King Obama Strikes Again

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Once again Barack Obama has signaled through his actions that he believes himself some kind of king—in a nation that threw out kings. Go figure—but he’s getting away with it again. 

Do As I Say Not As I DoHe has declared that Congress will be exempted from the legal requirements of ObamaCare that are as plain and unambiguous as the pain that every citizen will suffer. 

One law for the peasants and a different interpretation for the political class: this what monarchs did for favored courtiers but it has no place in America. 

By amendment to the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (yeah, right) Congress voted itself into ObamaCare because the optics of doing otherwise would have lost votes needed for passage. 

The reasoning, stated on the floor of the Senate by Chuck Grassley of Iowa, was that if the law was good enough for the people, it was good enough for Congress. No one had the brazenness to argue against this line of thought. 

But like millions of other citizens, Congress has discovered that ObamaCare will cost both the politicians and their staff a lot of money. So here comes Obama, always ready with a Chicago-style bribe to grease the works, with a wholly illegal exemption for the politicians who forced the law on us. 

The Office of Personnel Management has written a rule (yes, it was just that easy for this Administration) that simply ignores the law. Both Senators and Representatives will get subsidized to enroll in healthcare exchanges although, under the law, their salaries ($174,000 a year) make them ineligible for subsidies. 

Their staff will also take an average of more than $10,000 taxpayer provided subsidies for participating. These will be, unlike every other company or citizen, considered tax free contributions beyond the reach of the IRS. 

An additional “sweetener” lets each Congressional office pick which staff can be entirely exempted from ObamaCare. We should have it so good.

Already exempted from the law are the President, the Vice-President, the cabinet, Congressional leadership (like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid) and insultingly—the committee staff members who wrote the law. 

This shameful double-standard should be embarrassing to the White House and Congress but they have no shame. Instead, they have doubled-down on such corruption with this latest rule. 

That’s why Senator David Vitter has legislation introduced that would not only undo the bribe but require all those politicians, previously exempted, to come under this nasty, destructive law themselves. 

Instead of insulating lawmakers from the laws they force on us, Vitter’s legislation would make sure that they feel the same pain we do. Harry Reid has attacked Vitter for his presumption and both Republicans and Democrats are scrambling behind the scenes to protect their own hides from ObamaCare costs. 

It is hard not to conclude that we, the people, are in their eyes merely the sheep who can be ever more closely sheared as the hogs feast on privilege and perks. This is the rise of the ruling class in a nation designed by our Founding Fathers to be without royalty or class. 

We have already delivered 1.6 million petitions to repeal ObamaCare because it is a disaster working to undo both the healthcare system and our economy. Now our voices must also take on the self-interest of Republican legislators. 

ObamaCare is as big as the income tax and as full of unintended consequences that we will suffer from now on unless we win repeal, defunding or even a one year delay. The House has the lever to make these things happen with “must pass” legislation like the debt ceiling authorization that is coming up. This presidential bribe is designed to buy them off and remove them from a personal motivation to avoid ObamaCare. 

If they want out they can repeal ObamaCare. But first we must hold their feet to the fire of the law they rammed down our throats and accept the truth that in America they are not royalty above the law. 

Ken Hoagland is the founder of a citizen advocacy group called “Restore America’s Voice”. They use citizen pressure to insist on “consent of the governed” on public policies that are too frequently in the interest of politicians but against the common interests of the people. They can be found and on Facebook as Repeal-It-Now.    

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  1. crustyone says

    The action of the POtuS is one to bribe members of Congress to side with him on anything he presents for a vote–it also probably prevents those members from considering Impeachment actions against him.

  2. marcus J says

    I believe what would be much better then repealing Obamacare is to Repeal The illegal alien Communist from Kenya AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro himself , Impeach ,Charge ,Convict and Remove from Office The Foreign Born Communist Agitator and then declare every last Executive order and all his illegal appointments and all the mountains of Regulation and Legislation from The Communist Party formerely known as The Democrats Null and Void , Then start a thorough investigation into who exactly knew that this Kenyan was not elligible to ilegally occupy the office of President and Convict them too , Nancy ( The Progressive Witch ) Pelosi ,Whorehouse Harry Reid ,Hillary ( The Marxist Witch ) Clinton ,ETC.ETC. Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  3. unbridled says

    An injust law is no law. I pitty the poor fools that sign up for this. Just like lambs to the slaughter….

  4. hora says

    Here a only way for start with solution are Dems must loose, ban run any public office in another word have cero power in all political issue. Nobama Care is like Satan-care must set all Law down, Dems was super abuse when doing that Law. But again what power have a Nobama sign? if he never prove are legal President?

  5. joshuasweet says

    I thought we already covered this one “Separate but not equal is a crime!”

  6. $13614178 says

    The only REAL royalty in DC is David Vitter and those of his class . The rest are vermin in royal robes .

  7. .madashell says

    Cleaning out the government is just a start.
    This country faces a rash of radical changes . One being to deport radical evil cults, masquerading as religions to overthrow our government.
    We will need to stop the injustice of a communist form of taxation. We are ALL in this and All of us must bear the responsibility of paying our debts. No more opting out of this responsibility by anyone.
    WE must ALL contribute at the SAME RATE.
    We must ALL take part as citizens of The United States of America.
    Which brings us to another change that must be made.
    And on and on and on.
    It can be done.( if we want it badly enough )

    1. crustyone says

      Our current government is best compared to the intestinal tract that must be purged.

  8. daveveselenak says

    He has gone too far and should, no make that must, be impeached! He has commited treason by arming our enemies – [Al Quida]! Man, what the hell is wrong with the (opposition?) The zombies are apparently roaming the halls of congress as well as the conservative media! It is enough to make me consider leaving this dead Republic that has been turned into a Banana Republic!

  9. Jay Star says

    Remember, invalid voting, invalid voting, invalid voting! How do we know our votes will count? We don’t. And who will step forward in congress to say our votes will count for whoever we voted for? Not one! Oh see how the barbed wire shines in the sunlight at our FEMA camp!

  10. Jay Star says

    Good luck on that one! Any fool can see if they want to that this president does what he wants when he wants and dares anyone to do anything about it! So until enough we the people supporters step up to the plate in congress, expect more of the same. It seems our phone calls, faxes, petitions, etc. do no good whatsoever. He treats them like these polls just mentioned. He ignores them. So….. if anybody wants to be the peoples hero, now is the time to come forward! Otherwise, see you in the FEMA camps!

  11. Michael says

    @@#$$%(*(((**()*^%$%$##@#$$##$$#$#$% ass wipes!!!

  12. foxxybey says

    The son of satan needs to go, he is a illegal president who thinks he is the new Hitler and wants to be god of the world but, has to disarm those who would fight his plan.

  13. Arizona Don says

    I haven’t missed an election in 50 + years, don’t plan on missing 14 or 16.

  14. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    This is BULLSHIT! We have to follow the rule of law but Obama and company doesn’t? Complete BS. The people that voted for this abortion of a bill should HAVE TO PARTICIPATE! The fact that the Obama administration isn’t going to enforce EVERYONE to participate but allow certain few to be EXEMPT? WHY? They voted for this piece of crap, they need to participate. END OF STORY. If this is law, then why do our elected officials say we don’t have to follow this law? Breaking the law is breaking the law. It’s not well it’s ok for this guy to not obey the law but these 40000 have to. This is a nightmare waiting to explode. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  15. ginger says

    Well America….we got what the progressives promised..fundamentally changed the country…and the sheeple still don’t get it…

  16. DJ says

    It’s time to vote them ALL out & put in people that love America.

    1. $4119491 says

      Not quite all; but, MOST.

    2. Arizona Don says

      The only way we can get the change you are advocating is by throwing out all the PROGRESSIVES. There are some conservatives like Paul, Cruz, Schweikert and Salmon and I’m sure some others I’m not aware of as well that we need to keep. We need to get rid of those who claim to be conservative but are progressive like McCain and Graham along with some others. There are two who were not progressives when elected but have been co-opted since like Rubio (Florida) and Flake (Arizona). It is not hard to distinguish who should stay and who should go, but painting everyone with the same brush will never get the job done. We have to be smarter than that!

    3. crustyone says

      The big t*rd is blocking the entire system.

  17. simpletony1 says

    king of anything my butt. This inexperienced, indecisive, ignorant, untalented wimp is way, way over his level of competence. Anybody remember the Peter Principle? He didn’t “rise” to his level of incompetence, he was catapulted. It’s way past time we should stop accepting this crap and do something about it: FIRE HIM

    1. Arizona Don says

      I like your description. Anyone who has ever worked for the government (and some corporations) knows all about the “Peter Principle.” But barack obama is even to stupid to qualify for that category. I’m not sure he is even qualified to be a janitor in the “White House.” The one big question I have is how could he qualify for a security clearance having hidden all his past and background. I know how they investigated me for me to get a top secret clearance in the Army. With his background or lack of he could not even qualify for a confidential.

    2. crustyone says

      King chit is the best title available.

  18. MN_in_CA says

    what happened to the idea that “all are men created equal”? This is clearly a statement that there should not be an elitist group making decisions to pamper and set themselves apart from the population that voted them in to public office.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776 (wikipedia)

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
    that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
    deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;

    It is becoming more crucial to remember the whole idea that Jefferson wrote and that all of the parts work as one whole. No picking apart the sentence because it is too long or complicated should be done (like so many school districts teaching history.)

  19. Jim Fogarty says

    What does it take to start proceedings to impeach that MORON in the white.I realize republicans have no balls but what can we as a people DO WITHOUT THERE SPINELESS HELP????

    1. PeaverBogart says

      I would prefer them not to impeach him, but charge and convict him with fraud, High crimes and misdemeanors, and treason. That way everything he signed and all his appointees and laws, two supreme court idiots would be null and void. It would be like going back to January 19th 2009.

  20. IHateLibs says

    This FRAUD/ILLEGAL TRAITOR should be hung for Treason.

    1. Arizona Don says

      I’ll supply the rope.

  21. PLW says

    One law for the Commoners and another law for the Elites………… Doesn’t sound like the United States of America to me!!! America needs responsible Leaders in Washington D.C. that know the U.S. Constitution and will represent & protect the Legal American Tax Paying Citizens!!!! It sure looks like Washington D.C. is occuppied by Anti-Christian, Anti-American, and Communists during the present time………………………SCARY!

    1. ginger says

      Again. what are WE going to DO about it??? feinstein and boxer have the old hippies all wrapped up and nothing will change…guess we will gripe all the way to the FEMA camps and wonder how it happened.

  22. CapNCraigAgain says

    To many laws, which one do I enforce?

  23. ort says

    Hang every last seditious traitor starting with the foreign scum bag illegally squatting in OUR White House!

    1. IHateLibs says

      Ort?? Im with you 100%. We STILL hang or shoot traitors, and Fraud, Illegal POTUS don’t we ?? Or SHOULD

      1. ort says

        We should, but with only, LITERALLY, a few honest men and women in our government, nothing will be done about it. I wait on the return of The Lord, where He will rule “with a rod of iron” and where there will be perfect justice meted out. I absolutely cannot wait.

        1. Arizona Don says

          Well ort the good lord helps those who help themselves.

          1. ort says

            Yes, sometimes He does. But, since this nation has turned its back on God, kicked Him out of our schools, our lives, and our government, He has put a piece of inhuman garbage over us as a leader. “God sets up kings and governments and He deposed kings and governments.”

            He has given is a leader we deserve, and His hand is against us. Judgment is set. Jesus is returning soon for His church.
            “Pray always that you may be counted worthy to stand before the Son of Man.”

          2. Arizona Don says

            I do not believe God has set his hand against us here in the United States of America. There remains many perhaps many tens of millions if not hundreds who still believe and rely on God. I do believe he wants us to turn the tide of this once great nation back to it’s former status. If we are not willing to make an effort to secure this the once freest nation ever to have existed should he be doing it for us? I think not. He may have helped Washington but Washington had to put forth the effort and he did. Depending on God on any other to do something for you without effort on your part is foolish at best and non-productive at worst. You are right about some in this nation removing God from out schools and even some parts of government but some perhaps a large majority of us do not support that movement in the least. The United States of America was born a Christian nation and a Christian nation it will remain if we stick together and with the help of God. I do not expect it done for me.

          3. ort says

            We are so close to the return of The Lord for His church, that I believe the removal of say, 50 million truly born again saved believers, will crash this nation for good. What we were in the past, is not what we are now. Out of 330 million people, not every one above the age of accountability will be taken.
            This nation has degenerated into something I cannot even fathom.

            This nation has embraced perversion (homosexuality and gay “marriage”) and called it normal. It has embraced infanticide (abortion) and called it a “right”. Filth pours out of our t.v. and our movie theaters and the list is endless.

            Don’t get me wrong, God still blesses and takes care of His children, for we share this nation with many who are not His children. They are simply His creation. “The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.”

            Yes, bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. That is just the way of the world. But this nation is in decline. I believe there is no way out of the hole we have dug for ourselves. This is JMHO, but if you look around you, it makes complete sense.

      2. Arizona Don says

        The rope is new!!!

  24. GinoV says

    Screw them all their nothing but crooks who should all be thrown out in the gutter, Obama is the biggest thief of them all the morons who voted him in can’t see that he is bloodsucking us for all we have.

  25. William Fejka says

    Got your back bigugly666. Semper Fi

    1. Donald Congleton says

      OOh Rah

  26. Frank629 says

    It is totally unreal the gall of the so called POTUS to pick and choose who gets a pass from this law. HOW STUPID they think we are. Patriots such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee should be proclaiming this to the citizens of our country. THE STINK COMING FROM AND AGAIN I SAY SO CALLED POTUS CAN BE SMELT FROM COAST TO COAST.

    1. ginger says

      So what are WE going to DO about it??? Just like Congress,,,nothing.

      1. Arizona Don says

        I think all of us, at least that are on this site are just as frustrated as you are. I write letters and go to see my congressman in person. He sides with me on nearly everything and proves it when he votes on bills but he is but one person. He does represent me correctly but here in Arizona we have a poison pill in a John McCain. I no longer bother with McCain it does me no good. How he got reelected I do not know I only know I did not vote for him. Stupid people I guess or people who don’t pay any attention to what these idiots who run the country do. That is worse than stupid! Our other Senator Flake seems to live up to his name sake daily. A little flaky if you know what I mean.

    2. Shorty Stuff says

      The last time I looked, the President does not have a line item veto capability. He cannot simply strike out portions of a law he doesn’t like, and he can’t create law as he sees fit. All of these exemptions should easily be overturned in court.

  27. $14832922 says

    In order for a “law” to actually “BE LAW” it must apply equally to all.

    I Refuse – to their death, or mine.
    Resist, Refuse, Reload ….. Repeat.

  28. maddog2008 says

    Throw all of the trash out and start anew with real Americans that believe in the Constitution and the law, NOW!

    1. Bonnie Somer says


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