    Bury radicals head first so you can cover their mouths first. That way you don’t have to listen to them scream for a long time.

    1. mathchopper says

      You need to check your 1st amendment. Not the reason to “dispatch” your enemy.

  17. Rufusmlk says

    Yeah, but you need a license, there’s a closed season and a bag limit.

    1. mathchopper says

      CW2 will modify those “limitations”.

  18. disqus_3m4UdlqpRd says

    Liberals can frame the situation in whatever skewed context they want imho, bottom line though,,, the thug is dead and wont be assaulting anyone else… 1 down, thousands to go …

  19. TBJWebmaster says

    Well, I hope he remembers that he disapproves that it is legal to hunt children, the next time one of them is sitting on his chest beating his head into the pavement.

    Nothing like being assaulted to change a liberal’s views on violent crime.

    1. ADRoberts says

      Not so. Remember that Feinstein was mugged or something. She went right out and got a gun. And ever since then she has made it her task in life to DISARM EVERYONE ELSE.

      1. Bonnie Somer says

        that is called a democratic hypocrite

        1. bluejacket472 says

          Wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense, those two words are synonymous.

    2. mharper42 says

      It is fundamentally dishonest to call a 17-y.o. thug/athlete a “child”.

  20. Joseph111 says

    Dr. William Dorland, Director
    Email: [email protected]
    here’s his contact info – send him an email – let him know what you think about his comments, given his role and position …

    1. ADRoberts says

      Ephraim is joined to his IDOLS. Let him alone.
      God is going to have to MOVE these people for them to “awaken”. And I think that most of them are going to be like the Pharoah in Egypt.

  21. wh17y says

    The best part is kids come out of these schools with these perfect world ideas in their mind and run headlong into Obama’s economy and job market. Nothing turns a mind around like working on that precious degree for 4 years only to move back into your parents house.

    1. ADRoberts says

      I saw one of them on a daytime court TV program. He was on FOODSTAMPS.
      We will never get them out of our pockets (taxpayers) until the dollar is destroyed by Obama.

    2. Driver_S says

      Most of them are brain washed into believing the liberal establishment will provide them with jobs and unrealistic high wages. Then they find themselves hitting the real world unprepared, with no experience and no employers flocking around to give them jobs. One of the biggest reasons is employers are cutting back their employees wages, benefits and hours because of the liberal policies, Obamacare and the uncertainty of the economy thanks to Obumbler and his regime.

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