Karma Breakfast : Gun Grabbing Colorado Senators Recalled

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As we wake up this morning, the Colorado Senate Democrat caucus is light by 2 Jackasses.

Democrats rarely concern themselves with consent of the governed. They blithely lie right through their teeth during election season, then do what they want. They rarely face a day of reckoning.

In Colorado however, yesterday was that day. Earlier this year, the State legislature and governor used the occasion of the Newtown massacre (never let a crisis go to waste) to jam through strict gun-grabbing legislation with the full knowledge that the citizens of Colorado would hate it. Hey who cares, we’ll just lie to them during the next election season, smear opponents, organize, cheat, rely on the LeftMedia to carry our water, and all will be well.

This time, they paid for their betrayal
Given the nature of Democrat rule in recent years, Colorado citizens were out of patience. They organized recall petitions, and got themselves a recall election against the Colorado Senate President, John Morse, who led the gun-grabbing effort. For fun, they also went after Senator Angela Giron.

Morse – GONE!
Giron – GONE!

Giron represented (so to speak) the Pueblo area. Nobody remembers last time this area was represented by a Republican. Governor John Hickenlooper, once thought unbeatable in 2014, has ratings falling through the floor and is now vulnerable.

Remember how Colorado turned blue
In sum, this formerly solid-red state was bought and paid for by rich fat-cat Democrats (see a book called The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado for how it was done). From 2002-2012, a specific, cynical, and highly effective money-paved astroturf campaign took Colorado. (And they want to try it in Texas, see hashtag #TurnTexasBlue to follow the nuts).

Only one problem. The people of Colorado have figured out what happened. And down in their hearts, they’re not leftists.

What’s that sound?
It’s the sound of Colorado citizens pulling the lever on that ballot.


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  1. Beach Dawg says

    What we need is a tea party primary BEFORE Republican and Democratic primaries. The winner then runs unopposed by tea party brethren in the Rep primary and the 2nd place finisher can register and run as a D.

  2. MildBill says

    We need the ability to have recall elections all the way up to and including the White House ! . . . . If we had a national election today, I believe Obama bin Lyin’ would be removed from his orifice. . . The executive orders he has rendered would be nullified and the Halls of Congress would be put on notice. . . .Traitors like Boehner, McCain, Christy (I could go on and on) would realize their days were numbered if they sidestepped the campaign promises that got them elected. . . . When the foxes in the hen house realize you’re coming in to get them they will be making tracks for a back door exit. . . . . The day will come where we see a witness protection program for politicians . . . . One rat, ratting out another rat. . . It’s a thing of beauty ! . . . . Additionally, I’m a fervent fan of all politicians having a TWO TERM LIMIT. . . . The first being in office, and the second in prison !

    1. nancy anderson says

      we have to make sure we have voter ID laws in every state!!! That should be what we’re working on full speed right now(that, & unfunding obamacare) til the election. We just got a new(progressive) publisher for our local newspaper. & he sucks. Wants us all to be nicer to each other.(not the libs to the republicans, but republicans to the libs) The libs were complaining about so many Letters to the Editor being against Obama & calling him names(all richly deserved) They had stopped writing L to The Editor because theycouldn’t defend him anymore. They started calling for censorship (typical Libs) & then we get this new publisher who says there is no evidence of voter cheating!!! Preposterous!!! I personally saw a black woman, on TV, bragging about registering voters several times .She was very proud of herself & didn’t see anything wrong with doing that. After all we have to get Obama reelected. Ignorant bi#%h!!!

  3. [email protected] says


  4. hankart says

    Obama needs a whirly.

  5. hankart says

    Lets repeat this in other states then move on to D.C.!

  6. Lester says

    The conservative movement needs to start a campaign mode in Colorado and get a Tea Party type elected. If we are ever going to turn this country around and become a Republic again, then we need some folks in Washington, DC that will be willing to give their all for the benefit of the nation and not for themselves. We need 12 more like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the senate and some more like Paul Ryan and Chaffetz in the house. Lets all band together, become on party, and elect our type of representatives. As long as we are splintered, then we do not have the clout that we will have as a party (Conservative, Tea Party, Patriotic Part) whatever it is named, it will be effective if we will get out the vote and elect those that believe as we do.

    1. Lyvnxxl says

      The Parties are broken. We need a Constitutionalist movement to restore the Republic of America. Start at the bottom in the States and work our way up. Long Haul, Uphill, Hard work, and lots of time. This won’t happen overnight.

  7. lfhpueblo says

    Yep, hubs and me voted for the recall and a replacement. Glad they are gone.

  8. Wolf says

    Good for Colorado. Recalls can work. But, it’s a lot easier to not elect the arrogant liberals in the first place. The message of true, decent, caring conservatives is not getting to the American people as it ought. Let’s stop constantly answering the left’s phony rhetoric and share the conservative ideal of dignity, patriotism, and respect for our Constitution.

    1. nancy anderson says

      Conservatives are the blacks best friend.

  9. MortarMan107 says

    Okay – they dumped the backstabbing duo. But what about the rest of them that rammed that garbage through? They’re still there.

    And that law is still on the books.

    The job isn’t even half done yet.

    1. Taquoshi says

      Give them some time. Looks like Hickenlooper is next in line.

      1. MortarMan107 says

        Yes, I know it will take some time but for heaven’s sake people stop celebrating victory because the battle has only just begun.

        Good job, Colorado, great results! Now get after the rabble-rousing Leftists still in power and DUMP that law OFFICIALLY.

  10. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    Exactly the spark we need to prove the REAL AMERICA still exists!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Korean_Vet says

      Remember at Golden, Colo. during the Political Rally–just before the 2012
      Election–with the Obama Campaign–where the president declared “His
      Mother was NOT married at the time of his Birth-!” This news prior to the
      Election–Gets a new Presidential Problem–“His Surname”-! In a “Legal-
      Marriage” the wife is “Legally-Given” her Husband’s (?) Surname to create
      a living “Legal-Partnership” & their “Legal Children”–receive & inherit their
      Father’s Surname–(“Illegal Children” DO NOT-!) Obama Sr. was still married
      to his 1st Wife “Kezia” back in Kenya-! “Bigamy is Forbidden by Law” in the USA-!
      Because of Obama Sr’s “Fraud”–Ann Dunham is Never “Legally-Given” that
      Obama Surname–& there’s no “Legal-Partnership”–thus Ann’s not “Mrs Obama”
      & she Never HAD a “Legal-Son”–surnamed Obama-! The ‘Main-Thing’ is Ann’s
      “Illegal-Son” obtained a Surname–that he NEVER was “Legally-Given”–& using
      that (“Wrong Legal-Name”–“Voids anything else that He “Signs” as “Legal
      Documents”-! It’s a “Criminal Offense of Fraud” to “Misrepresent Yourself” on any
      “Legal Documents”-! (2nd Reference–) Grace “Kezia” Obama–age 70 (At London
      ‘Interview’) stated “She’d never been divorced” & maintained “She had remained
      ‘married’ to Obama Sr. until his Death in 1982-! (She was ‘present’ at his funeral )
      Look at his internet Birth Certificate–it’s Signed ‘Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’-!
      “Duped” by Obama Sr’s Lies–Ann thinks she’s married & makes a big ‘mistake’ on
      her “Illegal-Son’s” Birth Certificate-! She “Misrepresents Herself” as a ‘married-
      woman’ to Obama Sr. & She WAS NOT-! “This Misrepresentation”–“Voids IT-!” So–
      if her Signature was “Real or Forged”–it won’t change the Result–Since She wasn’t
      “Legally Married” in the First Place-! However, her “Illegal-Son” does have a “First
      Title-Right” to his mother’s maiden-name “Dunham”-! Therefore, his ‘Real’ “Legal-
      Name ” is–“Barack Hussein Dunham”–not Obama-! He’s signed “Bills of Congress &
      2 Supreme-Court Appointments”–by using the “Wrong Legal-Surname”–which “Voids’
      them ALL-!

      1. Lyvnxxl says

        So what we need is for a Sheriff from each of at least 35 states to go arrest him for fraud and put him in prison. This would be way better that Impeachment, which would mean everything he signed is void, including ObaMaoCare.

  11. Sunshine Kid says

    It’s about time that the cats come out and force the rats back into their burrows. The Gadsden flag had a snake on it, and most people know that snakes snack on rats.

    Now, if only the rest of the rats would abandon ship, a cleanup and salvage can be properly done.

  12. dutchlass says

    I agree with Clay Cooper

  13. $4397431 says

    Way to go Colorado, I am proud of you. Americans know when they are in the right.

  14. GeoInSD says

    There is little better to make a person behave than to have that person suffer the consequences of their actions. The Dems have gotten really emboldened since Obama’s reelection and have felt they are invincible. It doesn’t help having Republicans like Boehner, Cantor, McCain, and L. Graham who seem to attack Conservatives more than Dems do. With this recall, Dems should get a taste of vulnerability. Let’s keep this ball rolling. I live in California and would like to recall a lot of the pols here.

    1. Worship Dancer says

      and that’s what happens when you remove the shame of wrongdoing from kids’ lives.

    2. Lyvnxxl says

      So do I and I will vote to recall Feinstein, Boxer, and Moonbeam. As far as that goes, recall any politician who does not follow the Constitution.

  15. pointdan says

    Thank you Colorado !!!
    We will be visiting again soon. Keep up the good work !!!
    Go TEA Party !!!

  16. firemanfred says

    Living outside of Colorado Springs in Falcon, I was happy to see the gun grabbing commie loving Constitutional hating politicians get their due. Now that the blood is in the water and patriotic sharks are circling for another meal, I ask WHO’s next? Lets recall the Gov., this way I can vote this time. Lets make ALL the DEM gun haters smile for the flash. Then we can require voter ID, re institute our former gun laws, eliminate electronic voting machines which no one trusts, going back to paper ballots and real counting of the vote, and bring Coloradans real honest, trustworthy elections once again…No to Tyrants in Our Great State of Colorado!

  17. Lyvnxxl says

    Note to Politicians, better study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You may be next.

    1. Peter Resz says

      You are next not maybes

    2. Worship Dancer says

      not MAY BE but YOU ARE

      1. Lyvnxxl says

        Hey, I would like to recommend a couple of books to you, : “Theodore and Woodrow: How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom.”
        Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/09/12/president-obama-remedy-for-embarrassment/#ixzz2ei5j3vrL

        and :
        The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American RepublicHardcover
        by Mark R. Levin (Author). I am interested to know if you are a Leftist or a Constitutionalist? (I made that one up) Libertarian.

  18. pandainc says

    I’m in Senate District 10 (northern Colo. Springs) and, as the votes were in Districts 6 (Pueblo) and 11 (southern/western Colo. Springs and Manitou Springs, I couldn’t get in on this one. Good goin’ guys — Hickenpooper is next!

    1. Hoodoo H says

      Our kids love to call’m ‘Chickenpooper.’

      1. Worship Dancer says

        and here i thought his name was “lickingpooper”

        1. Hoodoo H says

          I do like that one a bit more…ha

          1. Worship Dancer says

            haha either way he stinks

  19. Ariviste says

    God bless Colorado!

  20. Ted Crawford says

    I have some hope here! If the People of East California (formerly Colorado) can be awakened from their hypnotic, destructive Progressive slumber, maybe, just maybe, America can Reawaken her values, of Freedom and Independence!

  21. Stagester says

    We also need to do this to the Rhino squishes like McCain and Graham. Flush em all! Way to go Colorado!

    1. Steve says

      McCain is up next year. Support a primary candidate to replace him

      1. Stagester says

        I definitely will donate to anyone running against McCain provided they are tea party. Same goes for Graham, McConnell and Boehner

    2. nancy anderson says

      there are people running against them (tea party guys) & against McConnell too. I don’t give money to The republican party I give to candidates running against the rinos. That’s the best way to “vote” for someone in any state in the union, giving them money.

  22. Hoodoo H says

    Copied and Pasted this text in a personal letter to Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.
    Hope they are smart enough to ‘get it,’ but I won’t get my hopes up.

    1. pandainc says

      Regrettably, I think you have a lost cause there …

      1. Hoodoo H says

        Can’t say I didn’t try, though.
        Molon Labe

      2. GeoInSD says

        The Left would like us to believe it is a lost cause. I am a life long Californian. Outside of LA and SF, Californians are relatively conservative. After all, California is Pres. Reagan’s home.
        I suspect if a voter ID law were ever instituted here, a lot of Dems would lose their seats. I personally know two non-citizens who had registered to vote. (I think they did so unknowingly. They probably filled out a voter registration form with a shopping mall voter registration worker.) There is no verification of whether a person registering to vote is qualified.

        1. SickofPC says

          If passing an IQ test was required, no Liberal would ever be allowed to vote.

          1. Neal Avery says

            Putin’s IQ 160, Obama’s IQ 80.

          2. Hoodoo H says

            Not so much an IQ test as a test for common sense.

        2. pandainc says

          Hi, Geo,

          Appreciate what you’re saying — our problem is the Boulder/Denver corridor and Ft. Collins. Outside of them and some long time union types in Pueblo, we’re in the same boat … however, that’s where lots of the votes are …

        3. Worship Dancer says

          i think the lost cause is convincing piglosi, frankenfeinstein, and botoxer to get a clue. lost cause there. they believe they know what’s best for us peasants.

        4. DebbieOhio912 says

          You should report them to True the Vote. They will research it…

          1. GeoInSD says

            Those two people did not vote, nor did they have any intention to vote. They were only registered to vote. (They received voting materials from the county just like me.) They were not illegal aliens, just not citizens. Their English isn’t very good so that is why I suspect that they were approach by someone in a shopping mall asking them to register and they just went along with it, not really knowing what they were doing. There is no reason to get those two into legal trouble. My point is that if these two people can register to vote, being non-citizens, anyone can register. In fact, I suspect totally fraudulent voter registrations can be done in California with no trouble at all.

    2. Worship Dancer says

      yea i think that’s a lost cause.

  23. Clay Cooper says

    Until we replace politicians who speak and do what is symbolic to gain personal advantages with Statesmen’s who will put their party obligations aside and do what is in the best interest for
    the country and does so constitutionally, then and only then we will have true recovery.
    – Clay Cooper

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