Jeb Bush to Award Hillary ‘Liberty Medal’ on Eve of Benghazi Anniversary


hillaryelectUnbelievably, former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush will award Hillary Clinton with this year’s “Liberty Medal” – on September 10th, the eve of the first anniversary of the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans. No one is happy about this and if anyone is confused about Jeb Bush – don’t be. Hat-tip to Breitbart for this report:

Bush’s decision to honor Clinton, who is considered by some to be a likely Democrat candidate for president in 2016, was condemned by the Independence Hall Tea Party Association of Philadelphia. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the organization released its own statement Monday, referring to the event as “extremely distressing,” and offering, instead, an opportunity for another Liberty Medal recipient.


According to the statement:

As all of you undoubtedly know, much of the blame for the Obama Administration’s failure to contain the Benghazi attack and the scandalous handling of its aftermath, can be traced directly to Ms. Clinton.


Indeed, a Congressional investigation regarding Ms. Clinton’s role in the cover-up of the Administration’s failure is still ongoing. A newly formed organization, the Independence Hall Foundation, will hold a “What Difference Does It Make” press conference on Independence Mall, September 10, 4 PM, to denounce the selection of Ms. Clinton as the 2013 Liberty Medal recipient and to offer an alternative award.


During the conference, the Foundation will name its choice of recipient(s) for the 2013 Defender of Liberty Medal. Dom Giordano will headline the presser and we certainly hope you will consider joining us. A 5 PM Prayer Vigil for the victims of the Benghazi attack will immediately follow the press conference.


You have got to be kidding me. No one else, except the presumptuous 2016 Democrat nominee for president was in the running Jeb? More on this story here:

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