Islamo-Nazis Protest About Bad Treatment in America?

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bikersIt’s bad enough that the so-called “Million Muslim March” is going on today with the full approval of our government (no surprise there) but now I wake up to this headline:


Bikers across America are traveling to DC to protest against Socialism in our government and not only are they denied a permit for a parade route and rally, they’re being harassed? Well here’s what I have to say about the friendly Muslims whose feelings are hurt:

9-11 has become a sacred day to Americans, the memory of those attacks are very fresh in our minds. When members of the same group who hijacked planes and murdered thousands of innocent men, women and children pull a stunt like this – they don’t help themselves in softening the anger and resentment Americans naturally feel.

I really wish I could hear loud voices from the Muslim community standing up and denouncing the violent islamo-nazi element of their religion. Their silence is damning.

But when I see a group like this being allowed to legally and safely protest on 9-11 of all days, it does remind me of just how great this country is. The fact that they can do this on that day is real proof of freedom.

flagtowers911Yes, we live in a free country, but there is such a thing as common courtesy, respect and decency. This group shows me none and it disgusts me – and if it is their intent, like so many of their countrymen, to spread a religion full of evil here, I will fight them every step of the way..

Got it?


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  1. Nikonron Digitaldude says

    ……………lock and load………………………..

  2. Carol says

    The fact that there was no violence retaliating against the Muslims present proves. Wagt a great nation we are.

  3. marcus J says

    I have followed this myself , It is Outragious to read and see this happen !!! In my Country no less , Radical Islamic Terrorists /Fascists get billions of Dollars and Weapons and Support from The illegal alien Communist from Kenya AKA Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro , By anyones definition this is an act of Treason in the Highest Order , Simply Impeaching him would be far too kind and Politically Correct ,Hello & Greetings to the NSA and DHS

  4. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    What was it, something like 21 to 25 muslim protesters compared to 880,000 to 1,000,000 bikers!!! Real “bad” protesters them muslims are. I’ll be ready with my Harley trike the next time such an opportunity arises!!!!!!

  5. DENavarro says

    Yes, got it and with you.

  6. Kamran Gill says

    Dear Americans, Beware from Muslims and you don’t have any personal experience yet that’s why some people are in favour of them…i am from Islamic Country but i am Christian and i know how much they are against America and Christians. Once you will give them a small hole you will see how they will make their place and create problems in your peaceful country and one day you have to accept their laws and religion. need to think now otherwise you will lose your identity as UK and Europe has lost.

  7. Tuff Guy says

    I’d love to see a reputable poll of 18 – 35 year old libertards about a concept like “innocent until proven guilty” and how that works across the globe. I guarantee there would be some SHOCKING responses, especially regarding its applicability in the U.S. let alone how they grasp the fact that not all countries have the same values as this great nation. I can just visualize two of them standing next to each other and turning towards each other and simultaneously saying “Really? Muslims kill women for getting raped? OMG! I thought that only happened in countries like Africa!” It would be funny if it was not so absolutely terrifying for the future of America.

  8. gepops58 says

    The only reason why these folks were allowed their failed protest is their leader is cut from the same loosely woven cloth,its high time Mr Obama learned that everybody has the same right to peaceful protest in this country until he came on the scene we still had those rights but these days it seems only the Muslims are the only folks with any kind of rights at all…..and I expect it will get worse before we rid this country of Obama and his minion

  9. Don Ror says

    The Muslims allied with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during World War II so there is no reason why they would not continue to be allies now.

    1. oo says

      this is Obamas Religion in practice… I can’t watch it…

  10. Brian Augustyn says

    It’s all part of plans to bring in the NWO of worldwide socialism. They will do whatever it takes to disarm Americans, they know that is their only hope. Much Easier to control us if we don’t have high capacity semi automatic rifles. Do some research on the people interviewed after the Conn. school shooting. Lots of members of the screen actors guild. Also there was a training of responding to a school shooting by federal LEO’S just down the road, yeah right just a coincidence. Light blue helmets coming to a neighborhood near you if they get their way. I didn’t believe it either but there are too many coincidences to really be coincidences. Don’t believe me, do your own research and see what you find.

  11. $13614178 says

    Too many of our own cops are Fascists and gestapo storm trooper wannabes .

  12. Poorfoke says

    “I really wish I could hear loud voices from the Muslim community standing up and denouncing the violent islamo-nazi element of their religion. Their silence is damning”.

    They will never say anything because their evil is in their Holy Book the Karen.

  13. raccman says

    The one undeniable fact regarding members of the most intolerant Cult in the World: The SILENCE of Cult protesters to Cult Terrorists and terrorism is DEAFENING ! It adds further support to: The Only Good Muslim Is Indeed, a Dead Muslim – Only then can they really be Trusted !

  14. AmericanLass says

    Freedom to exercise their rights, but NOT ON 9/11. It was a deliberate punch in the face of all freedom loving Americans.

  15. daveveselenak says

    You are wrong to say that we now are living in a free country, we are living in a police state that too many sheeple are too dumb to realize! – wait until they get the guns which they inevitably will (unless there is a revolution) and then the hardcore TYRANNY will be ramped up! “Moscow West” has become the enemy of a FREE people!

  16. Chad says

    Wonder how many muslims get sweeped for weapons…

  17. lbc says

    Send these muslims back to the middle east, in body bags if necessary. There’s already too much division in this country among races and allowing a whole race of people into this country whose religion only teaches hatred and the killing of Christians and any other race with beliefs other than their own is just not beneficial to this country or any other.

  18. The Infidel says

    I see you’re off the meds again!

  19. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    Check out the Islamist requirements that Americans must observe when in most middle eastern countries. Check our Mexico’s requirements for immigrants and Americans visiting or living there. NO NATION other than those most (so called) advanced conducts and enforces its laws so treacherously a we and those other few (do) !

  20. Kent2012 says

    typical current law enforcement agenda, harass Real Americans and roll out the red carpet for perverts and subversives and members of the mohammy sect of rapist, murders, child molesters, and thieves(when they are not too busy with other good deeds)…..thanks to kenyan boy’s embracing the sheet heads……….

  21. Jim Beam says

    محمد يأكل براز خنزير (do a google translate, heh heh heh)

    1. MontieR says

      Try this one

      دش محمد في الخنازير الدم

    2. MontieR says

      or this one

      محمد ينام مع زرع في الحرارة.

  22. gene says

    if these muslims think they are treated badly, then go back to the middle east. you are not forced to stay here nor were you invited by the AMERICAN people

  23. foxxybey says

    They and there religion of hate, murder and rape can go back to the dark ages where they live in their minds today, I say good bye, and don’t come back no more, no more, no more.

    1. Marine Mom says

      Yeah, Hit the Road, Jack, as our lovable Si, of Duck Dynasty would say. As the mom of 2 Marines, I feel like I followed Alice down the rabbit hole. How much more stupid can this country get? There is no such thing as a moderate muslim: he’d just be one that hasn’t killed over 10 people, yet! We are so stupid here…..people who can get to town to party or shop, but can’t get a government id; people that think that all people have some good in them if we just “don’t push them” to attack us. With obooboo telling the world that we are weak so maybe they won’t attack us, is the reason we’re in this mess. That hasn’t worked with blacks attacking , now has it. And, obooboo is a muslim son of a white whore. Sheesh, American, wake up!

      1. foxxybey says

        Can’t disagree with anything you said Marine Mom, God Bless and Semper Fi.

      2. Tuff Guy says

        Like I said, I like what you have to say. Americans are becoming more ignorant and spineless every hour. Wait to see what happens in six months when they get slapped by the obumacare mandates.

  24. TPM says

    Muslims get bad treatment, in America? Really?

    Christians in Syria are being hunted down (and killed) like dogs. In other Muslim countries, Christians are beheaded and the evil deed is often posted on YouTube. The Muslim extremists who commit these crimes don’t bother covering their faces to conceal their identities, as they know they will never be held accountable by their fellow Muslims. WHY? Because their fellow Muslims support this behavior. They say they don’t, BUT, their actions speak louder than their words.

    In this country, our laws protect Muslims and the Obama administration gives them cover and preferential treatment.

    1. Marine Mom says

      I find it strange that obooboo crowed about taking out bin laden (altho we really have no proof that it was him….no body to be seen) and yet those responsible for so many attacks and crimes against us are still at large. obooboo doesn’t want to attack his own brudders! Semper Fi

  25. Tony says

    These Muslim protestors do not prove that we live in a free country that allows freedom of religious expression. These Muslim protestors have only proven they are insensitive bastards who are capable of acting in poor taste.

  26. Albert Foyt says

    I understand what you’re saying about the freedom this country DID allow. It would be freedom for the muslims if the bikers got the same treatment. But because they were harassed and the muslims weren’t, that just shows the direction this country is headed. Our leadership is too soft. Too worried about hurting the feelings and opinions of others. How many times has Ovomit apologized on our behalf (I don’t EVER remember apologizing to anyone, EVER) to other nations? I remember reading something I believe last year or the year before where he was apologizing to the muslims on behalf of America because we were still angry for what happened. The condescending tone was palpable. It’s this kind of leadership that is going to drain us of all resources. For a man who is leading the greatest nation on the planet to openly support the muslim brotherhood and this million muslim march, that just goes to show that our priorities are now back asswards from what they were 12 years ago. And with leadership in office like this, imagine America in another 12.

    1. Mike_Travis says

      Ovomit supports mooslimes because he IS one. He also is supporting the “rebels” in Syria who have known ties to al-quada. (I don’t give a rats A$$ how to spell it). Since al quada is at war with the US, Ovomit has committed treason, not that this is the first time.

      I call on all Americans to personally file charges of TREASON against Barry Soetoro, a.k.a Barack H. Obama, for this and other acts of treason. A growing number of Americans, including me, have already filed those charges in writing and sent them to the FBI and congress. Here is how to do it:

      It may not work but we have to try. Another important factor is if we file these charges with congress then congress fails to act in the face of factual knowledge of treason, then THEY are guilty of Misprision of Treason and can be charged themselves! So quit griping and file. We must do everything within our power to remove the criminal in OUR white house.

      1. Tuff Guy says

        I like to see someone offering specific guidance for others. Bloggers need to do more of this. Action speaks louder than words!
        The same needs to be done for Holder!!

  27. Ranchman says

    I’m sorry but, I don’t agree with you. This is not the free country we think it is. We’re being intentionally pitted against each other, with our enemies able to claim victory. We’re harassed and spied on by our own govt, increasing the level of hostility and anger toward a govt which wants to smash us. They want to lower the hammer on us, so they’re getting us to do it to each other. This is Marxism at its finest, how can anyone say that we live in a “free” country anymore?

    There is a revolution coming, and the elites know it. They figure that, if they can divide us, we’ll spend precious time and energy fighting each other instead of them. We won’t unite together against those elites who are dividing us. It’s inevitable, though. This country is too far gone to even realize what’s being done to us. What a shame. We could have been such a great nation but, the greed of these elites got in the way. They’re just not satisfied with all the wealth and power they already have, they have to have the world.

    1. Bonnie Somer says

      wrong we the people know who to fight

  28. Robert Bouchard Jr. says

    I’m not sure I can agree that allowing the muslim protesters full freedom to protest, and on 9/11 nonetheless, is a sign of freedom in this country, especially when the bikers were harassed and denied the same freedom the muslims got. To me it’s a sign of the perversion of those in the White House, et. al., and is a sign that a revolution should be soon coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Bonnie Somer says

      possibly it is bad enough to c the military against christians and no word from obamahitlerstalin on that one ooops Benghazi one yr not a thing he needs to call CNN to get those men then there is a whole war gng on against legal americans and america herself AMERICANS ARE NOT OBAMA WE ARE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE IS TOO BAD THE BIKERS DO NOT GET THE SAME OR BETTER TREATMENT THEN THE MUSLIMS THAT IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS TODAY THIS GOVTS WAR ON AMERICA AND OUR VALUES

      1. Betty4440 says

        you hit that nail on the head pity it wasn’t a muslims head.

    2. Nikita63 says

      Think of the consequences based on performance history of Islam, especially recently. If they are allowed to flourish here and replace the constitution with Sharia, you and all the apologists will regret your willingness to let the fox into the henhouse. Women will have no rights nor determined by men, children will be sodomized, non-Muslims will be given a choice, MAYBE to diem, be enslaved or convert, and the internecine warfare forever will go on as Muslim continues to kill Muslim throughout this country, Wahabes , Sunnis, Shiites whatever. Better we should exterminate them all than to have that HAPPEN TO our COUNTRY AND our FAMILIES. PRUDENCE IS ITS OWN REWARD AND WE MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE ENEMIES WITHIN OR PAY A PRICE I DOUBT EVEN YOU, WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY. The bikers could not get a permit to demonstrate in D.C. yesterday; and though there were few Muslims in attendance, they got what they wanted! It is symptomatic of how little regard this administration and these foreign enemies of all this country was founded on have for our constitution and AMERICAN CITIZENS and our universal tolerance. We are not a perfect nation; no one is but, we are better by far than the alternative gradually being forced on us.WE WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN HERE; THIS IN NOT EUROPE AND WE WILL FIGHT IF WE MUST.

      1. Jim Reed says

        Look, I’m for America and fully support the Bike ride and the show of support. I also am very much against all of this special treatment and consideration for Islam and the Muslim’s. I have to say though the reason for denying the permit was not what so many of you are trying to make it out to be. What was being asked for was a “No Stop Permit” That was refused because you just can’t have a over a million motorcycles in rows of 3 or 4 blocking traffic for such a long period of time. A No Stop permit means you have a police escort and roads are blocked off and you pass straight through stop lights and stop signs, that large and long of and continuous stream of bike would have taken several hours to pass and would have caused a gridlock that would have lasted for many more hours after the several hours of bikes passing through. Then couple that with all of the expected additional traffic to see the bike parade and then you have the whole Muslim march to compound the problem. Granted the Muslim march fizzeled out and had little attendance or support, but it was expected to have a greater turnout and that permit was requested prior to the Bike permit. I also don’t think the Muslim march was a No Stop because it was a march and on foot in a different area than the route taken by the Bikes. There are plenty of valid complaints we can focus on about the special treatment on Muslims that is not afforded to Christians and not lose creds over a non issue and reasonable denial of a permit.

        1. Marine Mom says

          Well, maybe so, but just look at what it takes for that muslim son of white whore to take his wookie out for a date. Leader of the free world, my arse. he’s a muslim thru and thru and the sooner we all get on board with that fact, the sooner this will be America again. Semper Fi

          1. Wolfie says

            That’s not a wookie. That’s a ‘squatch.

          2. Stephen Legette says

            That’s Insulting to Wookies & “Squatch

          3. Phillipe Violette says

            If obummer is not a muslim he surely would love a nice ham dinner.

        2. Nikita63 says

          Oh? And, had there actually been a million Muslim march but they had a permit, they would also not be blocking traffic and representing a danger to normal transit. In NY city, traffic has been rerouted so as not to interfere with Muslims prostrating themselves in public streets for their five times a day call to prayer. If an American group cannot get a permit for the reasons you cite, neither should anyone else because at least Most of the Bikers, if not all are American Citizens and demonstrating in support of the remembrance of those killed on 9/11/01. They SHOULD be supported and if all other things were equal, SHOULD have been provided a permit and the D.C. police whose mission it is to protect and serve CITIZENS, should have accommodated them.

        3. Estella Bunny Howe says

          Those “bikers” are Americans; and given what they were “protesting”, I would have gladly sat in traffic for hours to allow them to have their say. That’s the trouble with all you whiners, if it inconveniences you, you can’t deal with it. And, yes, the SOB Muslims would have caused something much worse, IMHO, and for that I will not tolerate even one second.

          1. Betty4440 says

            better to have bikers blocking traffic than having muslims blocking traffic with behinds stuck up in the air saying prayers to satan.

          2. Wolfie says

            I thought 9/11 was pretty inconvenient. I’m pretty sure everyone who got caught in that mess did, too.

        4. Betty4440 says

          well that may be true but why did they deny Pamela Geller a permit? she has fought all these years to stop a mosque from being built at ground zero. and she was denied one. but she came any way just like the bikers did. to fight for freedom and AMERICA.

        5. bull57 says

          I say why not? Every time Ovomitt take Moochelle out for a date or dinner he does it and usually in more than one city!

    3. SniperToo says

      What did you expect from am Usurper, Muslim, Arab, homo, Kenya born, who cheated his way into the white house of shame, twice??????? he is 47% Arab, NOT BLACK,. he is only 6% black.

      1. Marine Mom says

        MLK would not like this! Being judged by the color of his skin is the ONLY reason barry is in the white house. And we are called racists. Sheesh! Semper Fi

        1. Wolfie says

          Agreed. This is NOT America’s first “black president”. This is America’s first Affirmative Action president, granted the position regardless of his incompetence, lack of honor, class or character based solely on the fact he’s a darker shade of stupid.

          1. William David says

            Agreed. The color of his skin is the only reason he’s in office.

  29. McGuffee Cathey says

    Islam is a subversive political organization; an
    ideology of military conquest masquerading as a religion – theocracy; a radical
    combination of Church and State. Izlamics destroy infidels
    because they have not submitted to Islam. For 1,400 years Izlamic
    scholarship has divided the world in two:

    1) The House of Islam (dar al-Islam): nations submitted to
    Izlamic rule.

    2) The House of War (dar al-harb): nations that have not
    submitted to Izlam. It is incumbent on dar al-Islam to make war upon dar
    al-harb until all nations submit to the will of a-llah and accept Sharia law!
    There is now a long history of mosques being used as centers for the political and
    military promotion of jihad against perceived enemies of Islam – the
    result of Islamic philosophy.

    Izlam’s message: Submit or Be Conquered

    1. Brian Augustyn says

      I have 2 words for them “Bring it!”

      1. oldgoatee says

        Believe me they will…dying for the cause is rewarded!

  30. McGuffee Cathey says

    Hij·ra : noun ( sometimes lowercase) Islam. Origin: < Arabic hijrah flight, departure
    1. the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution a.d. 622: regarded as the beginning of the Muslim Era.
    2. the Muslim Era itself. "It is the Hijra or doctrine of immigration. Modeled by Mohammed's migration from Mecca to Medina, this immigration is not to a romanticized melting pot wherein newcomers gratefully search for opportunities for a better life in liberty and freely offer their talents and loyalty to benefit their new homeland. This is immigration for Islamic expansionism employing ethnic separatism to gain special status and privileges within the host country. Hijra is infiltration designed to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for eventual, total Islamization."

    1. downintx says

      God help us. May He also soften the hearts of those that serve Mohammed that they will see, believe and serve the true God of love and may they find salvation before the end of time.

      1. Wolfie says

        Agreed. These prayers are not in vain. They are being answered.

    2. Sense1 says

      Well done…and for this reason the Muslims need to be refused everything…


      DESTROYING(burning) THE LAST BORDERS OF SO CALLED “DEMOCRACIES” OR WHAT IS THESE DAYS REFERRED TO US AS “THE CONSTITUTION” MYTH OR LIE !!! Instead of supporting the CONSTITUTION, you should learn to support yourself(the truth or your right to existence) !!!

  31. McGuffee Cathey says

    11, 1683, is a pivotal date in Islamic history – after many wars on land and
    sea, Ottomans (Moslims) make another move on Vienna, but are defeated; this
    date marks the turn in the war between the Europeans and Ottomans, leading to
    the reconquest of the Balkans and Greece all the way to the defeat of the
    Ottoman Empire in WW I. Today’s jihadists consistently refer to the Qur’an,
    hadith, sira, commentaries on the Qur’an (tafsir), the shari’a (Islamic law)
    and the military success of the first 1000 years of Islamic history to support
    the idea that Islam will eventually triumph over the infidel. They believe in
    the long view of history. Osama bin Laden referred to it soon after the attacks
    on America on 9-11.

    1. judy says

      They are all blood thirsty, cold blooded, egotistical imbeciles and should be thrown into the fires of Hell where they belong, be sure our president is the first one to fall into the pit, for he is the evil Anti-Christ sent by Satan to destroy God’s beautiful land and all of God’s faithful!Barry Sotero or Barrack Osama you cannot hide behind an untrue name, your name is the Devil!


      CONSTITUTION IS A MYTH AND LIE that was written to point you one out when TRUTH becomes evident in a zionist / communist / liberal NWO’s tyrannies where we live since WWII !!!

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