It’s 9-11: Are There Islamo-Nazis in the White House?

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At what point do you just admit that Barack Obama is more interested in Islam than Christianity?

As we speak, 2,000 Syrian refugees are being admitted into the U.S. and given political asylum and I don’t recall the same being offered to Egyptian (Coptic) Christians or even an attempt to stop the Muslim Brotherhood there from burning churches, raping nuns and committing genocide against Christians after the coup, which was not a coup according to the White House.

Islamo-Nazis in the White House?And why would Obama lift a finger to help Christians around the world while sending billions in aid and military supplies to The Muslim Brotherhood? Are there Christians running around the Oval Office reminding him of his duty to his self-proclaimed religious affiliation? Not that I’m aware of – but I do know that a fellow named Mohamed Magid, who is the president of a group calling themselves the; “ISNA,” is consulting with the White House as well as working with Homeland Security in their dealings with ‘extremism’.

Let’s back up a second and lay out a couple things hardly anyone disputes: The Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas. So how could the United States of America support any part of the Brotherhood anywhere? The answer is easy: You’re elected leader is in fact, not a Christian – but an Islamo-nazi sympathizer.

Is that a bigoted statement? Well, look at the plain facts and tell me Barack Obama is a Christian. No one believes it – and as a result of Obama’s words and actions – the Muslim radicals are even more emboldened, despite destroying the World Trade Centers and making everyone take their shoes off at the airport. As many as 80 percent of the mosques in America have been built in the last 12 years – since the 2001 World Trade Center attacks. The lion’s share of these mosques are funded by and led by Wahhabi clerics, who espouse the spread of Sharia law, an ideology that says non-believers are Infidels and deserve to be deceived, infiltrated and killed.

For some background: Wahhabis consider jihad to be a Muslim duty. They believe suicide bombers and martyrs to be worthy of the highest praise possible and are looking forward to the day when Islam rules the U.S. and slits all our throats. Do you reject that thought? Fine, bare your throat to these pricks and see if they ask you questions about your political philosophy before slashing it with a dull knife, slowly.

So back to Mohamed Magid, leader of the ISNA: This guy is in the White House consulting with the president – shouldn’t we know who he is? First of all, the ISNA is one of the Muslim Brotherhood groups here in America.. What? Yeah, you’d think someone in the mainstream media might have investigated that, but nah – Barack knows best. Think I’m a right wing paranoid racist? That’s fine, but the info on Magid is from the Muslim Brotherhood themselves. They’re very proud they have – I was going to say “mole” – but he’s a high-level consultant with the Obama Administration. In 2007, federal prosecutors named the group as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in American history. Did I mention I hate the mainstream media and plan to kick everyone of their asses in the internment camp?

And now this: The president taped a nice little love-letter to the ISNA just the other day:

Bottom line? Barack Obama is all about Islamo-Nazi influence and could care less about his so-called Christianity. Grow up and start thinking for yourself. Have you ever witnessed Obama doing anything in the name of Christianity? You can stick a branch in your eye and it doesn’t make you a tree – and because Barack Obama and his lapdogs in the media call him a Christian doesn’t make it so. In fact it doesn’t mean diddly.

We close the doors of the White House to children who want a tour, but the Muslim Brotherhood is welcome with open arms?

Now Obama wants to bomb Syria? Why – so the “rebels” can get an advantage? Great. Egypt, Libya and now Syria – this is the domino effect with Islamo-Nazis. Say it. Say it louder – this President of ours is actively promoting Islamist extremists throughout the Middle East and if you don’t agree you’re head is in the liberal sand. You are a joke and you are the problem. No one is going to call you a right-winger if you merely agree that this Syria thing is wrong. If you drop your politics for one second and get with me on this you can go back to being a liberal idiot next month. Just get on the right side of this obvious blunder that could draw us into a situation we cannot get out of.

But maybe that’s his M.O.? After all, it’s clear he wants to destroy the economy to “fundamentally change” America. Why wouldn’t he do the same for our national defense? Barack Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood abroad and supports them here at home, even opening the doors of the White House to them.

Somebody, please, stop this immediately, before the nest of vipers becomes even more rooted on our soil..

— Justin Knox


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